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Name: Robert Kingsley Hawkes

Age:66 yrs old (2011)

State: SA (Para Hills, Noarlunga,Greenacres).

Sentence: Sentenced in October 1994 to 3 yrs jail-9 months non-parole( For 15 charges of sexually abusing young boys)
July 2004/ Breach of restraining order (the restraining order was issued in June 2002 at Christies Beach) that prevents paedophiles from loitering near children/ Jailed for 2 months (7-7-2004) Elizabeth Magistrates Court/ Backdated to 5- 4-2004.

Offence/Other: Notorious South Australian paedophile/Repeat Offender..(15 counts)sexually abusing young boys.MAKO has notified Hawkes community (that he was secretly living in the area) in the past, and there has been articles written about him in the Adelaide Advertiser over the years.Recent News 28-7-2011 - "Child sex offender jailed for travelling"-read more below..

Also see Brian Perkins

Child sex offender jailed for travelling

A notorious South Australian paedophile is back behind bars for two months after breaching sex offender laws by failing to tell authorities he was leaving the country.
Robert Kingsley Hawkes was locked up in South Australian jails in the 1990s and 2000s for a spate of child sex crimes, but later moved to the territory.
The 67-year-old retiree was arrested in March and charged with four breaches of the ACT's child sex offender registry laws, to which he later admitted.
Hawkes initially told police a High Court judge said the reporting conditions were voluntary, but refused to name the individual.
Hawkes will spend the next two months behind bars, with the remainder of his six-month sentence suspended.
He will also be on a good-behaviour bond for the next two years; and due to his earlier offences he is on the Australian National Child Sex Offender Registry for the rest of his life.
Hawkes flew out of Melbourne on a Sunday in March this year after presenting an Australian passport to immigration staff.
He was back on Australian soil by the following Wednesday morning.
A Passenger Analysis Clearance and Evaluation alert or PACE was triggered on both his arrival and departure.
Hawkes was stopped in London and turned around.
He was arrested by territory police in Waramanga five days after he returned to Australia.
Sex offender laws require a registered person to tell authorities about any travel plans, interstate or international, and about obtaining a passport.
During a police interview Hawkes said a former High Court judge told him the child sex offender reporting obligations were voluntary. But when questioned, he refused to name the person.
The Director of Public Prosecutions pushed for a jail sentence for what it described as an act of ''significant deception''.

www.canberratimes.com.au (28-7-2011)
Louis Andrews

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Pedophile Kill Charge

ONE of the state's most notorious pedophiles will appear in Adelaide Magistrates Court today accused of trying to hire a hitman to murder another person.
Robert Kingsley Hawkes, 59, was arrested in a Correctional Services facility by Major Crime Investigation Section detectives yesterday. His arrest - and that of an associate - was part of a covert four- month operation codenamed Chronicle.
Hawkes - who has a long history of child sex offences - and a Christies Beach man, 64, are each charged with one count of soliciting to murder another person.
The convicted pedophile is also charged with a separate, unrelated count of offering an inducement to a person to give false evidence.
The solicit to murder charges are not related to any previously charged offending, and are the result of an on-going investigation. Major Crime detectives and offi-cers from Port Adelaide arrested the men early yesterday and took them to the city watch house.
One of the pair covered his face his head under a parka, as they were driven past waiting media and into the facility.
Police yesterday refused to release the names of the men or the alleged intended victim. But they did state the alleged intended victim, who was known to Hawkes and his alleged accomplice, had not been harmed and "was safe".
The two arrests were in no way related to last week's arrests of former Anglican Church members and ministers, accused of various sexual offences. "For operational reasons. I can't comment any further," said Major Crime officer in charge, Acting Detective Superintendent John Venditto.

Adelaide Advertiser (25-6-2004)
Sean Fewster

Paedophile Indecently Assaulted Girl, 11

THE state's most notorious pedophile has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a girl in a shopping centre and breaching a pedophile restraining order.
In the Holden Hill Magistrates Court yesterday, Magistrate Gregory Clark found Robert Kingsley Hawkes guilty of the incident at Greenacres Shopping Centre in May last year.
A statutory suppression order has prevented The Advertiser from reporting the matter until now.
During the trial earlier this year, Sergeant Carol Gallie, prosecuting, said the 11-year-old girl was with a group of students when the offending occurred.
"She stopped to tie her shoe laces and found herself at the rear of the group," Sgt Gallie said.
"She thought someone tapped her on the shoulder, she stood up and came face-to-face with a male.
"The male reached out with his hands and touched her breasts for about four or five seconds."
She said the girl hit the 61-year- old, before running away, and later picked him out of a photographic line-up The girl said she remembered seeing a man who had hair like a clown.
Another witness, she said, saw a man approach the girl and start "waving his arms about as drunk".
Adam Richards, for Hawkes, said his client had told police he "very. very rarely" went to Greenacres Shopping Centre.
"There's no evidence against him, he ought to be acquitted and released," he said. He said Hawkes suffered prostate cancer and had received "inadequate treatment" since he was taken into custody in August last year.
Hawkes was first arrested for child sex offences in 1990 and was placed on a good behaviour bond, saying he was too sick to go to jail.
While serving a suspended sentence he was re-arrested when detectives found hundreds of pictures of naked boys he helped photograph between 1988 and 1992.
In 2003, Christies Beach police were told he had been seen loitering near the Adelaide and Noarlunga aquatic centres.
He will be sentenced next month.

Adelaide Advertiser (10-12-2004)
Alexandra Economou

Sex Abuse Legal Action Against School, Church

A man who claims he was sexually abused by two of South Australia's most notorious pedophiles has launched legal action against a northern suburbs school and the Lutheran Church.
Now aged 21, the man was 10 when he alleges serial pedophiles Robert Kingsley Hawkes and Kenneth William Glencross abused him.
At the time of the alleged abuse, he says he was a student, at Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School at Para Vista and Hawkes was employed as school football coach.
Glencross - who died of cancer in June, 2001 - was a close associate of Hawkes'.
The pair were involved in a network of pedophiles including Brian Bertram Perkins, who last month pleaded guilty to a string of child abuse offences, and Jeffrey Paul Barton, who committed suicide in 1994 after being charged with similar offences.
All preyed on young boys in the early 1990s.
A statement of claim lodged in the District Court alleges Hawkes and Glencross abused the man during Year 5 in 1992. He is seeking damages for breach of contract, negligence. breach of fiduciary duty and unconscionable conduct.
He is also seeking exemplary damages, interest and costs from both defendants.
The statement of claim alleges Hawkes sexually assaulted him by forcing him to undress in front of him and Glencross, by touching him and putting a G-string on him and by taking photographs of him while he was naked.
Hawkes, now 59, was charged with prurient interest and indecent assault after a police investigation in 1993 that included this incident and similar allegations.
He pleaded guilty to five counts and was sentenced to three years and three months imprisonment but was released on parole after serving nine months.
Hawkes was in court in March for breaching a restraining order that prevents him having contact with children.
The order, issued in Christies Beach Magistrates Court in June, 2000, prohibits him from loitering near children. He broke the order on June 21 last year at the Ingle Farm Shopping Centre when he was seen by an off-duty detective following a young boy into a toilet.
He is currently on home detention and living in the Angle Vale area.
The claimant's mother said her family took legal action after publicity into sex-abuse claims in the Anglican Church.
"They failed to care for my son. An apology is one thing I would like," she said.
"I feel so hurt, I personally go through hell because it's like I did not protect my son,"
Lawyer David Ey, acting for the school and Lutheran Church, said his clients had not seen the statement of claim and "could not comment".

Adelaide Advertiser (11-9-2003)
Nigel Hunt

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