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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re- offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Read the latest arguments in crime, justice and the law at Briefed: The Law Blog

It's the latest legal opinion you can read in Briefed: The Law Blog.
Her first ever blog for us is the first time a judge of her standing has joined this public forum as a way of putting an argument from the judiciary direct to the public.
Also in Briefed, the debate over the appropriateness of a controversial TAC advertisement that features a graphic motorcycle crash continues to spark debate with the TAC's Tracey Slatter defending the advertisement in the wake of a biker backlash.
Slatter's response follows claims by road accident lawyer John Voyage, of Maurice Blackburn, saying says the latest advertisement targeting bikers "simply confirms the TAC's prejudice against vulnerable road users".
These arguments in Briefed: The Law Blog are among the many of the legal issues of the day.
Those views are added to that posted by the Director of Public Prosecutions John Champion who has outlined new training to avoid retrials and delays in sex offender trials.
Other recent posts include that by community lawyer Amanda George who argues Carl Williams' death has exposed a disregard for accountability in prisons
Also read reporter Norrie Ross's piece as he takes aims at the politicians in asking: Is there really any war on drugs?
Other posts include those by Lawyer Simon Dewberry who says a chicken plant death will affect workplace safety for everyone, while personal injury specialist Stuart Le Grand has also described why people may be missing out on TAC compensation, and wills expert Steven Harris has drawn a connection between swinging millionaire Herman Rockefellerís death and disputed wills.
Recently journalism lecturer and ex-court reporter Peter Gregory joined the debate on social media by examining the impact of instant court reporting by tweet.
Others to join our debate recently include: Maurice Blackburn employment expert Emeline Gaske who argued being good looking doesn't mean an advantage in every profession; Janine Greening's legal fight to name two youths who bashed, sexually abused and strangled her mother; and Herald Sun writer Geoff Wilkinson's piece on who is to blame for an ex-soldier's brutal murder by a man on parole.
Law Institute of Victoria president Michael Holcroft has argued that when it comes to crime preventing it is the best way to fight it.
And on the topic of justice, we also recently heard from our own reporter Norrie Ross who suggests the words "beyond reasonable doubt" may have passed their used-by date.
Consumer issues are strongly represented in Briefed: The Law Blog with advocate Gerard Brody's raised fears that law reforms will still allow payday lenders to charge up to 288 per cent interest.
Among other recent posts include those of family law expert Caroline Counsel, who believes children of egg and sperm donors should have the right to know their biological parents, after previous posts about the tricky nature of paternity for sperm donors.
Previously we've had legal specialist on parentage Paul Boers argue that gays are equal when it comes to sperm donations.
Last week, there was forthright talk about protecting the public from sex predators, with sex assault advocate Carolyn Worth's posting courts could do more to protect rape victims.
Her statements follow closely those of Herald Sun court reporter Elissa Hunt who revealed how courts are keeping you in the dark about sex offenders by masking their identity, and follows former judge Philip Cummins' provocative speech about whether judges are out of touch.
In court matters, lawyer Justin Quill has put the case that jurors should be able to vote on what is reasonable in defamation claims and has also suggested the open court theory is often just lip service.
This follows our special coverage of jury system, which included a comment piece by the Attorney-General Robert Clark on why itís time for change in our jury system.
Also we read human rights expert Phil Lynch argue that the whole community benefits when we keep a close eye on detention facilities, while Melbourne law professor Tim McCormack describes bringing an international war criminal to justice.
In more tech-savvy issues, special counsel Luke Gattuso examining the implications of Facebooking about your boss while e-law expert Allison Stanfield examined the dangers of using "the cloud" to store your vital data and
And in other recent posts on consumer protection, Insurance law expert Michael Bates explains the rights of flood and storm damage victims, and class action lawyer Brooke Dellavedova argued food poisoning laws left a bad taste for victims.
And we read intellectual property specialist Sarah Matheson discuss the intracies of gene patents and how it could affect healthcare costs.
There is a significant amount of commentary on legal rights, with personal injury expert Marcus Fogarty warning cuts to WorkSafe mean a raw deal for hurt workers.
You can also revisit posts by consumer protection expert Paul Gillett on why customers are not powerless against the big banks, discussion by those in know about Human Rights laws for Victoria, and our own courts reporter Norrie Ross discussing why the latest statistics suggest our judges are getting sentences right.
Our coverage includes the latest from in the legal world - in news you won't find elsewhere - from landmark civil cases to new laws and whatís happening at our biggest firms.
We're inviting you to join the debate here at Briefed: The Law Blog. Add us to your favourites now.
Our guest bloggers want you to deliver your verdict on the biggest law and justice issues facing Victorians.
Theyíll state their case, present the evidence and let you decide.
Experts on issues including family disputes, personal injury litigation, criminal justice and commercial law will discuss the hot topics daily.
Lawyers, former judges and legal commentators will tackle the hard issues in the coming weeks, including sperm donor rights, changes to worker compensation and how flood victims can legally protect themselves.
Until September 10 this year, Briefed: The Law Blog will be accessible without a subscription.

Herald Sun (4-5-2012)
Staff reporter

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