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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re- offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Outrage over paedophile's sentence for sex assault on three-year-old girl
Lenient Sentences for paedophiles/ sex offender are placing the Australian PUBLIC, including YOU and your FAMILY at RISK.
Serial Child Molester "Shane Williams" was this time, sentenced in the ACT in January 2014 to only 4.5 years jail and is eligible for parole in March 2018.


MAKO promotes and supports the following -
* Lengthy Minimum Mandatory Jail Terms for Convicted Paedophiles/Sex Offenders Australia Wide.
* LIFE IN JAIL "NO PAROLE" for Repeat Offenders (Paedophiles/Sex Offenders) Australia Wide.
* LIFE IN JAIL "NO PAROLE" for offenders who Murder Children - Australia Wide.

Outrage over paedophile's sentence for sex assault on three-year-old girl

Canberra prosecutors are challenging the prison sentence handed to a child predator who sexually assaulted a three-year-old girl in a public library, saying it was "manifestly inadequate".
Shane Williams, 40, a paedophile with a 20-year history of crimes against children, was sentenced on Wednesday to 7½ years' imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 4½ years, for the attack that took place while the girl's mother sat on a computer nearby.
He will be eligible for release on parole in March 2018, subject to a decision by the Sentence Administration Board.
ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Jon White said on Friday his office would appeal the sentence.
"The DPP has today lodged an appeal against the sentence imposed on Mr Shane Williams, on the ground that the sentence is manifestly inadequate," he said.
"As the matter is now before the court, there will be no further comment."
The news comes as a Canberra mothers group, outraged by what it perceived as leniency, put pressure on the ACT government to toughen sentencing for child sex offences.
An online petition, started by a group called Canberra Mums, had already attracted more than 2600 signatures by 5pm on Thursday.
The webpage says the petition will be presented to "every official and government representative in Canberra and the federal government" once it collects 5000 supporters.
"We want a just sentence handed out," a spokeswoman said.
The spokeswoman said the group's members had been "so sickened" by the case they decided to take action.
Acting Attorney-General Katy Gallagher said the ACT government would respond to the petition, but emphasised sentencing was the legal system's responsibility.
"To the greatest degree, the sentence was actually a matter for the court," she said.
"I understand at times community response to sentences, either they support them or they don't support them … Sometimes they think the courts are too harsh and other times they're not hard enough."
Ms Gallagher also acknowledged some of the difficulties for people petitioning an issue that had "emotions attached to it".
"It is hard and I accept that," she said.
Williams was walking to a police station, where he was obliged to report regularly, when he went into the Belconnen Library to go to the toilet in September last year.
A three-year-old girl had walked away from her mother and came up to Williams in a friendly manner.
Williams told her to sit down with him, before sexually assaulting her.
The girl's mother came looking for her daughter and found Williams crouched behind her.
She screamed, and he ran off.
The offender was arrested some days later, and made full admissions to police.
Williams had been convicted of offences against children five times in the past, and had repeatedly returned to such crimes on release from prison.
He was drunk at the time of the offence. Williams had had a childhood of severe neglect, including physical and sexual abuse.
The maximum sentence for the charge of sexual intercourse with a minor is 17 years in jail.
Williams was afforded a 25 per cent discount on the charge for his early plea of guilty, as part of a standard practice designed to reward early pleas to all types of criminal offences.
ACT Law Society president Martin Hockridge acknowledged the sad circumstances of the case, but said the territory had comprehensive laws dealing with offences against children and the sentencing of offenders.
Mr Hockridge said the legislature set the maximum penalty for offences and the court then imposed a sentence.
"The courts must weigh all the evidence from both prosecution and defence and determine the seriousness of the offending behaviour," Mr Hockridge said.
"They are also required to take into account many factors, including the factual circumstances, the impact on the victim and any mitigating information concerning the offender, and come to a considered conclusion regarding the appropriate penalty.
"In circumstances where the prosecution takes the view that a sentence is insufficient an appeal can be lodged, allowing the sentence to be reviewed."
Bar Association president Greg Stretton, SC, said it would not be appropriate to comment on the particular case specifically.
But Mr Stretton said, in general, imposing a just sentence was difficult when the victim was a vulnerable member of society.
He said sentencing called on the court to balance a number of important purposes, including ensuring just and appropriate punishment, preventing crime, protecting the community, rehabilitating the offender, making the offender accountable, denouncing the offender's conduct, and recognising the harm to the victim.
"The law recognises that these factors do not all point in the same direction in each case,'' he said.
Mr Stretton said parole was a tool to promote good behaviour and foster rehabilitation because it was in the community and the offender's interests for the criminal to reform.
"The grant of parole in any case is no foregone conclusion and risks to the public assessed in terms of risks of reoffending are considered by the Sentence Administration Board in determining whether someone is released from jail at the expiration of the non-parole period.
''The effect of parole is that an offender is liable to be returned to jail if the offender does not comply with his or her parole obligations.''

www.canberratimes.com.au (30-1-2014)
Michael Inman, Stephanie Anderson, Christopher Knaus

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Please sign petition
"Protect Our Children - Canberra's sex offender laws and soft sentencing need to be fixed now!"
Petition by Canberra Mums, Australia

'Anonymous'declares war on paedophiles

Serial child molester jailed for raping toddler in Canberra library

A Canberra serial child molester has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in jail for the public rape of a three-year-old girl and the racially motivated bashing of his neighbour.
In September, Shane Williams, 40, from Campbell, was making his way to a police station for his annual sex offender check-in when he decided to stop at the Belconnen Library to use the toilets.
He was browsing the books inside when a three-year-old girl wandered over to him and said hello. He then sexually assaulted her.
The child's mother was just metres away using a computer and did not initially notice that her daughter had wandered off.
She screamed when she spotted the toddler nearby in the arms of a crouching Williams.
Today in the ACT Supreme Court, prosecutor Sara Gul described the attack as despicable.
"It's clear that he is a significant danger to the community," Ms Gul said, before detailing Williams' extensive history of sexual assaults against young children stretching back more than two decades.
"He really is what can only be described as a chronic child molester."
Williams' lawyer James Sabharwal agreed the attack was concerning and offered his client's only excuse that he was both drunk and high on drugs at the time.
"The only saving grace I can put to your honour is that the little girl was not required to give evidence," Mr Sabharwal said.
Chief Justice Helen Murrell said it was difficult to know if the victim would suffer any future impacts from the assault.
"She was too young to understand concepts such as stranger danger," Ms Murrell said.
"But one would have expected in those circumstances that their daughter would have been safe."
Williams also bashed his neighbour.
Williams was on bail at the time of the rape for bashing his neighbour.
Police documents read to the court reveal that in November 2012 Williams became upset with his neighbour over his African appearance.
Williams started whingeing at him about how he was trying to take over his country before launching into an unprovoked attack.
He punched the man several times and left him in hospital for three days, requiring plastic surgery to his face.
"He is a danger to the community, to the most vulnerable people in the community," Ms Murrell said.
For both the assault and the rape, Williams received a 25 per cent discount on his sentence for pleading guilty.
Ms Murrell sentenced him to a total of seven years and six months in prison.
He will be eligible for parole in four-and-a-half years.

www.abc.net.au (30-1-2014)
Ewan Gilbert

Anonymous - Important Pedophile Warning to Australians 2014

Serial child molester jailed for assaulting young girl in library

A ‘‘despicable’’ child molester who sexually assaulted a three-year-old girl in a public library while her mother was just metres away has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison. Shane Williams, 40 of Campbell, was walking to a police station, when he entered the Belconnen Library to go to the toilet in September last year.
Williams is a paedophile with an ‘‘appalling’’ 20-year history of crimes against children, and was on bail for the racist bashing of his neighbour, who he had accused of stealing his country, ten months earlier.
While in the library, a three-year-old girl came up to him in a friendly manner and said ‘‘hello’’.
The vulnerable young girl had walked away from her mother, who was using the library computers nearby.
Williams told her to sit down with him, before pulling down his and her pants and beginning to sexually assault her.
The girl’s mother, noticing her child had wandered off, came looking for her, and stumbled onto the terrible scene.
She screamed, and Williams ran off, eventually arrested some days later.
He admitted what he had done to police, telling them he was highly intoxicated at the time, after drinking wine and beer, and smoking four cones of cannabis. Williams was charged with sexual intercourse with a minor, and faced the ACT Supreme Court for sentencing for the child molestation and earlier assault offence.
The court heard that Williams had bashed his African neighbour in November 2012, after knocking on his door and expressing anger that the victim was ‘‘taking his country’’.
Williams, who was heavily intoxicated, walked off, and the victim walked outside to get something from his car.
But the 40-year-old returned, grabbing the victim and punching him in the mouth.
The blow knocked the man to the ground, and Williams continued to deliver punches to his face and head until a witness ran out and told him to stop.
The victim suffered a ‘‘very nasty’’ laceration to his lip, requiring hospitalisation, and still suffers physical and psychological harm.
Chief Justice Helen Murrell sentenced Williams to seven years and six months jail for both crimes on Wednesday, setting a non-parole period of four years and six months.
He has already served time in custody, and will first be eligible for release in March 2018.
Crown prosecutor Sara Gul said the community needed protection from Williams, who had an ‘‘appalling’’ history of over 20 years of offences against the most vulnerable members of the community.
Ms Gul said he posed a ‘‘significant danger’’ and appeared to have little chance of rehabilitation.
Chief Justice Murrell acknowledged the impacts the crimes would likely have had on all victims, including the young girl’s mother.
‘‘I would be amazed if the mother did not suffer serious psychological effects from the incident,’’ she said.
She said no one would expect their daughter not to be safe in a public library.
‘‘That would have been extremely upsetting for the mother and no doubt her memories of that moment remain vivid.’’
Williams himself went through a terrible childhood, where he was severely neglected, physically and sexually abused, and started drinking at 12, and using cannabis at 10.
Chief Justice Murrell said Williams was subjected to sexual abuse of the ‘‘most heinous type’’ as a child.
His alcoholic father beat him regularly, and his mother left him when he was young.
Chief Justice Murrell said this level of disadvantage was, unfortunately, typical of indigenous offenders.

www.canberratimes.com.au (29-1-2014)

Megans Law (USA) - The parents of 7-year-old Megan Kanka of Hamilton Township, did not know that a twice convicted
sex offender was living across the street until that neighbour was charged with the brutal rape and murder of their daughter. http://www.megannicolekankafoundation.org/


Always Be Vigilant - Its important to remember that many thousands of convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders/ child killers are "ALREADY" living Anonymously in Australian Communities including nearby and next door to schools, child care facilities, parks etc.. And they are LIKELY to RE-OFFEND...
The Australian Federal/ State governments should be providing YOU with access to public sex offender registries, letting you know, who and where all convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders/ child killers are living and working etc..MAKO

Police investigate child assault at Belconnen Library

ACT police are investigating the alleged assault of a young child by a man at the Belconnen Library on Thursday.
Police were called to the library around 1:30pm after reports a man in his 30s was found in a corner alone with the child.
Police have not revealed the age or sex of the child.
Officers spoke with patrons, who were not able to leave the building for several hours.
Witnesses said they saw a dark-skinned man with a beard wearing a tracksuit running from the library shortly before it was locked down.

www.abc.net.au (9-9-2013)
Robert Herrick

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