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Rapist Steven John Greenwood jailed for brutal Kew rape 30 years later after secret DNA test of cigarette butt

A nurse who violently raped a woman in her Kew home 30 years ago, and was only caught after police seized a discarded cigarette butt, has been jailed for at least six years.
Steven John Greenwood, 59, showed no emotion as the decades old crime was detailed to the court.
The nurse and former probation officer broke in to his victim's home in December 1984, bound and gagged her and threatened her with a knife before repeatedly raping her.
Greenwood was always a suspect in the crime and was questioned in 1984 and again in 2003.
Greenwood was charged in 2012 after a court case task force tracked to his Shepparton home and detectives secretly seized a discarded cigarette butt and sent it for DNA testing, which showed he was 48 billion times more likely than other men in the community to have committed the rape.
Today County court judge Gabriele Cannon said the victim was devastated by the attack and required treatment for depression.
"You subjected her to a most terrifying ordeal of a prolonged nature," Judge Cannon said.
Greenwood was jailed for eight years and ordered to serve at least six. Greenwood has become a born-again Christian and attend mass twice a week in prison.

www.news.com.au (24-2-2014)

Guilty plea in rape case solved after 30 years through DNA from cigarette butt

A discarded cigarette butt and a cold case taskforce were the keys that unlocked a 30-year-old rape mystery.
Nurse Steven Greenwood pleaded guilty yesterday to a brutal 1984 rape that left his victim shattered.
Greenwood broke into the victim’s Kew home, bound and gagged her and threatened her with a knife, before repeatedly raping her.
“I don’t want to kill you, you’re too pretty to die,” Greenwood told his victim, who sat in court shaking while the decades-old crime was ­detailed to the County Court.
Greenwood fled and when help arrived, the victim was hysterical and still bound and gagged. Missing from her home were pearl earrings and $4 from her purse.
Greenwood, who was not seen by the victim, was always a suspect in the rape because of his distinctive English accent.
He was questioned again in 1993 by Taskforce Spectrum, which was investigating an ­unrelated case.
It was only after the Apollo Taskforce was formed in 2008 to review unsolved sex crimes that the Kew rape investigation was reopened.
The Apollo Taskforce also reportedly reinvestigated the notorious abduction and murder of Templestowe teenager Karmein Chan.
Apollo detectives trailed Greenwood to his Shepparton home in 2012 and saw him discard a cigarette butt.
The cigarette was seized and sent for forensic testing where advances in DNA technology meant he could be ­finally charged with the rape.
The test showed Greenwood was 48 billion times more likely than other men in the community to have committed the rape, prosecutor Louisa Dipietrantonio told the court.
The victim had to be cross-examined during Greenwood’s committal hearing, but he later admitted his crimes and wrote a letter of apology.
“I am profoundly and deeply sorry,” he wrote. “I accept full responsibility.”
Greenwood, 59, says he does not remember raping the victim because he was using amphetamines at the time.
Judge Gabriele Cannon said Greenwood had led a “sad, lonely life”. He has been in custody since he was arrested in ­December 2012 and will be sentenced on February 24.

www.heraldsun.com.au (18-2-2014)

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