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Two girls, 16, sexually assaulted in park in Fairfield

Police are hunting three men who sexually assaulted two school girls in a Fairfield park, west of Sydney yesterday afternoon.
The 16-year-old girls met the trio on a train from Blacktown after asking for directions to Castle Hill where they intended to go shopping.
Police say the men, aged in their late teens and early 20s, “coaxed” the girls into going to Fairfield with them and promised to take them to a bus stop.
Instead, the group walked to Fairfield park at about 2pm, where it’s alleged the men sexually assaulted the girls in broad daylight at the back of a disused grandstand.
It’s believed the attack lasted more than half an hour.
The group walked away together, before the men left and the girls asked a passer by to call police.
They were taken to hospital for medical assessments and have since been released.
Fairfield LAC superintendent Peter Lennon said detectives from Fairfield and the Sex Crime Squad were gathering CCTV to help find the men responsible for the “brazen” attack.
“It’s something that’s absolutely unforgivable in the local area,” Supt Lennon said.
“They are obviously very emotionally upset. They were treated at hospital last night and provided with ongoing counselling. We will be speaking with them again today.”
It’s understood the girls live near Blacktown and had skipped school to go shopping at Castle Hill.
Fairfield resident, Khaled, said news of the attack was “very concerning”.
“There’s so many problems at this park. People come here from other places and sit here and drink,” he said.
“Of course it’s worrying.” Omar Ayoubi, who lives near the park, said there had been several fights and stabbings in the area, but he was shocked to hear about the latest attack.
“There’s always problems here but I’ve never heard of someone being raped. I have a sister too so I wouldn’t want this happening in our area.”
Police believe several people were in the area at the time of the attack, including a man walking his dog.
One of the attackers is described as being about 19-21 years-old, about 178cm tall, with a dark complexion, a thin build and dark hair.
A second is about 175cm tall, with a thin build and black hair. The third male is described as being between 17-19 years-old, with a medium build and about 175cm tall.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
One of the victims told police she saw a person walking their dog through the park when the assault was happening.
Police are urging that person and anyone who may have seen the girls and the men at Tuesday lunchtime and afternoon to come forward.
Supt Lennon said young girls seeking directions should be careful who they approach.
“My advice to young girls is to speak to someone in authority,” he said.
Two girls sexually assaulted in Fairfield

www.news.com.au (9-4-2014)

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Schoolgirls traumatised after park rape

Two teenage girls who skipped school to go shopping were coaxed off a Sydney train and raped in a park in broad daylight.
The 16-year-old school friends, from western Sydney, were trying to make their way from the Blacktown area to Castle Hill to go shopping.
They boarded a train about midday and asked passengers how to get to their shopping destination.
Police say the duo met three men, aged in their late teens or early 20s, who lured them off the train at Fairfield under the guise of leading them to the correct bus terminal.
The group made their way from the train station to nearby Fairfield Park, where behind a rundown grandstand among rubbish and dirt, police alleged the three men sexually assaulted the girls.
"It's very brazen and something that is absolutely unforgivable," Detective Superintendent Peter Lennon told reporters.
"They are just young girls trying to make their way to Castle Hill and got convinced to come via Fairfield.
"It's pretty sad this sort of thing is going on."
Supt Lennon said the group left the park together before the "traumatised" girls called on a passer-by for help.
They were taken to Liverpool Hospital.
Rolando Atienza lives across the road from where the attack occurred and says the grandstand is a well-known "hiding spot".
He said several months ago he saw police pounce on a group of men who sought refuge behind the structure.
On another occasion he said his daughter was groped while walking under a bridge to a nearby church.
"It's not safe here," he told AAP.
Sex crime squad detectives are expected to review CCTV footage from the train station in an effort to identify the attackers.
One man is described as being about 19-21 years old, about 178cm tall, with a dark complexion, a thin build and dark hair.
A second is about 175cm tall, with a thin build and black hair.
The third male is described as being between 17-19 years old, with a medium build and about 175cm tall.
Supt Lennon urged the men to come forward before police tracked them down.

news.ninemsn.com.au (9-4-2014)

Two schoolgirls gang-raped at Fairfield after meeting three men on Sydney train, police say

Two schoolgirls have been gang-raped by three men in broad daylight in Sydney's south west, police say, and there are fears the men could strike again.
According to police, the girls, both 16, skipped school in the Blacktown area to go shopping at Castle Hill.
Superintendent Peter Lennon says they asked three men for directions and were told they would be shown to a bus terminal.
"The girls were lost, they were trying to get some help," Superintendent Lennon said.
"Unfortunately they were coaxed by these young men into coming to Fairfield - way, way off track of where they wanted to go."
The girls and the men got off the train at Fairfield station about 2:00pm and walked to Fairfield Park on nearby Ulverstone Street where, police say, they were sexually assaulted by the men behind a grandstand.
"It's very brazen. It's something that is absolutely unforgivable in the local area," Superintendent Lennon said.
The police are appealing for witnesses to come forward as the park is frequently used by local residents.
"We understand that there was at least a man walking his dog that was seen in the area," Superintendent Lennon said.
Police allege three men gang-raped two 16-year-old girls in this park at Fairfield, April 9, 2014
The fear now is that the men might try and rape again, he says.
"My advice to the young girls would be go and speak to other people, go and speak to persons in authority, speak to the train guard, speak to bus drivers, speak to someone in authority," he said.
"Don't just go and ask young males and then be coaxed along to be travelling [with them], and they were obviously travelling for well and truly over half an hour with these three young men."
Superintendent Lennon the men had been described as being of "Middle Eastern Mediterranean" appearance.
The first male is described as being aged between 19 and 21 with a dark complexion, about 178cm tall, and with a thin build and dark hair.
The second male is thought to be about 175cm tall with a thin build and black hair.
The third male is possibly aged between 17 and 19 with a medium build and about 175cm tall.

www.abc.net.au (9-4-2014)
Lucy Carter

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