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Age: 37 yrs old

State: QLD

Sentence: Sentenced to life in jail.

Offence/Other: Violent sex attacker.
Violent sex attacker Raymond Henry Garland
Raymond Garland

High-risk serial rapist Raymond Henry Garland to remain in jail after Queensland Court of Appeal decision

Raymond Henry Garland is serving four indefinite terms for rape.

A notorious sex offender who is serving four indefinite jail terms for rape has lost his appeal against the sentence after the Court of Appeal backed a judge's decision to keep him locked up.
Serial rapist Raymond Henry Garland, 43, was handed four never-to-be-released jail terms by then Brisbane District Court Judge Brian Hoath in 1998.
Garland, who has a history of violent rape offences and sexual assault, held 14 people hostage in a Mackay home in April 1997.
He raped three hostages in horrific circumstances - two women and a 16-year-old boy - and fired more than 40 shots at police during the siege.
Garland asked the Court of Appeal to discharge him of the indefinite terms and instead impose a life sentence so that Queensland's parole board could assess if and when he should be released from jail.
The request came after District Court Judge Kiernan Dorney QC made no order to discharge any of the indefinite jail terms as part of the first mandated review of the case in August 2012.
Garland's lawyers asked for leave to appeal the decision on the grounds the judge erred by not properly taking into account the protection given to the community by the parole board.
But in a unanimous judgment, the Court of Appeal dismissed the request for leave to appeal.
`` There is nothing in the plain words of the section which suggests that the availability of parole must be taken by the court to meet the need for protection in such a way that it means there is no risk of serious physical harm posed by the offender,'' Justice Philip Morrison said.
He backed the judge's decision to conclude the parole regime did not reduce the risk of harm to members of the community if Garland was released.
Under Queensland law a person who is handed an indefinite sentence must have it reviewed by a judge after serving all but two years of the nominal sentence, in Garland's case at the 13-year mark.
Court of Appeal judges Justice Anthe Philippides and Justice John Fraser agreed.

www.news.com.au (7-2-2014)

Raymond Garland, considered Australia's most dangerous sex predator, wants never-to-be released sentences revoked

A man considered Australia's most dangerous living serial sex predator has asked Queensland's highest court to revoke his four never-to-be-released indefinite prison terms.
Lawyers for Raymond Henry Garland, 42, this morning asked the Court of Appeal in Brisbane to discharge him of the indefinite terms and leave it to Queensland's parole board to assess if and when he should ever be released from jail.
Garland was given the four never-to-be-released terms, with a minimum of life imprisonment, in October 1998 by then District Court judge Brian Hoath.
At the time of his sentence Garland, then 27, had a history of rape offences dating back 13 years.
The offences for which the indefinite terms were granted related to a series of horrific sex attacks Garland committed while holding 14 people hostage at home in Mackay, 970km north of Brisbane, in April 1997.
During an ensuing police siege, Garland raped three hostages -- two women and a 16-year-old boy -- and fired more than 40 shots at police who had surrounded the premises.
Garland, the court was told, has never shown sympathy for his victims.
In August last year, District Court judge Keirnan Dorney, QC, made no order to discharge any of the indefinite jail terms handed to Garland almost 15 years ago as part of the first mandated review of the case.
Barrister Nelson Cooke, QC, for Garland, told the Court of Appeal Judge Dorney had made an error by not discharging the indefinite terms and substituting them with the lesser life sentences.
"Why can't the community be protected from (Garland by the) imposition of a life sentence?" he said.
Mr Nelson said if the indefinite terms were discharged it would leave it up to parole officials, who would be in a better postion to review whether Garland should be released, and relieve the courts of its responsibility of reviewing his client's case every two years.
"If they (the parole board) don't think he (Garland) is suitable (for release) at that particular time they will refuse (his application for release)."
Under Queensland law a person who receives an indefinite sentence must have it subjected to reveiw by a judge after having served all but two years of the nominal sentence -- in Garland's case 13 years.
It is also subject of more frequent reviews after the initial review.
Because Garland was given a minimum life sentence, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars if the parole board considered him too dangerous to release.
However, after having already served a decade and a half already in custody, Garland would be eligible.
The hearing, before Justices Hugh Fraser, Philip Morrison and Anthe Philippides, continues.

www.news.com.au (19-9-2013)
Tony Keim

Sex fiend Raymond Henry Garland to have sentence reviewed
Serial sex attacker Raymond Henry Garland appearing at the Mackay District Court after his arrest in 1998
Serial sex attacker Raymond Henry
Garland appearing at the Mackay District
Court after his arrest in 1998

A MAN considered one of Australia's most dangerous serial sex predators will have the first review of four indefinite prison terms he received within months, a court was told.
Raymond Henry Garland was in the Brisbane District Court today seeking orders ahead a proposed review of indefinite sentences imposed in 1998 for a series of rapes committed in Brisbane and Mackay, in central Queensland, while on parole.
At the time of his sentence, Garland, then age 27, had been a sex offender who had raped for the previous 13 years of his life and had never at any stage shown the slightest sympathy for his victims.
Lawyers for Garland today sought a number of orders, including one for the preparation of a report by eminent psychiatrist Dr Jill Reddan before the review - scheduled to begin on August 13.
Prosecutor Todd Fuller, SC, said a report had already been obtained from equally renowned psychiatrist Dr Joan Lawrence.
Barrister Nelson Cooke, QC, for Garland, said his client challenged some of the features of Dr Lawrence's report, including claims she had spent as little as 10-minutes interviewing Garland in prison.
"A lot has happened to him (Garland) in prison," Mr Cooke said.
"He's been more or less a model of politeness," Mr Cooke said. "I can tell you there's been dramatic changes (in his behaviour)."
Mr Fuller said Dr Lawrence did spent less than an hour with Garland, but that was due to the fact the convicted serial rapist refused to talk to her.
"It was his (Garland's) choice not to speak to her. He ended the conversation," he said.
The court was told Garland's only reluctance in talking to Dr Lawrence was because he "felt uncomfortable talking about personal matters within earshot of prison guards."
In a rare trip away from the confines of his prison cell, Garland, now aged 42, dressed in a black suit and wearing fashionable spectacles, sat quietly during the 80-minute hearing spending most of his time in the dock of Court 24 twiddling his thumbs.
Garland was given the four never-to-be-released prison terms, with a minimum of life behind bars, in October 1998 by then District Court judge Brian Hoath.
Under Queensland law a person who receives an indefinite sentence must have it subjected to review by a judge after having served 13-years in custody. It is also the subject of more frequent reviews after the initial review.

The Courier-Mail (10-4-2012)
Tony Keim

Serial Rapist To Remain In Isolation

A Queensland Court of Appeal judge has dismissed a notorious serial rapist's attempts to be moved out of a maximum security prison, describing it as a Catch-22 situation.
Raymond Henry Garland, 35, has been held in isolation since he was jailed in 1998 for a series of violent sexual offences.
He recently made a plea to the Court of Appeal in Brisbane to be released into the general prison community, claiming he was being held in "inhumane" conditions.
His lawyer, Marshall Cooke, argued his client would not offend once released into the general jail community, but prison authorities were reluctant to grant his wish due to his history of sexually assaulting prison inmates.
In determining whether to overturn the Corrective Services' decision, Justice Richard Chesterman noted Garland was in a difficult predicament.
"He cannot be released from maximum security unless he shows that he has a capacity for self-control and voluntary good behaviour, but he cannot demonstrate those characteristics unless he is released from maximum security," Justice Chesterman said.
"The appellant's predicament was well described by (Catch-22 author) Joseph Heller."
In dismissing Garland's appeal, Justice Chesterman said he could "understand the appellant's frustration".
However, he said Corrective Services had provided substantial evidence suggesting he would be "a serious risk to the safety of other prisoners if allowed access to them".
Justice Chesterman also said there was no evidence of "inhumane" conditions as he was "adequately housed, fed and clothed".
"He has some, though limited, access to educational and recreational resources," Justice Chesterman added.
Garland is serving four indefinite sentences for a string of sexual offences against teenagers, committed while on bail in 1997.
They included kidnapping a brother and sister, a five-month pregnant woman and her boyfriend in Mackay in central Queensland.
He held the group at gunpoint for five hours while he raped both females.
He has also attacked and sodomised a number of inmates during time previously served in jail.

AAP (22-12-2006)
Christine Flatley

Sex Fiend's Privileges Anger Jailers

Prison authorities have relaxed strict protocols for the first time in Queensland to allow sex monster Raymond Garland to exercise unrestrained for an hour each week outside the walls of the maximum security unit where he is incarcerated.
The unprecedented move comes months after the Corrective Services Department won a court action to stop Garland being returned to the mainstream jail population on the grounds he remained a threat to the "security or good order of the prison".
Garland, who is serving four indefinite life sentences, was jailed in 1998 for a series of rapes he committed while on parole.
He has a history of raping other inmates.
Garland has been housed in the maximum security unit at the Sir David Longland Correctional Centre at Wacol, southwest of Brisbane, since 1997.
Corrective Services confirmed Garland's new exercise regime started in recent weeks and was part of his prisoner management plan.
The move has angered prison officers at the jail, who claim Garland attempted to climb on to the roof of a nearby building during an exercise session on May 13.
He was able to keep his escorting officers at bay by threatening them with a piece of timber he found left behind in the exercise yard.
A prison officer said: "He lost his footing and fell. Garland is dangerous because he has nothing to lose and has already been deemed untreatable."
However Correctional Services denied the incident happened.
"Prisoner Garland did not attempt to scale either the sheer brick walls that are topped by razor tape or electric fencing," a spokesman said.
"Nor did he attempt to scale the side wire fences that are also protected by rolls of razor tape."
The spokesman said the highly secured area in the jail where Garland exercised was under heavy surveillance and the watch of four prison officers who were all qualified members of the jail's emergency response team.
The department also defended a move to re-institute prisoner associations in the jail's maximum security unit, which were stopped in October 2003 when Mark Day was murdered by inmate Jason Nixon in the unit's exercise yard.
A spokesman said an internal report into the operation of the maximum security unit following Day's murder recommended prisoners who had undergone psychological checks and assessment be allowed to associate with each other.

The Courier Mail (23-5-2005)
Paula Doneman

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