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Hey Dad! former star Sarah Monahan on her hell at hands of convicted sexual predator Robert Hughes

Sarah Monahan, the former co-star of Hey Dad! who was among actor Robert Hughes’ child sex abuse victims, has branded the predator “a piece of sh*t”.
Monahan, the brave whistleblower who consented to being identified as a victim of sexual abuse, spoke about the convicted sex fiend this morning on Sydney’s 2Day FM Breakfast program.
In a moving interview she acknowledged that what Hughes did was “horrific” — and she urged other victims of abusers to stay strong and speak up.
Asked whether she hated Hughes, the 36-year-old said: “Hate is a strong word. I definitely dislike the man.”
Later she added, “I honestly think he doesn’t think he did anything wrong,’’ before correcting herself: “I take that back he knew what he was doing was wrong, because he didn’t do it in front of other people.”
If she had the chance to sentence Hughes, she said she would send him to jail.
“I would definitely sentence him to jail, and I wouldn’t give him one of the cushy jails,” an emotional Monahan said.
“I definitely think he needs to go to a place where he can think about what he has done.
“(Somewhere) he realises that he is sh*t. Somewhere where he is not the star”.
Monahan was just six when she joined the cast for the 1987 Channel 7 sitcom, and 10 when she claims she was first flashed by the man who played her TV father, Martin Kelly.
She said confronting Hughes in court was “unsettling and unnerving” and it took her back to when she was a child star.
“I can understand why some girls choose not to (come forward),” she said. br /> “I feel really bad for those girls who choose not to go public.”
But she said coming forward and confronting her predator in court has given her closure.
“I’m done ... just closing it (the book), don’t want to deal with it anymore,” she said.
“I didn’t come forward, people asked me to speak, and then I finally started talking; it was like a pandora’s box, once you start talking you can’t stop.
“I did a lot of talking in court, four days, it’s the most soul crushing experience”. Monahan said she had the option of testifying via video link from Texas but wanted Hughes to look at her when she spoke.
“The first couple of days he was staring at me but then I started looking at him and he stopped looking back,’’ she said.
Monahan said the affair had created a distance between her and her mother.
“I don’t know (if she can form a relationship with her mum again). She hasn’t spoken to me, we were never the closest anyway,” she said.
She said she hadn’t received a birthday or Christmas card in four years but hoped they could reconcile.
She ended the interview with a powerful message for other victims of abuse that suffer in silence: “Don’t let them continue it. It’s not just you. It takes 60 people before anyone speaks up.”
Meanwhile, fellow Hey Dad! actor Ben Oxenbould claims he was passed over for TV work after supporting Monahan against Hughes.
Oxenbould told Network Nine’s A Current Affair last night that he had “copped a lot of criticism from people, particularly in the industry’’ after standing by Monahan and endorsing her shocking abuse claims against Hughes when she went public four years ago.
The 45-year-old actor said he’d been called an “idiot” and told “you’ll never work again” in the wake of giving a TV tell-all over his knowledge of Hughes’ inappropriate behaviour on the set of the now defunct Channel 7 sitcom.
In a sit-down hosted by ACA’s Tracy Grimshaw — alongside Monahan and co-stars Simone Buchanan, Julie McGregor and Christopher Truswell — Oxenbould argued going public against Hughes had cost him work.
“I’ve had executive producers say ‘Benny we wanted you for that role but mate ... and I think but mate what? I’m not the bad guy here.”
When some shied away from the scandal, Oxenbould said: “my lesson in professionalism was ‘shut up about the paedophile’.”
Monahan revealed she continued to pay a personal price for going public and is now not on speaking terms with her mother after alleging Hughes had molested her when she was the 10-year-old child star of Hey Dad!
Police have said Monahan’s TV testimonial also prompted others to come forward with evidence which helped convict Hughes this week, found guilty of 10 charges involving four victims including two counts of sexual intercourse with a child.
It can also now be revealed Hughes’ niece Melinda O’Donnell was a witness who gave evidence against her famous uncle but was not a complainant against him.
Asked if Monahan’s mother had not agreed with her decision to go public, she told ACA: “no, apparently she was very upset.”
Now living in San Antonio, Texas, but campaigning for a public register of sex offenders across Australia, Monahan said she hoped Hughes would be given a sentence “worth what he put all those girls through.’’
McGregor, who played opposite Hughes as his ditzy on-screen secretary Betty, said: “the whole thing has been a horror story and all the revelations have been so shocking for me.”
“I was so glad that Sarah was so brave to do this, I just think she’s wonderful.”
Buchanan, who sat shoulder-to-shoulder with her former TV sibling when she first made her claims added: “I’m really sad this whole thing happened but I‘m glad the verdict came in and people, these girls are validated.”

www.news.com.au (10-4-2014)

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‘It would be nice if Seven said, ‘Obviously we did the wrong thing.’

Former cast members of Hey Dad! have called upon Channel Seven to admit a lack of duty of care, following the conviction of star Robert Hughes over child sex charges, including incidents at Seven’s former Epping studios.
Appearing on A Current Affair, they claim they raised their concerns with producer Gary Reilly.
Sarah Monahan said nothing was done by producers to protect her.
“We had conversations about me not sitting on his lap anymore and it was offered that I could end my contract and leave the show if I was ‘uncomfortable.’ And that was pretty much it.”
Ben Oxenbould alleges he caught Hughes molesting a child on the set.
“I know the night that I caught Robert molesting the girl who was a guest on the show, she was 8 years old…. 3 minutes after that I was trying to pull the door off his dressing room to have words with him.”
He restated that he had also approached producer Gary Reilly over his concerns.
“He was so aggressive. And one of the other writers, was very aggressive,” he alleged.
“This was supposedly some ‘rite of passage’ for me, he said.
“‘You consider this a lesson in professionalism.’ That was my foray into Australian television.
“My lesson in professionalism was ‘shut up about the paedophile.’”
Oxenbould said he asked Reilly “Where do you draw the line?” and tried to break his contract by misbehaving, but was rewarded with a pay raise.
“Hush money I believe that’s called.”
Simone Buchanan, who was 18 at the time, alleges her complaints to Reilly were also unresolved.
“He said ‘OK just leave it with me. But don’t say anything to anyone about this,’” she alleges.
“As an 18 year old I thought, ‘I’ve taken this as high as I can.’ It’s not my job to take it to the police. I thought that he would handle it from there, but nothing happened.”
Co-star Julie McGregor said, “The shock that I had when they posted a guard, years later because they had children on the set -the enormity of it suddenly hit me. I thought ‘Dear God not children? Surely not children?’”
Simone Buchanan and Oxenbould first spoke to A Current Affair four years ago, but say their careers came under attack as a result of coming forward.
“Four years ago after we spoke I copped a lot of criticism from people, particularly in the industry saying you idiot you’ll never work again,” said Ben Oxenbould.
“I’ve had Executive Producers say ‘Benny we wanted you for that role but mate …’ and I think ‘But mate what? I’m not the bad guy here.’”
Sarah Monahan has called on Channel Seven to acknowledge a lack of duty of care, but has no plans to pursue civil action.
“It would be nice if Channel Seven stood up and said, ‘Obviously we did the wrong thing.’ I understand it’s new management and it’s all different people. But it would be great if they said, ‘We’re going to make sure this never ever happens again’ and they make sure that there’s always a chaperone on set, make sure that no other kid goes through what I had to go through,” she said.
“But I don’t want to deal with court anymore.
“Everyone thought I was doing it for money. It wasn’t about the money. It was always about just getting justice.”
Hey Dad! is Australia’s longest-running sitcom.

www.tvtonight.com.au (10-4-2014)
David Knox

Hey Dad! star Sarah Monahan ‘got away lightly’ in Robert Hughes case

Former Hey Dad! child star Sarah Monahan claims she “got away lightly” when comparing her abuse case to the other victims of her co-star and convicted sex predator Robert Hughes.
Monahan, the brave whistleblower who has consented to being identified as a victim of sexual abuse, has told A Current Affair’s Tracy Grimshaw she feels “vindicated” by the verdict against Hughes, found guilty of 10 child sex offences yesterday.
In an extended ACA special to air tonight, Monahan said she shared the court victory over her jailed molester with the four other female victims who took their claims to police after she first went public with her story in Woman’s Day magazine four years ago.
The sordid details of his on-set abuse of the former child star shocked his trusting TV audience, but blew the doors wide open on the depraved sex secrets he had managed to keep closeted for more than 20 years.
With her Hey Dad! castmates surrounding her in Nine’s Willoughby NSW studios yesterday, she said she was “thrilled for the other girls” when Hughes was found guilty in the jury case.
“It wasn’t about me. He did some awful, terrible things to them. I feel like I got away lightly.”
Monahan was just six when she joined the cast for the 1987 Channel 7 sitcom, and 10 when she claims she was first flashed by the man who played her TV father, Martin Kelly.
As Sydney’s Downing Centre court heard, he would go on to inappropriately grope and expose himself to the vulnerable young actor during production breaks on the top-rating TV show.
While she left the show harbouring the darkest of secrets in 1993, Hughes continued to play it large as the leading man until further “concerns” were finally raised with the show’s producers and Seven management.
Former casting director, Liz Mullinar told News Corp Australia she was brought in by the Hey Dad! bosses to help replace Hughes after he was “pushed” to leave in February 1994.
She said rumours had circulated about his inappropriate behaviour, which executive producer Gary Reilly has said culminated in “stand-up rows” with the headline star.
Mullinar said: “the cast didn’t want him to continue on the program. Channel 7 behaved fantastically as did Gary Reilly and in the end Robert Hughes resigned.”
While child abuse campaigner Derryn Hinch is among those who say producers gave a “bulls. t explanation” for his exit and still “have a lot to answer for,” Mullinar, herself an abuse victim, said it’s the system which initially failed Monahan and Hughes’ other victims — arguing police are only able to act on complaints by victims not those who suspect wrongdoing.
“Here was someone, insiders who knew there was something wrong but there is no authority in Australia at the moment you can go to and say `I have very real concerns about that person’,” Mulliner said.
“There should be a cautionary list. If they’d gone — and already two people had been to the police at that point — that’s when action should have been taken in this matter 20 years ago.’’
A long-time friend of both Hughes and his agent wife Robyn Gardiner, Mullinar also revealed she had told Gardiner about the industry suspicions.
“She didn’t believe me then and obviously she’s sticking by her husband now. It was my decision at the time that telling her was also the right thing to do ...(but) she completely rejected the concept,” Mullinar said.
She said sexual predators like Hughes were not just “greasy men in dirty coats.”
“Society has to understand paedophiles aren’t just that seedy man in the corner, he’s that fabulous social worker or indeed that wonderful star who has charisma and is so fantastic.
(Hughes) is a very nice human being. You can be a very nice human being and a paedophile. That’s my point.’’
Woman’s Day editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly, who was first to publish Monahan’s claims in 2010, said: “there was an element of ego in all of this. You have the headline star of the top rating show who thinks he can do whatever he likes. This (verdict) proves whether it’s 20 years later, you can’t get away with it.”

www.dailytelegraph.com.au (9-4-2014)
Holly Byrnes

Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes to stand trial over child sex assault allegations

Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes will stand trial next year to fight allegations he sexually assaulted five girls.
Dressed in a red tie and dark suit, a clean-cut Hughes was silent during his brief appearance in Sydney's Downing Centre District Court on Friday.
The 64-year-old has pleaded not guilty to 11 sexual and indecent assault offences but has not been formally arraigned.
His lawyer Greg Walsh says the one-time TV icon plans to fight the charges when his trial begins on February 10.
"He asserts his innocence and it's being vigorously defended," he told reporters outside court.
Hughes left court without speaking to the waiting media pack. Mr Walsh said he feared his client's high profile would hurt his chances of getting a fair trial.
"I think it would be very difficult, from my understanding of the extent and nature of the media coverage over such a prolonged period of time, to get a fair trial," he said on Friday.
"But that's up to the courts to deal with, and they'll need to give very careful consideration of that when the matter comes on next year."
Two of the five alleged victims have given a series of print and television interviews accusing Hughes of sexually assaulting them when they were children.
The accusations preceded his arrest in London last year and his subsequent return to Australia where he was charged.
Hughes played the lead role of Martin Kelly in Hey Dad!, which ran from 1987 to 1994.
Mr Walsh has previously indicated he expects a lengthy trial, and on Friday the court heard there could be six weeks of argument before hearings begin

AAP (26-7-2013)
Staff Writers

Former Hey Dad! TV star Robert Hughes to be extradited to Australia

Pic-Former, Hey Dad!, star Robert Hughes

A British judge has approved the extradition of "Hey Dad!" star Robert Hughes, with the actor set to return to Australia within days.
The 64-year-old, who played father figure Martin Kelly in the popular 1980s and 90s TV show, is facing child sexual assault allegations made by five people dating back nearly three decades.
Relating to children aged seven to 15 years, 11 alleged offences between 1985 and 1990 include accusations of indecent exposure, kissing and the touching of Hughes's erect penis through clothing.
Hughes is yet to be charged with any offence and NSW police want him for questioning in Sydney.
Outside court, his lawyer, Robert Katz, said: "Mr Hughes is shocked and perplexed as to why he is being extradited when police knew he was willing to return to Australia of his own accord to answer their questions if he had been asked.
"Rather than continue to suffer a trial by media, my client is keen to defend the allegations which he vehemently denies."
At a brief hearing in a central London court , Judge Michael Snow approved an extradition order after Hughes' lawyer, Rachel Kapila, said he would not contest it.
"[Mr Hughes] has never had any issue with returning to Australia," she said.
The order is expected to be rubber-stamped by British Home Secretary Theresa May and Hughes ordered to surrender to authorities in the coming days.
After being arrested at his London home last month, Hughes appeared in court for a third time in relation to the accusations.
The Australian actor, dressed in a dark suit, addressed Westminster Magistrates Court on Friday to confirm his name, date of birth and address.
He was released on bail and ordered not to go near London's St Pancras international train station or airports.
If the order proceeds as expected, Hughes will be handed over to the Australian Federal Police at an English airport.

AAP (29-9-2012)
Tom Wald

Robert Hughes 'keen' to fight sex charges

ACCUSED Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes is "keen" to return to Australia to fight multiple historic charges of child sex abuse, a London court was told yesterday.
Hughes, 64, faces up to 10 years in prison after being arrested at his London home in August and charged with 11 sex offences against five girls aged as young as six.
The alleged victims include co-star Sarah Monahan, friends of his daughter and the daughters of family friends. During a brief appearance, defence barrister Rachel Kapila last night confirmed her client would not oppose his extradition to Australia.
"Mr Hughes is keen not to delay the proceedings any more than necessary and get back and prove his innocence," Ms Kapila told the court.
The allegations against Hughes include indecent exposure, kissing children and forcing them to touch his erect penis through clothing.
Dressed in a dark suit and tie, Hughes spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address to the court.
Hughes will return to London's Westminster Magistrate's Court for a "short hearing" on September 28, ahead of his anticipated return to Australia.
He declined to answer reporters' questions as he left court.
His bail conditions include a curfew, surrender of his Australian and British passports, and electronic monitoring.
Hughes is also prevented from being alone with any child aged under 16.

The Australian (20-9-2012)
Jared Owens

Hey Dad! child star Sarah Monahan vows to confront Robert Hughes

FOR 16 years she's dreamed of her day in court - and now former Hey Dad! child star Sarah Monahan will finally get her chance.
The 34-year-old has told how she will return to Australia "relieved" and ready for a legal showdown after her castmate, Robert Hughes, was arrested in London on sex assault charges.
"It was absolutely the right decision to come forward. Parts of me wish I'd done it as a 16-year-old when I decided to leave the show, but I'm a lot stronger now. I'm in the military, I'm a soldier now," Monahan told A Current Affair last night.
"I feel like I'm really strong and I can deal with going to court and facing him.
"I think the last two years has given me a lot of time personally to grow and become strong and prepare myself for that day in court, and so yeah, I'm ready."
Monahan said the arrest of Hughes on Thursday had come as "a great sense of relief". "People expect that it's an episode of CSI where it's all nicely wrapped up in an hour, which doesn't happen in real life," she told Nine.
"And of course after a month and six months and a year, I think a lot of people thought I was lying ... and just made the whole thing up, for money or publicity, or for some other reason.
"People always say that one person can change the world and you think it's such a cliche. I really did not believe in it until it happened and I was that one piece." Monahan said the police action had made her decision to speak out worthwhile.
"I'm not going to lie, it's pretty validating, actually," she said.
"I was at work today and I was looking at the Twitter feed and, I mean, so many people have said such beautiful, nice things to me.
"It really does make you feel good inside to know that you've had an impact on so many people.
"That also makes it totally worth it, to know that so many people think that I did the right thing."
Child protection advocate and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston yesterday revealed she received a text message from Monahan moments after police told her of Hughes's arrest.
"She's looking forward to coming back to Australia to deal with it," Ms Johnston said. "She's really relieved."
Monahan is now married and living in the US, where she works part-time for the Texas State Guard.
She formed a friendship with Ms Johnston after she was recruited as an ambassador for Bravehearts in 2010.
Hughes, 63, spent a night in jail on Thursday because his wife, celebrity agent Robyn Gardiner, was unable to raise the $90,000 bail money.
He was granted bail yesterday - and indicated he would fight extradition at a hearing in London on September 19.
The sitcom star, who played single dad Martin Kelly in the TV series, has been charged with the sexual and indecent assault of five girls, including former cast members.
Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday heard Hughes was accused of 11 sexual offences against five young girls between 1985 and 1990.
Four of the alleged offences are against a girl aged between six and seven.
Other charges were that Hughes had a young girl touch him through his clothes, and that he exposed himself to a nine-year-old girl.
He is also accused of sexually assaulting a family friend's daughter.
NSW Police sex crimes squad commander Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said police spoke with more than 200 people during the two-year probe.
"Sexual assault and indecent assault leave scars on people, regardless of the time frame," he said. "Every day they relive it."
If found guilty, Hughes could face up to 10 years in jail.
"We're talking about sexual assaults against children," Supt Kerlatec said. "That's a very serious crime."
A team of five detectives has worked around the clock after Monahan and fellow cast member Simone Buchanan went public in 2010 with their claims.
A police source said the investigation was complicated by multiple alleged victims speaking publicly before they gave official statements to police.
"It made things a bit difficult at times," the source said. There were further issues from changes to the law and Crimes Act because some of the alleged sexual assaults happened almost 30 years ago.
Supt Kerlatec said police worked closely with the Director of Public Prosecution before Hughes was arrested.
On a blog written just two weeks ago, Monahan mentioned police had asked her not to talk about the allegations while they were investigating.
"Unfortunately, right as I found that courage, I was asked to shut up and go hide under a rock," she wrote.
"At first I was p---ed off. It was very frustrating."
In court in London, District Judge Michael Snow ordered that Hughes be electronically tagged and adhere to a strict curfew.
Hughes, who has been living in London since 2010, must return to court when required and not be alone in the company of any person under the age of 16.

The Daily Telegraph (11-8-2012)
Peter Rolfe/ Clementine Cuneo

Former Hey Dad star Robert Hughes bailed in London

FORMER Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes has been arrested in London by police investigating a series of sexual assaults against girls in Sydney more than 20 years ago.
Hughes, who played the title role of father of three Martin Kelly, was arrested by Metropolitan Police and appeared in a London court last night.
Westminster Magistrates Court heard that Hughes was accused of 11 sexual offences against five young girls, including a cast member of Hey Dad, a friend of his daughter's and the daughter of family friends. It follows investigations by the NSW police after claims by Hughes's on-screen daughter, Sarah Monahan, that she had been abused.
Monahan alleged Hughes touched her inappropriately while on the set of the show, which aired from 1987-94. Hughes vehemently denied the accusations at the time.
Wearing a blue shirt and unzipped dark jacket and sporting a grey goatee and moustache, Hughes, 63, was granted bail until a full extradition hearing on September 19 on pound stg. 60,000 ($88,600) surety on condition that he not be alone with any child under 16, that he lives at his rented London home under a night-time curfew and that he wear an electronic tag.
The court heard that Hughes was accused of 11 sexual offences against five young girls, including a cast member of Hey Dad, a friend of his daughter’s and the daughter of family friends.
The offences allegedly happened between 1985 and 1990 and carry maximum sentences of up to 10 years.
His lawyer Robert Fox sought bail, saying that Hughes was a man of good character who was about to turn 64 and had never appeared before a court in his life.
Mr Fox said that Hughes had been willing to return to Australia voluntarily for questioning about the charges but had not been asked to by Australian authorities.
The allegations included charges that between 1985 and 1986 he had committed four offences against a girl aged between six and seven “and that on each occasion he got the girl to masturbate him to the point of ejaculation”.
Other charges were that he had a young girl touch his erect penis through his clothes, and that he exposed himself to a nine-year-old between 1986 and 1987.
He was also accused of sexually assaulting a family friends’ daughter in 1984-85 “through digital penetration”.
The fifth alleged victim was a cast member of Hey Dad who was approximately 12-13 years old when he exposed himself to her.
Most of the charges carried a maximum sentence of two years in jail, but two carried a maximum sentence of ten years.
Mr Fox said his client had been living in London with his wife for two years since moving from Singapore.
Bail was opposed by the lawyer for the Australian government, who argued that he had the financial means and the motive to abscond.
Judge Michael Snow said that if the allegations were proved they were likely to carry a severe prison term.
The judge said that “grounds exist” to believe that he might abscond and commit further offences because of the “compulsive nature” of the alleged crimes, but he still felt bail was justified.

The Australian (10-8-2012)
Dan Box/ Peter Wilson

Accuser in tears after arrest of Hey Dad co-star

AFTER a two-year investigation and a three-month global hunt by police, former Hey Dad..! TV star Robert Hughes was last night behind bars in London, accused of molesting five girls more than 25 years ago.
His arrest prompted tears from Mr Hughes's former co-star Sarah Monahan, who played Jenny on the hit show. Ms Monahan tweeted: "I am literally crying with happiness right now."
Police allege the charges relate to crimes against five girls between 1985 and 1990 in a number of northern Sydney suburbs.
In May this year, police applied for an arrest warrant on 11 alleged offences, including sexual and indecent assault.
But Mr Hughes, who had been living in Singapore when the claims were first aired, could not be located.
Strike Force Ruskin police said detectives had "conducted extensive inquiries internationally to locate the man", eventually finding Mr Hughes in London.
At about 4pm Sydney time yesterday, officers from the London Metropolitan Police arrested Mr Hughes, whose age was given as 63, in an upmarket area of central London.
He was taken to Belgravia Police Station and was last night expected to be charged by virtue of the arrest warrant. A Westminster local court hearing was expected to be held late last night.
Australian authorities would apply for the man's extradition to NSW, with investigators from Strike Force Ruskin planning to travel to Britain to secure his return to Sydney.
The strike force was set up after Ms Monahan, the actress who played one of Mr Hughes's on-screen daughters in the hit situation comedy, first raised the allegations via the media.
Ms Monahan alleged Mr Hughes, who played architect Martin Kelly on the sitcom, touched her inappropriately while on the set of the show, which aired on Channel Seven from 1987 to 1994.
Ms Monahan, who now lives in the US, last night thanked detectives for "lots of hard work by all. You guys rock."
"I got the call at 2am my time, promised I wouldn't leak it out till they made their official announcement, but by 3am it's all over the news! How awesome is today?"
The Herald last night contacted the talent management company run by Mr Hughes's wife, Robyn Gardiner, but it did not respond to questions.
When the allegations were first publicly raised, Mr Hughes denied claims he had molested his young co-star.
"I'm absolutely, totally shocked at the allegations and I deny, absolutely deny, everything," Mr Hughes told Channel Nine's A Current Affair.

www.smh.com.au (10-8-2012)
Lisa Davies/ Nick Ralston/ Rachel Olding

Civil action to come in Hey Dad! scandal

The former child actress who claims she was molested on the set of Hey Dad plans to sue the show's creators and even some Channel 7 executives, arguing they breached their duty of care and ignored the allegations of child sex abuse.
Almost a year after she made the allegations, Sarah Monahan continued her outspoken attacks on the show's star, Robert Hughes, who she claims sexually interfered with her after she was cast as schoolgirl Jenny Kelly on the hit show Hey Dad! when she was aged just nine.
She has previously claimed Hughes regularly touched her inappropriately, tried to "feel me up" and eventually "started flashing me".
Officers from the NSW Police Force's Sex Crimes squad are investigating her allegations and are understood to have interviewed dozens of people about the allegations.
But , Monahan told Channel 9's A Current Affair program she would not be waiting until after the police investigation to launch civil action.
"There were a lot of people who knew, and there were a lot of people who had the power to stop it and a lot of those people need to to be taught a lesson," she said.
In her sights for negligence and breach of duty of care is Hughes, the show's producers and the Channel 7 executives who she believes covered up the claims.
"I was sure that they knew, because everybody knew," she siad.
"It's all about them making their money ... I hope that these people, when they are slapped with law suits, realise that they should have taken steps to protect a child in that situation."
The show's producer Gary Reilly has previously admitted having some knowledge about the claims, even saying he and Hughes argued about the allegations "on several occasions".
Monahan said it was "not about revenge, it's about justice and there's a difference."
A source close to the investigation said inquiries were continuing.
Hughes, who now lives in Singapore, has denied the allegations and says he will mount defamation proceedings.

AAP (7-3-2011)

Hey Dad's Sarah Monahan: My bittersweet baby joy

A new nephew is taking Sarah Monahan’s mind off a very painful and traumatic year.
Sarah Monahan can’t stop nuzzling her beautiful newborn nephew, Byron. The cute, plump bub sleeping in her arms is the good news she and her family desperately needed.
“I’ve come thousands of miles for this little fella to cheer me up,” Sarah beams, after travelling from her home in Texas to see her brother Mark and sister-in-law Rebecca’s new son in Sydney. “I’ve been travelling for over 30 hours, and seeing Byron for the first time is more than worth it. He’s beautiful.”
Sarah, 33, admits 2010 has been a “tough year”. Last March, the former child star we all remember as bright-eyed Jenny from Hey Dad..! found herself back in the spotlight. Bravely, but reluctantly, she came forth with allegations of child molestation against her Hey Dad..! co-star Robert Hughes, who played her on-screen father in the TV sitcom during the 80s and 90s. Hughes has denied the claims.
While the public commended her fortitude, and the police have launched an investigation into Singapore-based Hughes, Sarah says the decision to go public has torn her life apart.
“It would have been easier to stay silent, and I wouldn’t have spoken up if I was still living in Australia,” Sarah says. “And Mum hasn’t spoken to me since I did. We weren’t super close anyway. I’m just glad my brother Mark didn’t take any sides in this because that would suck if I lost both of them.

womansday.ninemsn.com.au (3-1-2011)
Glen Williams

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