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Age: 26 yrs old (2011)

State: SA/ NSW

Sentence: Sentenced in the SA Supreme Court in April 2008 to 13 yrs jail/ 10 yrs non parole (Current sentence relates to offences committed in Dec 2002). Currently serving a 15 yr jail sentence in NSW/ Will not be eligible for parole until 2025.

Offence/Other: Paedophile.. Armed with a knife Healy broke into a house and Kidnapped/sexually assaulted a 5 yr old girl. Healy committed similiar offences in NSW in 2003 - Abducted and raped a 7 yr old girl..

A group of school children on a class visit to a court today received the attention of a convicted pedophile who abducted and raped five-year-old girls in two states.
Samuel Paul Healy gave an impromptu lecture to the children on the folly of crime during a brief appearance in Adelaide Magistrates Court, then told them he would see them later- extract from Adelaide Advertiser...Read more below

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Victim's dad tells vicious pedophile: I'll be waiting for you

A man whose five-year-old daughter was stolen from her bed and raped by a teenage pedophile has warned the criminal he "will be waiting" upon his release.
The father, who cannot be identified, today vowed to do "whatever it takes" to keep Samuel Paul Healey behind bars "where he belongs".
"I have no emotion for that rock spider, he deserves everything he gets and more," he said outside court.
"Should he be afraid of me? I think he should be more afraid of the people he's inside with."
The Supreme Court ordered Healey, 23, serve 13 years jail, with a 10-year non-parole period, for his December 2002 crimes.
Justice Tim Anderson said Healey had armed himself with a knife, broke into a house and attempted to kidnap a young girl.
When that failed, he took the girl's younger sister to a nearby sports field and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.
He then left the girl to walk home by herself while he fled interstate, spending years "grooming new targets" in coastal towns.
He was finally arrested in NSW, having committed an identical crime, and jailed for 15 years.
Today, Healey began to cry in the dock but stopped when Justice Anderson said his remorse was insincere.
"Your letter of apology to the victim is both offensive and patronising," he said.
"It is an attempt to manipulate this situation to your advantage in the hope this court will have sympathy.
"It smacks of your superior, grandiose and controlling manner."
He said Healey was a narcissistic, maladjusted pedophile.
"You have, for a number of years, been an extremely disturbed man," he said.
Healey will serve his NSW sentence first, and will not be eligible for release until March 2025, when he will be 40.
As Healey was led from the court, the girl's father called "I'll be waiting, Healey".
"In my opinion, the sentence wasn't long enough, but I'm not the judge," the man said outside court.
"It's been six long and protracted years... my daughter remains scared, I'm still suffering, but now there is closure."

Adelaide Advertiser (1-4-2008)
Sean Fewster

Extra jail for repeat child rapist

Child rapist Samuel Paul Healey has been given additional time in jail.
A man who broke into a house, abducted a five-year-old girl and repeatedly raped her has been sentenced to an additional 13 years in jail.
Adelaide man Samuel Paul Healey, 23, is already serving a 15-year sentence for a very similar crime at Byron Bay in northern New South Wales a year later.
Healey broke into a house at Parkside in Adelaide in 2002.
Armed with a large knife, he snatched the girl, took her to a sports oval and repeatedly abused her.
He returned to the house and tried to take the girl's sister.
Healey fled to New South Wales. A year later he broke into a house at Byron Bay, abducted a seven-year-old girl and also raped her in a park.
He has already been sentenced to 15 years' jail for that offence.
Now he has been sentenced to an extra 13 years.
Justice Tim Anderson said Healey was a severely disturbed man and the crime was brazen, terrifying and calculated.
He will be eligible for parole when he is 40.
The father of the Adelaide victim shouted at Healey as he was led out of the dock that he would be waiting for him when he got out.
"I have no emotion for that rock spider, he deserves everything he gets and more," he said.
"I hope he never gets out. I don't want any family to suffer what my family has suffered.
"I think he should be afraid of the people he's inside with. Hopefully there'll be some natural justice where he is and he'll get everything and more that he deserves."
A prosecution bid to have Healey locked up permanently was rejected, but the girl's father hopes the sentence can be reviewed.
"The Attorney-General can still step in and hopefully that might happen," he said.

ABC News (2-4-2008)
Jayne Stinson

'Narcissist' Pedophile Sent to Jail

A pedophile who snatched girls from their beds and sexually molested them in two states was a maladjusted narcissist with little chance of rehabilitation, a court has heard.
Samuel Paul Healey, 23, has been sentenced in the South Australian Supreme Court to 13 years jail for trying to abduct one girl and kidnapping and sexually assaulting her five-year-old sister on December 23, 2002.
Justice Tim Anderson told the court, Healey armed himself with a knife, broke into a house in Adelaide and tried to kidnap a sleeping young girl.
When she resisted, he took her younger sister to a nearby sports field where he kissed her, exposed his penis and orally and digitally penetrated her.
He fled to Byron Bay in NSW, where he was jailed after breaking into a seven-year-old girl's house in December 2003, taking her to a park and raping her.
Healey walked that girl back to her gate, asked her for a cuddle and warned her: "Promise that you won't tell your mum and dad or my boss will shoot them."
In court on Wednesday, Healey wept as Justice Anderson said his victims were still "devastated".
But his tears dried up after Justice Anderson described Healey's remorse, outlined in a recent letter of apology, as unconvincing.
"It is both offensive and patronising, it is an attempt by you to manipulate the situation to your advantage," Justice Anderson said.
"It is an example of the superior, grandiose and controlling manner spoken of by the psychologists."
Healey was a narcissistic, maladjusted pedophile, he said.
"I have serious concerns about your ability to be rehabilitated."
He sentenced Healey to 13 years in jail with a non-parole period of 10 years, but rejected a prosecution bid to keep him in jail indefinitely.
With his 15-year NSW term to be served first, Healey will not be eligible for parole until 2025.
As Healey was led away, the five-year-old girl's father called out: "I'll be waiting."
Outside the court, the father, who can't be identified, told journalists: "I will do everything I can to make sure he stays where he belongs, which is behind bars.
"Should he be afraid of me? I think he should be more afraid of the people he's inside with

AAP (2-4-2008)
Liza Kappelle

Children Watch Pedophile Sentencing

A group of school children on a class visit to a court today received the attention of a convicted pedophile who abducted and raped five-year-old girls in two states.
Samuel Paul Healy gave an impromptu lecture to the children on the folly of crime during a brief appearance in Adelaide Magistrates Court, then told them he would see them later.
Smirking, he also told Deputy Chief Magistrate Dr Andrew Cannon he did not need bail as he would be "in jail for a long period of time".
The comment appeared to mock remarks made by Supreme Court Justice Tim Anderson, who will tomorrow decide if Healy should be jailed indefinitely as an uncontrollable sex predator.
Healy, 22, used his appearance as an opportunity to lecture the school class in the court's public gallery to watch proceedings.
"Kids, jail is a really bad place, so don't commit crimes," he said.
"It's a really bad place... thank you, see you later."
Healy is being sentenced for nine offences, including abduction and unlawful sexual intercourse.
In December 2002, he abducted a five-year-old girl from her Parkside home, sexually assaulted her at Unley Oval and left her to walk home alone.
He then fled to NSW where, in 2005, he was sentenced to 15 years' jail for committing an identical crime against another girl.
The Supreme Court has been told Healy has nursed pedophilic fantasies since he was a boy, and once took a job at a childcare centre.
He says he has "cured himself" of his deviant sexuality a claim disputed by psychologists, who have warned he will not control his impulses if given the opportunity to rape a child.
In November, Justice Anderson said he would add Healy's sentence on to the term imposed in NSW.
"Mr Healy is going to be in prison for a very long time," he said.

news.com.au (1-4-2008)
Staff Writers

Sex Assault was 'A Parent's Nightmare'

A pedophile who abducted and sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl should be given an indefinite jail term, a South Australian court has heard.
Samuel Healy, 23, has pleaded guilty to the abduction and assault of the girl, who he led away from her Parkside home, in Adelaide's inner south, during the early hours of December 23, 2002.
Healy broke into the home through an open window armed with a knife and woke the girl, who was asleep with her twin sister, by kissing her on the face, the South Australian Supreme Court heard.
He left only to return shortly later to take the girl out of the house and lead her to a nearby playground, where he exposed himself and sexually assaulted her.
In sentencing submissions today, prosecutor Elizabeth Griffith said Healy was unwilling to control his sexual urges and should not be released from jail until a judge deemed he was no longer a threat to the public.
"The facts of the offences can only be described as a parent's worst nightmare," Ms Griffith told the court.
"The safety of the home was invaded by an armed intruder."
Ms Griffith said despite confessing to the offences at an early stage, Healy should be sentenced to a long period in jail as the assault had traumatised the young victim, her sister and her mother.
"The long term effect of the prisoner's actions on these children is quite uncertain but there is no doubt that they can only be described as terrifying and frightening," she said.
Healy was reported to police in February 2003 by a staff member who worked at Elizabeth TAFE where he was studying a certificate in child care, the court heard.
A police raid of Healy's Rostrevor flat, in Adelaide's east, in December 2003, found knives, ropes, sexual graffiti and badges that read "Samuel Healy babysitter".
Healy will be sentenced on 11 charges including abduction, indecent assault, two counts of aggravated serous criminal trespass and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under 12 years at a later date.

www.news.com.au (9-11-2007)
Todd Cardy

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A man wanted for the abduction and sexual assault of a five year old Parkside girl had previously talked to her through her bedroom window.
Police also said yesterday the man, might have talked other children in the area.
Releasing an updated description of the man. Detective Chief Inspector Neil Tank said the offender might have approached children outside their homes or talked to them through open windows.
Detectives investigating last week's attack also believe the offender may have been in the victim's home on previous occasions before the abduction, because he appeared familiar with the layout.
He was able to get in to the property, knew where the children were and took the girl without alerting her mother.
"Our investigations indicate that perhaps he did know them and had made contact with them before," said Chief Insp Tank, the officer in charge of Sturt C1B.
"We also know that a person has been speaking to the children through the window of their bedroom.
We believe he's local and knows the area well." Chief Insp Tank displayed a white, long-sleeved Pumpkin patch brand skivvy - similar to the one worn by the girl on the night of the attack - which is still missing.
"It is very important that we find that piece of clothing." he said.
"There may be forensic evidence on it that we need in tracing what happened that night."
The girl was taken from her bedroom, which she shared with her sister, about 3am on Monday, December 23, by a man who entered their house through an unlocked window. Police have been able to confirm the man took her to Unley Oval and sexually assaulted her in the northern grandstand.
Chief Insp Tank said detectives were examining links with known sex offenders and the man may be a repeat offender.
Police are also keen to speak with two men seen in Parkside, between 12am and 3am on December 22 as potential key witnesses.
Both were seen on Ella St. one riding a bike while the other was in a white sedan - possibly a Sigma.

A description Of The Attacker
"The man is described as having short, straight, black hair, cleanly shaven, hairy arms, wearing plain black track-pants,
a short- sleeve T-shirt with thick horizontal bars and a black baseball cap".

MISSING: a white, long-sleeved Pumpkin patch brand skivvy -
similar to the one worn by the girl on the night of the attack - which is still missing.

Police Have Arrested A Suspect.

Adelaide Advertiser (31-12-2002)
Lee Jeloscek.

Man Denies Child Rape

A man accused of raping a five-year-old girl, 5, at Parkside more then three years ago has denied the charges in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.
Samuel Paul Healey yesterday refused to answer the nine charges, on advice from his legal team.
Healey, 21, of Rostrevor is charged with three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a person nder 12, two of aggravated serious criminal trespass, two of attempting to detain with intent to have intercourse, one of indecent behaviour and of of indecent assault.


Charges Over 2002 Rape

After a three-year investigation into the abduction and sexual assault of a five-year-old girl at Parkside, a man has been arrested and charged over the crime.
Major Crime Detectives yesterday charged a 21-year-old former Rostrevor man, over the incident, which occurred on Decmeber 23, 2002.
The girl was taken from her bedroom, which she shared with her sister, about 3am. She was taken to Unley oval and sexually assaulted in the northern grandstand.
Police searched the oval the following day and a specail taskforce was set up to sift through information from the public.
Last September, Major Crime detectives initiated the extradition of a man from NSW in relation to the crime. The man charged yesterday was refused bail and will appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on December 6.

Adelaide Advertiser (24-11-2005)
Cara Jenkin

Warrant On Sex Attack

A warrant was issued in the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday for the apprehension of a man in connection to the abduction and sexual assault of a Parkside girl, 5, in 2002.
Major Crime detectives advised they would begin extradition proceedings to bring the man, formerly of Fullarton, back to South Australia. It is believed the man, aged 19 or 20, is serving a sentence in NSW for a similar crime.
Police would not confirm reports they had interviewed the man at Long Bay Jail.

Adelaide Advertiser (22-9-2004)

Police Have Arrested A Suspect In This Case

Police are hunting the man who abducted and sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl at Parkside in December.
The offender entered and left the house through an unlocked window in the early hours of December 23.
The girl's sister alerted her mother soon after and police were called.
A short time later, the five-year-old returned to her house.
Yet to be located is a white, long-sleeved, high-necked top the girl was wearing at the time of the assault.
If found, the top could provide very important forensic evidence to help solve the crime.
The alleged offender is described as male, with short black straight hair that was above the ears and collar.
He was clean shaven, had a normal-size nose with dark hair on his arms.
He was wearing plain black track pants and a short-sleeve t-shirt with thick horizontal stripes across the chest to the bottom of the shirt.
UPDATE: Investigations relating to DNA examinations and sampling are still being conducted by Sturt CIB.

Adelaide Advertiser (15-6-2003)
Anna Merola

DNA Profile On Rapist

Forensic scientists have developed a partial DNA profile in the rape Case of a girl, 5, at Parkside.
Police said a sample of DNA was found on the victim's underwear.
The girl was abducted from her bedroom in Parkside on December 23 and taken to nearby Unley Oval on Frederick St where she was sexually assaulted.
Police are hopeful a full DNA profile can be developed which they will then compare with several samples already taken.
Officer in charge of Sturt CIB, which was leading the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Tank said the partial DNA profile already had provided some information to police.

Adelaide Advertiser 2-2-2003

Oval Search For Abduction Clues

THE hunt for clues to the identity of a man who abducted a girl, 5, from her bedroom and sexually assaulted her moved to Unley Oval yesterday.
As police searched the oval and its surroundings, the officer in charge of a special taskforce set up to investigate the incident warned the man could strike again.
Detective Sergeant Wayne Overmeyer, of Sturt CIB, said it was "the most horrendous crime" that could happen. "When a small child, particularly a five-year-old, is taken from their own house in the middle of the night I would expect public outrage," he said.
"It's happened once - who could say it couldn't happen again?"
"We have got to do everything in our power to try and find out what happened to her and make sure it never happens again."
The girl was taken from the bedroom she shares with her sister by a man who entered the house through an unlocked loungeroom window early on Monday. She was taken to a grassy area - first believed to be a playground in Leicester St, Parkside - and sexually assaulted.
The girl returned to her home - where her mother had already raised the alarm, about 4am.
Sgt Overmeyer said police received more than 100 calls yesterday, including one from a person who said he saw a man and a child walking across Unley Oval toward the grandstand about 4am on Monday.
While the Leicester St playground has not been ruled out of the investigation, police carried out an extensive search of Unley Oval, less than 1km from the playground.
"We are not sure where it happened," Sgt Overmeyer said.
"Given that this area is in close proximity to where she lives, we can't discount this area at all," Door-to-door inquiries by police had also been "fruitful", and included one person who heard noises on Monday night.
Sgt Overmeyer said it was possible the offender lived in the district.
"Certainly he's been in the area... I would imagine at that hour of the night it may be somebody who lives in the close proximity," he said.
Police are investigating reports of a man loitering in the district and approaching children. An article of clothing found during yesterday's search will be forensically tested but il is not believed to belong to the gir.
Her white, long-sleeved skivvy - which she was wearing when she was put to bed - is still missing.
The girl's abductor is described as aged in his 20s or 30s with short black hair and big nose. He possibly rides a bicycle.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stop- pers.

Adelaide Advertiser (25-12-2002)
Christopher Salter/ Daniel Lato

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