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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
(last known location is taken from time of offenders offence/sentence,unless otherwise stated).

Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

DETERRING some offenders = yet another form of prevention..

+ being a useful resource for Australian and overseas Companies-businesses-organisations to assist with screening potential employees/volunteers etc..
+ a useful resource for media outlets/journalists/Investigators/researchers etc..
+ a useful method of constantly lobbying Australian Government/s and politicians to do more to protect the PUBLIC from sexual predators.
"Tougher sentencing for offenders,greater government funding for prevention/better victim assistance and public sex offender registries would be a good foundation to work from."

"PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a complete list of Australian convicted sex offenders"..


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# Not a complete list of Australian sex offenders.




NT- Darwin/ VIC- Melbourne/ Ivanhoe)
Age: 42 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced to 15 months jail - to serve 3 months with 12 months suspended... Appealed sentence/ Received a 9 month suspended sentence in October 2008.
Paul Incani - Teacher - Pleaded guilty to indecently dealing.

News (31-3-2011)- A Melbourne man will reappear in court for sentencing on May 18 after pleading guilty to three offences following an incident with a police officer on Wednesday. Paul Incani, 43, appeared in Wangaratta Magistrates Court yesterday after being arrested following an incident in which a Wangaratta highway patrol officer was dragged by a car for a short distance. The officer had intercepted Incani near Porepunkah for a traffic offence about 2.30pm. It was discovered he had an outstanding warrant in the Northern Territory and the officer reached in to turn off the vehicle’s ignition. But Incani drove off with the officer suffering minor injuries. Police later arrested Incani on the Selwyn Creek Track in the Buckland Valley about 40 kilometres south of Porepunkah at 5.30pm. Incani pleaded guilty to charges of escaping from police custody, resisting arrest and recklessly causing injury. The case was heard by magistrate John Murphy through a video link to Shepparton. Incani was bailed to reappear for sentencing.

No more jail for sex act teacher- (31-10-2008)
A teacher who indecently dealt with a Northern Territory student will not serve any more time behind bars after winning an appeal for a fully-suspended sentence. -Read More-

Sex attack teacher gets 3 months jail,but walks free on bail-(12-7-2008)
A family friend of a teenage student indecently assaulted by her teacher called out "not enough" as the man was jailed for three months yesterday. And 40 minutes later the 40-year-old teacher was bailed by Darwin's Chief Magistrate after he lodged an appeal against the sentence to be heard in the Supreme Court. Melbourne-based teacher Paul Incani, who pleaded guilty to indecently dealing with the teenage Darwin student, proceeded to "dry hump" the girl at a popular picnic spot, indecently touch her and make her lie semi-naked on his back. Magistrate Greg Cavanagh -- who adjourned the matter overnight to consider the teacher's fate -- said he was "satisfied" he had breached his special relationship with his student, given the teacher had disguised the girl in sunglasses and a hat for a secret liaison at Lake Alexander last year and sent her intimate text messages. "This was a planned and sustained seduction by a mature adult of a young lady," Mr Cavanagh said. "It was not something that was on the spur of the moment ... (and) not something that was incidental to an innocent arrangement. "To suggest otherwise is fanciful." He said the man's crimes were serious as they were not "just a passing caress". And the teacher's "great affection" for his student had destroyed his teaching career, with his name to be placed on the national sex offenders register. "I've got no doubt that (he) knew he was doing the wrong thing but couldn't resist the temptation," he said. He said the teacher's actions had an "ongoing impact" on the girl, who yesterday publicly spoke of her despair and spiral into self-harm. Mr Cavanagh said the teacher's behaviour should be "denounced" as "outrageous". "He was entrusted with the tutoring by the young lady's parents at home. He's betrayed their trust and the community's trust," he said. He sentenced the teacher to 15 months jail, suspended after three months. The maximum penalty is eight years jail. As Incani was led out of court, a family friend said "have a nice time". But his lawyer Peter Elliott lodged an immediate appeal, and chief magistrate Jenny Blokland granted him bail on strict conditions to return to Melbourne with his father. Incani showed no emotion nor made any comment as he left court. He is expected to appear in the Supreme Court later this year.

Sex act teacher ruined my life

Age: 44 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in WA District Court to 4 yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole. Appeal dismissed in WA Supreme Court on
Offence/Other: Child sex offences. Victim was a 14 yr old girl.

Age: 75 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 2 yrs jail/ 1 yr suspended.
Ex Melbourne Scout Leader. Indecently assaulted 9 children.

Age: 76yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced on the 30-7-2009 in the Adelaide District Court to 4yrs jail/ 15 months non parole.
Paedophile..Inston, an elder in the Jehovah Witness Church, was found guilty of 1 count of unalwful sexual intercourse against a child under 12yrs/ 3 counts of indecent assault against a child under 12yrs. Victims were 2 girls.

Age: 29 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the Ballarat County Court 19-2-2001 to 6 mths jail/ Suspended for 12 mths. Conviction recorded and put on a good behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: Computer operator. Pleaded guilty to performing an indecent act with a child under 16 yrs/ 3 charges of sexual penetratrion with a child under 16 yrs.  found his victim ( a boy), in an internet chatroom.

Age: 79 yrs old
Sentence: To be updated

Offence/Other: Former teacher.Found guilty of rape/ 5 counts of indecent dealing with a child between 1969-'71.

Age: 21 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: To be updated. Remanded in custody- March 2011.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty in the District Court in Mackay 10-3-2011, to 6 offences of rape. Victim was a 17 yr old girl.

News (11-3-2011)- "Man posed as nurse to rape teen"
David Irelandes fraudulently claimed to be a nurse and he unlawfully carried out intimate internal examinations on a heavily pregnant 17-year-old girl in the week before she gave birth. The teenager, who still suffers emotional harm, later described how she felt violated, was sick and gutted when she learnt that Irelandes was a fraud. Posing as a nurse allowed Irelandes to win the trust of the teenager, her boyfriend and family members. He did not commit the offences for sexual gratification because he is openly homosexual and it remains a mystery why he did it. “It (internal examinations) caused the girl a lot of pain and the threat of injury to her and her unborn child was very real,” Crown prosecutor Chris Winlaw said. “The Crown says he got some gratification from being closely involved in her pregnancy and his desire to deliver the baby. "His conduct was reckless, dangerous and selfish and he did it at great risk to the girl and her unborn child.” Irelandes, 21, right, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Mackay yesterday to six offences of rape in November 2009. He was working in a clerical position at the Youth Information Referral Service (YIRS) and the pregnant teenager was using the service for medical advice, Mr Winlaw said. -Read More-

Age: 49 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to max. 14 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Paedophile/Sexually assaulted a 10 yr old girl. Due for release early 1999.

Name: JOSEPH JACK (QLD- Hope Vale)
Age: 22 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 6-6-2012, in the Cairns District Court, to 10 yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Joseph Jack- Convicted rapist.

News (7-6-2012)- "Rapist given 10 year sentence"
A convicted rapist has been sentenced to 10 years jail after being found guilty of a number of charges against two women in Warner Street, Port Douglas. Sentencing was handed down to Joseph Jack of Hope Vale at the Cairns District Court yesterday. Jack was 20 when he violently attacked the women who were walking alone in the early hours of November 8 and November 18, 2010. "He went to trial last week and he was found guilty of all charges," said Detective Sergeant and Officer In Charge at Mossman CIB, Trevor. These charges were Common Assault for which he was given an 18 month sentence, Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm (2 years 6 months), Rape (10 years), and stealing from the person (6 months). These terms are to be served concurrently and no minimum sentence was handed down. "It was really good to get him off the streets," Detective Sergeant Perham said. "He escalated his violence from the first attack to the second. "He was in his infancy in committing these offences but he very quickly escalated his degree of violence." Detective Sergeant Perham said Jack preyed on women walking alone after leaving local night spots, and urged others to take heed of the warnings. "I can't warn people strongly enough about not doing stuff like that. It's a safe place, but we're not immune," he said.

Age: 24 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 22-6-2009, in the Brisbane District Court, to 2 yrs jail - to be suspended after serving 6 months jail.

Offence/Other: Timothy Alexander Jack - Pleaded guilty 1 charge of rape and 1 charge of sexual assault..Victim was a 16 yr old girl.

News (22-6-2009)- "Army recruit spat on girl after filming rape"
A Brisbane army recruit filmed himself raping a 16-year-old girl and later spat on her while she lay unconscious on a bathroom floor, a court has heard. Brisbane man Timothy Alexander Jack, 21, will spend the next six months behind bars after he pleaded guilty today in the Brisbane District Court to one charge of rape and one charge of sexual assault. The court was told Jack, then 19, was at a house party on New Year's Eve 2006 when he asked a 16-year-old for sex and she refused, telling him she "wasn't like that." Some time later she passed out after drinking ten to 12 tequila shots and while she was unconscious, Jack raped her while using a mobile phone to film the act. Later the girl woke up and he helped her while she vomited in the toilet. She passed out again on the bathroom floor and another person filmed Jack spitting on her body. Days later the girl found out through friends what Jack had done and heard that he had been "laughing about it" with friends whom he showed the footage. She then made a complaint to police, who questioned him about the incident and found the footage on his phone. Defence barrister Paul Smith said his client had had a relationship with his victim in the past but said his behaviour at the party was out of character. He said at the time of the offence, Jack, a former student of St Laurence's Catholic College in Brisbane, had began training with the Australian Army. He had hoped to serve Australia in Afghanistan but could not do so as he was on leave awaiting sentencing, Mr Smith said. Judge Leanne Clare SC said Jack had taken advantage of the girl. "You filmed yourself violating her body," she told him. "You used her for your sexual pleasure, you treated her with contempt." She sentenced him to two years' jail, to be suspended after he serves six months.

Age: 56 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1987 to life in jail for the rapes of 7 young women on the Gold Coast (7 counts of rape/ 3 counts of sodomy/ 9 counts of indecent assault). Released in January 2004.
Offence/Other: Rapes occured between January- September 1986. Victims were women aged 16-24 yrs.

IAN JACKSON (VIC- North Bendigo)
Age: 38 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Jan 2000 to a 12 month community based order/ 100 hrs of community work/ community program for sex offenders.
Offence/Other: Former School teacher/ Was the secretary of Victorian Swimming Club. Pleaded guilty to various charges including- stalking/ leaving offensive letters.   
Jackson would leave paper and a texta on benches (in various places around Bendigo, where young girls frequented), asking the reader to detail their fantasies. Jackson would then hang around the area waiting. Two 15yr old girls found his letter on one occasion and a 16 and 17yr old girl found the letter another time. Jackson also faced a charge (similar) in 1990.

MARK ANTHONY JACKSON (VIC- Station Street, Bon Beach, Melbourne)
Age: 45 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the Frankston
Magistrates Court on the 5-8-1999. to 2 yr Community based order with special conditions.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty of 2 counts of indecent acts with a child and 2 of procuring a child to make an objectionable film. lured 2 six year old girls into his photographic studio where the offences occurred. Prior for sexual penetration of a child under 10 in 1990.

Age: 32 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Currently in jail/ 1-6-2009. Could be released as soon as 2010.
Offence/Other: Paedophile/ Repeat offender. Currently in jail for the rape of a 9 yr old. Prior history includes the attempted rape of a 9 yr old boy in 1990's.
Jackway was named on TV (ch-7 sunday night program 31-5-2009) as a person of interest in the 2003 disappearance of Daniel Morcombe, if you have any information regarding Daniel Morcombe's disappearance please phone "Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000". See MAKO/File..

(NSW- North Sydney)
Age: 58 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Simon Jacobs/ Sydney management consultant. Pleaded guilty 4-3-2011, in the Sydney District Court,to sexually assaulting 4 boys between 1977 and 1983, when he was an Anglican Church youth group leader in the 1980s. Jacobs was a CEBS leader at Christ Church, St Ives, and St Swithuns, in Pymble, St Ives, from 1971 to 1981. In 1982 he moved to CEBS at St Swithuns in Pymble but left in 1984.

News (4-3-2011)- "Sexual abuse victims tell of despair, anger and death wish"-
Four victims who were serially sexually abused as 10- and 11-year-old boys by a church youth group leader told a Sydney court today how he had ruined their lives. One victim said he had attempted suicide at the age of 14 and had struggled all his life to contain a "simmering anger" that lay below the surface. Another said he had attempted suicide twice and had been admitted to hospital five times with severe depression. A third, now aged 42, whose mother read out his statement to the court, said he had struggled with the effects of the abuse for 30 years. "I felt betrayed by a young man I trusted and by an Anglican Church I respected," he said. Today, in the District Court, Sydney management consultant Simon Antony Jacobs, 58, of North Sydney, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the four as boys between 1977 and 1983 when he was an Anglican Church youth group leader in the 1980s. Jacobs pleaded guilty in December to raping and indecently assaulting two other boys who were in his care while he was a leader in the Church of England Anglican Boys Society, or CEBS. Those charges - one count of buggery and three counts of committing an indecent act - related to offences he committed while he supervised the boys. Michael Farrar, barrister for the accused, said his client had led a "blameless life" since the offences were committed "some 30 odd years ago". Jacobs went on to enjoy a long career in management consultancy, working most recently for Forum Asia Pacific in its Sydney office. He was taken into custody today ahead of sentencing on March 23.

News (6-12-2010)- A former Anglican Church youth group leader who repeatedly raped a boy, 11, over a two-year period told his victim the assaults were okay because they were not against God's word. Simon Antony Jacobs, 58, from North Sydney, has pleaded guilty to four charges against two boys while he was a leader in the Church of England Boys Society, or CEBS, at two churches on the north shore during the 1970s and 1980s. The charges - one count of buggery and three counts of committing an indecent act - relate to offences committed while he supervised the boys, who were both 11, as a CEBS leader at Christ Church, St Ives, and St Swithuns, in Pymble. Jacobs is also accused of molesting another two boys, both 10, during the same period. The District Court was told on Friday that Jacobs - now a management consultant - raped one of the boys, Victim A, at least twice a month from the beginning of 1978 to the end of 1980 in the downstairs bedroom of Jacobs's parents' home in St Ives. At one point Victim A challenged Jacobs, who was then 25, about what he was doing. "In his Bible studies [the victim] had read that a man and another man should not have sex together," the court heard. "Jacobs told him that it was permissible as they were not making babies." The court was told that Jacobs went to extraordinary lengths to groom his victims, telling them they were special and even shaving Victim A's genitals and legs when he showed signs of puberty. Jacobs also befriended the boys' parents, hosted sleepovers, babysat the boys and their siblings, showered them with gifts, took Victim A to the rugby league at Brookvale Oval and bought ugg boots for Victim B. "[Victim B] and his parents grew to know, like and to trust Jacobs," the court heard. ''Jacobs regularly told the victim that he was a special person and singled him out to do special things from time to time. He also generally paid more attention to him than to the other boys." Jacobs also took nude photographs of both boys, comprising "close-ups and full body shots", the court heard. One photographic session took place when Jacobs took Victim A bushwalking behind Acron Oval, St Ives. Victim B was assaulted while at a CEBS beach camp in 1983. Jacobs forced the boy to share a tent with him and assaulted him. A spokesman for the Anglican Church said Jacobs had worked as a CEBS leader at Christ Church, St Ives, "in various roles" from 1971 to 1981. In 1982 he moved to CEBS at St Swithuns in Pymble but left in 1984. "The record is unclear, but at some point, possibly after leaving Pymble, a note was made that he was not to be issued with a leaders warrant, which he would have required in order to move to leadership in any CEBS group in another parish,'' the spokesman said. Jacobs is due to be sentenced in the District Court on March 4.

Name: ALI JAFFARI (Ali Jaffari) ( VIC - Geelong West, Autumn St - September, 2013) (Deceased - September 2015)
Age: 35 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in August 2013, in the Geelong Magistrates' Court, to a 2 yr community corrections order with 300 hours unpaid community work and banned from attending Eastern Beach pool for two years..Placed on the sex offenders register for 15 years.

Offence/Other: Ali Jaffari - 6 counts of indecent acts with a child under 16 and one count of attempt to commit an indecent act..Jaffari who came to Australia three years ago as a Afghan immigrant/ refugee, was convicted of indecently assaulting two boys aged 12-13 yrs old at an Eastern Beach Pool, in Geelong in 2012.

Update (17-9-2015) - "Child sex pest Ali Jaffari dies after setting himself on fire in detention"
A convicted child sex predator who set himself alight at Yongah Hill Detention Centre in Western Australia on Tuesday night has died.

"No jail for pool sex offender" (23-8-2013)
A Geelong West man convicted of indecently assaulting two boys at Eastern Beach has been released on a community corrections order.

See offenders - MAKO/File - for more information.

(VIC- Sebastopol)
Age: 37 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Pre sentence report in Melbourne 4-2-2013..James has spent 221 days in custody as of 26-11-2012.

Offence/Other: Dean Patrick James- Pleaded guilty to charges of child stealing/ possessing child pornography.

News (27-11-2012)- A Sebastopol man exchanged pornographic picture messages with a 13-year-old schoolgirl he met online before the pair ran away to South Australia, a court heard.
Dean Patrick James, 37, was dressed in a green prison-issued tracksuit and had his left arm in a sling when he appeared in the County Court in Ballarat yesterday. He pleaded guilty to charges of child stealing, possessing child pornography and theft. The court heard James and the girl met on internet chat site AirG when she was 10 or 11, before contact progressed to text and picture messages. Crown prosecutor Diana Piekusis said both James and the girl, then 13, had sent a semi-naked photo of themselves to the other person. She said that on two separate occasions earlier this year the schoolgirl from the Swan Hill area travelled hundreds of kilometres to meet James in Ballarat, each time arriving at the train station dressed in school uniform- Read more -


Age: 46 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in a WA District Court in June 1999 to 7 yrs jail.
Offence/Other:15 counts of indecent dealing with a child under 14 yrs/ Plus 1 count of inciting a child to unlawfully indecently deal with the offender. Victim was a 4 yr old boy, molested over an 8 yr period, until the age of 12 yrs.

PAUL JAMES (WA- Perth/ Scarborough)
Age: 42 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Nov 2008 in the Perth Magistrates Court to 12 months jail/ Released after 6 months/ Placed on $15,000 bond to be of good behaviour for next 6 months.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to importing over 1200 images and 70 videos containing child pornography. Arrested at Perth airport in Dec 2007 after arriving on a flight from Dubai.

Age: yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Nov 2009 to 12 months jail/ Suspended.
Offence/Other: Teacher (Knox Grammar School). Pleaded guilty to charges.
Read More.

Name: TONY JAMES (TAS- Bellerive)
Age: 52 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced Febuary 2012, in the Supreme Court in Hobart, to 12 months jail - 6 months non parole

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault, indecent assault and 3 counts of having sex with a young person.

News (9-2-2012)- "Pretender jailed for girl sex"
A 52-year-old Bellerive man has been jailed for a year for having sex with a 16-year-old girl while pretending to be someone else. In the Supreme Court in Hobart last week, Tony James pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault, indecent assault and three counts of having sex with a young person and was yesterday sentenced by Justice Shan Tennent.-Read More-

(VIC - Melbourne)
Age: 21 yrs old (1990 - Age at the time of offence/s)
Sentence: Sentenced in July 1990, in the Vic County Court, to 7 yrs jail - 5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Ken McKenzie Jamieson - Pleaded guilty to offences including 2 charges of aggravated rape.. In 1990, Jamieson then aged 21, raped a 63 yr old woman in her Blairgowrie home..See co-offender Glen Andrew Harris

"Pair get seven years for attack on couple" (14-7-1990) - The Age Newspaper

Age: 26 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced July 2010, in the SA District Court,to 2 yrs and 6 months jail - 12 months non parole. Sentence suspended and placed on a 3 yr good behaviour bond.

Offence/Other: Olympic cyclist Mark Jamieson- Pleaded guilty to 4 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl, and 1 count of indecent assault.

"Jamieson making a comeback" (4-3-2011)
Melbourne - Disgraced Australian Olympic cyclist Mark Jamieson will compete in tomorrow night's Melbourne Madison as he starts his comeback in the sport. Jamieson is a late entrant for the event at the Joe Ciavola Velodrome in suburban Thornbury and will partner Jamie Crass in the hour-long race. The 26-year-old, formerly of Acacia Hills, became eligible to race again on January 27 after he had served a two-year Cycling Australia ban for misconduct. Read more.

Stephen Wayne Jamieson

STEPHEN WAYNE JAMIESON- (Also known as- Stephen "Shorty" Jamieson) (NSW)
Age:   45yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1988 to life in jail.
Offence/Other: Abducted, raped and murdered 20-year-old Sydney woman, Janine Balding, in New South Wales with his accomplices Bronson Blessington , Matthew Elliott and Wayne Wilmot.
Read More.

Age: 29 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced to 16 months jail/ Suspended for 18 months upon entering into a $1000 good behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty in August 2009 to an aggravated charge of procuring a child to commit an indecent act.

Name: ANDREW JOHN JANOSKA (Andrew John Janoska) (SA)
Age: 46 yrs old (2007)
Sentence: Sentenced 1-7-2007, in the SA District Court, to 6 yrs jail - eligible for parole October 2015.

Offence/Other: Andrew John Janoska - Pleaded guilty, in the SA District Court, to nine counts of unlawful sexual intercourse..Victim was a teenage girl.

"School groundsman jailed for 'despicable' affair with schoolgirl" (1-7-2007)
A high school groundskeeper who destroyed a teenager's life through illicit sex has been jailed for six years. The District Court today ordered Andrew John Janoska be ineligible for release on parole until October 2015. Judge David Smith said Janoska's "jealous and possessive" three-year relationship with a schoolgirl was "despicable behaviour". "You sought out an easy target for your sexual drive," he said. "You used your position to seek-out and woo a young schoolgirl... what you did was classically predatory. "You effectively wrecked three crucial years of this young complainant's life and scarred the rest of her life." Janoska, 46, of Nailsworth, pleaded guilty to nine counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. He committed the offences between March 2001 and November 2003. Over that period, his victim was aged between 14 and 16 Janoska, meanwhile, was aged between 36 and 38. In sentencing today, Judge Smith said Janoska and the girl exchanged phone calls and text messages before having sex in his caravan. "She became obsessed with you, and you became possessive of her," he said. The girl stayed with him while he house-sat for a friend, having sex "three to four times". Judge Smith said the girl's parents learned of the relationship in May 2001 and went to the police. The girl, however, refused to make a statement. "Her mother laments that she felt powerless to stop what was happening," Judge Smith said. "She gave in to the relationship so she could salvage some relationship with her daughter. "The fact she tolerated you under her roof on some occasions is not a matter of mitigation." Judge Smith said Janoska's "jealousy and possessiveness worsened", and the girl ended the relationship shortly before her 18th birthday. She made a statement to police in July 2008, and Janoska was arrested in March 2010. Judge Smith said Janoska had shown remorse, and had suffered "a nervous breakdown" while undergoing sex offender counselling. He said Janoska was suicidal, and urged prison authorities to keep a close eye on him.


Age: 37 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in SA in 1994 to a non parole period of 26 yrs jail. This was later reduced to 22 yrs 6 mths. Eligible for parole in 2016.
Offence/Other: Raped and killed a 75 yr old woman in 1992.

Trevor Lindsay Jarrett

(NSW- East Sydney)
Age: 64 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in April-2005, to a suspended 9 mth jail term for possessing child pornography and put on a good Behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: April 2005/ possessing child pornography.
Pleaded guilty in Feb-2009, in the Downing Centre Local Court to providing false or misleading information when he told police he was unemployed and had no affiliation with any club or organisation in which children take part. He pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to comply with reporting obligations under child protection laws.
Read more.

Ashleigh Jarrold

(NSW- Hamilton)
Age: 60 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced to jail - Eligible for parole in March 2015.

Offence/Other: Paedophile/ Repeat offender. 2011- Ashliegh Jarrold is serving jail terms for child sexual assaults, child pornography and grooming offences. Former Dentist. Banned from practising as a dentist until 2020.

News (30-11-2011)- "Paedophile dentist banned"
A Convicted paedophile who spoke about obtaining sexual pleasure through the torture of children has been banned from practising as a dentist. Former Hamilton dentist Ashleigh Edward Jarrold is serving jail terms for child sexual assaults, child pornography and grooming offences and is not eligible for parole until March 2015. The NSW Dentist Tribunal formally deregistered Jarrold last week until 2020, citing that he was ‘‘unlikely to ever be a suitable person’’ to return to the profession.

Hamilton dentist Ashleigh Edward Jarrold tried to organise a sexual liaison with a 15-year-old boy while awaiting trial for child sex offences committed in the 1970s, a statement tendered to Newcastle Local Court said.

News "Priest on 22 sex charges"- High-profile Catholic priest and music conductor Father Peter Brock stands accused of repeatedly taking a young boy to a house and watching on as several men sexually assaulted the teen in what was described yesterday as a "pedophilic smorgasbord". Father Brock, an Order of Australia medal recipient, was yesterday charged with 22 child sex charges involving two brothers during the 1970s. It is alleged that during each visit, Hamilton dentist Ashleigh Edward Jarrold, 56, was also present and assaulted the youth on two of those occasions. The court heard on one occasion Jarrold and an unidentified man had assaulted the boy in a bedroom while Father Brock watched pornography in another room. Jarrold, of Donald Street, Hamilton, also faced court yesterday charged with 12 counts of indecent assault and one act of indecency, relating to one of the brothers and two other victims aged 13 and 14. The court heard Jarrold and Father Brock were always present at the house during the visits however "on each occasion, a number of different males were present".

Name: RAYMOND DONALD JAY (Raymond Jay) ( QLD- Formerly of Avenell Heights)
Age: 38 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Bundaberg District Court to 12 months jail.

Offence/Other: Raymond Donald Jay- Former SCHOOL bus driver-found with 11 child pornography videos.

During his sentencing remarks, Judge John Robertson said even though there were no victims who testified in court, the offence was still "evil". "The films you viewed are of actual children who are abused in some part of the world, sometimes unfortunately even Australia," he said. Judge Robertson said the court had heard that two of the videos showed children crying and resisting, while a third involved a bondage scenario. He said the children involved in the videos were aged between 7 and 15. -

Bus driver jailed for child porn (13-9-2011)
A school bus driver found with 11 child pornography videos has been jailed for 12 months. Raymond Donald Jay, 36, formerly of Anderson St, Avenell Heights, was yesterday convicted by a jury of eight women and four men after a three-day trial in Bundaberg District Court. It took the jury less than a day to return the guilty verdict. The court was told during the trial that the videos had been found by police on a USB stick in a safe in August 2009, and that only Jay knew the combination of the safe. His de facto partner held the only other key, which had gone missing from her key ring. During his sentencing remarks, Judge John Robertson said even though there were no victims who testified in court, the offence was still "evil". "The films you viewed are of actual children who are abused in some part of the world, sometimes unfortunately even Australia," he said. Judge Robertson said the court had heard that two of the videos showed children crying and resisting, while a third involved a bondage scenario. He said the children involved in the videos were aged between 7 and 15. "These are truly appalling activities, which seem to be on the increase," he said. The judge said it had not been disputed that the videos were described as category four child pornography material, on a scale of one to five with five as the worst. Judge Robertson said Jay had shown a lack of remorse when he instructed his barrister to put to his step-daughter the scenario that she had downloaded the videos in order to frame him - a claim the judge said he thought lacked evidence. In sentencing, he said he took into account Jay's previously unblemished record and the fact he would no longer be able to work with children. Defence barrister John McInnes said Jay had suffered public humiliation after media reports of the court case. "Because of his position as a school bus driver, he had a number of people call asking if he was the person involved," he said. Mr McInnes said Jay had also lost his job as a school bus driver.


Age: 33 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced 10-12-09 in the SA District COurt to 9 yrs jail/ 5 yrs 9 mths non parole.

Offence/Other: Victims were 6 boys.

Geelong Advertiser (10-12-2009)- "Pedophile jailed for molesting six boys"- A "TREACHEROUS" pedophile who molested six young boys has been sentenced to nine years in jail. Jason Alexander Jeans, 33, of Salisbury, sexually assaulted the boys, aged between five and 10, over a five-year period between 2002 and 2007. In sentencing today, District Court Chief Judge Terry Worthington said Jeans had abused a sleeping 10-year-old boy. When the boy woke, Jeans told him that he "must have had a bad dream." Chief Judge Worthington said Jeans had caused "enormous" damage to his victims and must be jailed. "In my opinion, your breaches of trust are so great, and your offending so treacherous, that there can be no question of suspension (of jail sentence)," he said. He sentenced Jeans to nine years' jail with a non-parole period of five years and nine months.

Age: 20 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced in the SA District Court in Jan 2011 to 18 mths jail - 6 mths non parole.
Offence/ Other: Pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated intentionally causing harm to a child. See MAKO/File.

Name: JAMES PATRICK JENNINGS (James Patrick Jennings) (NSW)
Age: 81 yrs old (2014)
Sentence: Sentenced in the County Court, in April 2014 to 3 yrs jail - Sentence suspended after 6 months.

Offence/Other: James Patrick Jennings - Former priest - Found guilty 5 counts od indecent assault.

"More Priestly Perverts" By Derryn Hinch (1-5-2014)

Age: 61 yrs old (D.O.B- 26-11-1947)
Sentence: Sentenced in
Brisbane in 1996 to 11 yrs jail, but could be paroled as early as 1998.
Offence/Other: Former psychiatric nurse. Brisbane convictions included sexually assaulting a 7 yr old girl and 13 indecent assault charges against her and other girl aged 10 . Also jailed for 9 yrs for a rape in WA.Was paroled in 1994.  

Age: late 50's
Sentence: Sentenced to a $1000 fine.
Offence/Other: MAKO has done a notification on this paedophile. Read More

Age: 48 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to a 6 month jail term/ Suspended for 15 months/ 12 month community based order/ 100 hrs unpaid work.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty in the Wodonga Court 28-8-2002 to 3 counts of obscene exposure/ being unlawfully on premises. Stripped naked and exposed himself to young girls (aged 8, 7, 5 yrs old).

Age: 45 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1997 to a 14 yr jail sentence...Jerome was released from jail 28-3-2013..34 parole conditions, which include not leaving Queensland without the permission of a corrective services officer, attending counselling and submitting to random drug and alcohol tests..Supervision order will remain in place for five yrs.

Offence/Other: Troy Jerome - Convicted rapist..SADISTIC rapist who preyed on elderly women..Jerome was released from a Queensland jail 28-3-2013.

"Convicted rapist could be headed for Coffs on release" (28-3-2013)
A sadistic rapist who preyed on elderly women is expected to apply for permission to return to the Mid North Coast following his release from a Queensland jail today. At 45-years of age, the longest period Troy Jerome has spent as a free man is two years. A Brisbane court heard Jerome began offending in the Taree/Coffs Harbour area at a "very young age". After being sentenced for a series of offences including assault and maliciously setting fire to a building with intent to injure, Jerome escaped custody and received another six months to his sentence in the Coffs Harbour District Court. In 1993 he was sentenced in a Brisbane court for attacking a 72-year-old woman in her flat. The court heard that one night, when Jerome was 29, a victim who was known to him, arrived home to find him standing in her bedroom naked, with an erect penis. When she told him to go and "have a sleep" Jerome reappeared in her lounge room wearing socks on his hands. He locked the front door, grabbed the victim, put his fingers inside her mouth "when she tried to scream" and dragged her to a bedroom where he removed the light bulb and attempted to rape her. When she went to the kitchen to "get a glass of water" the victim attempted to grab a knife but Jerome "threw her to the kitchen floor, took her to the bedroom and forced her to engage in oral sex". Eventually the woman began haemorrhaging, told him she was going to be sick and that if he put the light back on she would co-operate. When he walked away she ran to a neighbour for help. While on parole for those offences Jerome was arrested for the rape of another elderly woman. The court heard that on that occasion he had been fighting with his wife and had become "so aggressive that his wife called police who escorted her from the house". Later that day, he went to the home of a 65-year-old Aboriginal woman, who had been diagnosed with mild dementia. With socks on his hands once again and "a towel to ejaculate into", Jerome turned off the power board, removed most of his clothes and entered the home through a bathroom window. He startled the victim in her bed "covered her mouth to stop her from screaming", raped her, used the towel and fled. He was charged with break and enter, two counts of aggravated assault and rape and in 1997 received a 14 year jail sentence. During his time in custody he was charged with the assault of four fellow inmates and making threats against staff. Five breaches are recorded on his custodial file. One psychologist report tabled in court describes Jerome's childhood as being "characterised by exposure to violence and being a victim of sexual abuse". Another report warns it is "unclear" to what extent Jerome would co-operate with a supervision order in the community as he "would prefer to be moving to New South Wales" to live near his (family) and that there may be a "certain degree of rebelliousness in regard to (an order) that kept him in Queensland". APN Newsdesk understands the family members referred to in the report, still reside on the Coffs Harbour region. Justice J Daubney imposed 34 parole conditions on Jerome which include not leaving Queensland without the permission of a corrective services officer, attending counselling and submitting to random drug and alcohol tests. The supervision order will remain in place for five years.


ALFRED JESSOP- (Aliases - David Jessop - David Wilkes) (NSW- Liverpool, 2010 - Update.. has reportedly moved from Liverpool and may now be in
Cartwright, Miller area - Feb 2011)
Age: 55 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced to life in jail in 1978/ Released 2003.
Offence/Other: Jessop murdered 8 yr old Vicki Barton, in Lawson/ NSW (Blue Mountains) in 1969.

News- "Freed Child Killer Alfred Jessop 'A Walking Timebomb'" A convicted child killer - dubbed a "time bomb" by authorities - has built a replica of a bicycle trailer he used to carry the body of his eight-year-old victim 40 years ago. Alfred Jessop has been spotted cycling through western Sydney streets, raising fears over his intentions. The Daily Telegraph can also reveal the 55-year-old sexual psychopath is intent on tracking down his step-grandchildren through a television program by using aliases. Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham said he was seriously worried about Jessop's actions. See MAKO/File.

Age: 44 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced
30-4-2003 to 5 yrs jail (with time already served he will be out in just over 4 yrs-Released June 2008.)
Offence/Other: Dubbed the 'Armadale Rapist' in 1990 for attacks on 10 females (aged 9-41 yrs old). Jailed in 1990 for 16 yrs/ 14 yrs non parole. He only served 8 yrs and was released in 1998. He was jailed again after his release, for 18 months for writing letters to young girls and stalking his neighbour. He was released in Dec 2001. These latest offences include indecent acts on a 12 yr old girl in the presence of an 8 yr old girl. See MAKO/File

Name: ANDREW JOHN JOBOSKA (SA- Nailsworth)
Age: 46 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Former Northern suburbs high school groundskeeper. Pleaded guilty 19-5-2011 in the Adelaide District Court, to 9 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, committed between March 2001 and January 2002. Victim was a girl at the school he was working at.

Name: CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN JOHNS (Christopher Stephen Johns) (TAS - Glenorchy)
Age: 25 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.

Offence/Other: Christopher Stephen Johns - Pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person, five counts of indecent assault and producing, possessing, accessing and distributing child pornography.

"Book clue reveals child porn" (19-7-2011)
A Hobart child pornographer was caught after Italian police noticed a Tasmanian telephone book in the background of an image they seized from a paedophile's computer, the Supreme Court has heard. Christopher Stephen Johns, 25, of Glenorchy, yesterday pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person, five counts of indecent assault and producing, possessing, accessing and distributing child pornography. One of Johns' young victims told the court how the crimes had left him fearful, angry and frustrated. The court heard that in 2007 Johns molested a nine-year-old boy and his 11-year-old brother while they were playing at his then Claremont home. The boys reported the incident immediately afterwards to their grandparents, who called police. Johns said he touched the first boy indecently by accident and had only been playing with his brother. In May this year, Italian police who had arrested a paedophile in that country contacted the Australian Federal Police after spotting a Hobart telephone book in the background of one of the images on the man's computer. A likeness of the boy shown was distributed by police and the victim was identified by a school principal as being one of his students, the court heard. Police spoke to the eight-year-old boy, who identified Johns as his abuser. The court heard Johns had indecently assaulted the boy during sleepovers last year and had taken 71 photographs of the boy which were found on the Italian man's computer.
Read more.

Age: 43 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 24-3-2011, in the NSW District Court, to 8 yrs jail - 5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Cassandra Leigh Johnson - found guilty of 21 sex offences involving boys aged 11 and 12 yrs at a NSW school.

News (24-3-2011)- "Cassandra Leigh Johnson jailed for five years for sexually abusing boys at a NSW school"
A "wicked terrible woman'' who sexually abused six boys at the NSW school where she worked has been jailed for at least five years. In sentencing the 42-year-old former house mistress today in the NSW District Court, Judge Anthony Garling said the immature and naive boys were in "no position to deal with this predatory Behaviour. The judge earlier this week lifted a non-publication order on naming Cassandra Leigh Johnson who was found guilty in December of 21 sex offences involving boys aged 11 and 12. The 2009 offences included 18 counts of sexual intercourse, involving fellatio and penile vaginal penetration. Judge Garling said he did not take Johnson's gender into account in sentencing, adding he would have sentenced a male offender to the same term. He referred to a victim impact statement by the mother of one of the victims describing Johnson as a "wicked terrible woman'' who was being paid in her job as she was carrying out her sexual offending. The judge set an eight-year maximum term.

(NSW - Lismore)
Age: 27 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in October 2010 in the Lismore local court to a 4 yr good behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 5 counts of possessing child pornography.

"Sex offender on child porn charges" (1-11-2010) Read more.

HAROLD ROBERT JOHNSON (Harold Johnson) ( VIC - possibly residing in the Bairnsdale area, 2013)
Age: 71 yrs old (2008)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1995,in the Melbourne County Court, to 6 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Harold Robert Johnson/Paedophile/Ex-Prison Officer..13 charges,including 3 counts of indecent assault on a girl under 16..Johnson sexually abused a girl over a number of years,starting from when she was just 7 yrs old.

Harold Robert Johnson, is also listed in the 1997 book - "The Australian Paedophile and Sex Offender index", written by D.Coddington.

Name: RAYMOND JOHNSON (NSW- Greenacre, Pandora Street)
Age: 61 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.

Offence/Other: Convicted of 3 child sex offences, in the Downing Centre District Court/Sydney on 17-11-2011.
Victim was a girl sexually abused from the age of 6 yrs, between 1978-83.

Age: 53 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in Brisbane Court, July 2004 to 18 months jail..Sentenced in April 2008, in the Brisbane District Court, to 42 mths jail.
Offence/Other: Ian Mitchell Johnston- Paedophile/ Repeat Offender- Police raided his home in November 2003 and found 11,000 computer images of girls (aged 3- 4 yrs old) being sexually abused..In 2008 he also pleaded guilty to charges of possessing and distributing child exploitation material and 2 counts of indecent treatment of a child.

News (30-4-2008)- "145,000 Images found on computer"
A serial pedophile who avoided a rehabilitation course in jail is back behind bars after being caught with a huge collection of child pornography images. Ian Mitchell Johnston was yesterday sentenced in the Brisbane District Court to 42 months’ jail after nearly 145,000 depraved images were found on his computer. The largest collection ever found on an individual in Queensland, it included sex acts involving children as young as two and explicit photographs he took of two Ipswich sisters, aged seven and nine. Yesterday’s sentence follows his imprisonment for 12 months in 2001 for the attempted carnal knowledge of a 12-year-old intellectually disabled girl he was babysitting in 2004. The 48-year-old also received the then-maximum two years for possessing more than 11,000 child pornography images. In urging a jail term of four to five years, Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury yesterday said the “extraordinarily” large number of images held by Johnston was “more than any other person who has been sentenced so far, and the greater number by manyfold”. The highest sentence previously imposed for possessing child-sex images in Queensland was 18 months, suspended after three months, in 2006 for a man found with 17,000 “less serious” images. The court heard Johnston began to download the images soon after his release from jail in January 2006 and had amassed nearly 140,000 still photographs and 156 videos by the time he was arrested in September that year. Ms Loury told the court Johnston had been in jail for two years but he did not undertake the sexual offenders treatment program as the waiting list was too long. Defence barrister Joe Briggs told Judge David Andrews that his client was aware he needed to address his problems and “wished to on his last occasion in prison”. “But he was advised he wasn’t eligible to do the course because there was not sufficient time to complete it,” Mr Briggs said. Johnston’s actions, while deplored by the community, were not near the worst of the kind and he should be jailed only for three years, he said. Johnston, who lives with his parents, told police after his arrest that he would “rather look than touch and hurt anyone”. Johnston pleaded guilty to charges of possessing and distributing child exploitation material and and two counts of indecent treatment of a child for photographing the two Ipswich sisters. Judge Andrews said although Johnston was caught red-handed with the images and the camera that was used to photograph the sisters, he had taken into account his early plea of guilty and level of co-operation with authorities in determining his sentence. He also ordered that Johnston serve all of the three months of a suspended sentence he received in 2004 for failing to comply with reporting conditions.


News (15-7-2004)- "Man jailed in global crackdown on child pornography"

Age: 50 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Ballarat in 1996 to 2 yrs jail/ 15 months non parole.
Offence/Other: This time the victims were girls aged 5-11 yrs old.  Has priors for child sex offences.

(WA- Perth)
Age: 25 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Cassidy Johnstone - pleaded guilty in March 2012 to child neglect that left a 2 yr boy a quadriplegic and blind.
Co-offender- Amber Marie Minett

News (1-5-2012)- "The pair pleaded guilty in March this year to the neglect of Levi in December 2010, when he was eight months old"- They failed to take the child to hospital after he was badly injured. The circumstances surrounding how he became to be injured are not known. The baby boy was not taken to hospital until the following night, and was left quadriplegic, blind and has multiple seizures each day. Johnstone and Minett were released on bail until their next court appearance later this month.-Read More-

News (7-3-2012)- A Perth man and woman have pleaded guilty to child neglect charges for failing to seek medical assistance for a child who has been left with permanent disabilities. Amber Marie Minett, 27, and Cassidy James Johnstone, 25, had been due to stand trial in the District Court over their neglect of Minett's eight-month-old baby in December 2010.

Name: GARY MICHAEL JOHNSTONE (Gary Johnstone) (
SA - Allendale East , near Mt Gambier)
Age: 54 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in April, 2013 to 2yrs jail/ 8 months non-parole/ subject to 15 month good behaviour bond.

Offence/Other: Gary Michael Johnstone - Pleaded guilty to 4 counts of downloading and sharing child pornography as well as engaging in sexually explicit online chats with a person he believed was an 11 yr old girl.

"'Depraved' child porn viewer jailed" (2-4-2013)
A man charged with child pornography offences after a tip-off from the FBI prompted police to raid his house has been jailed for eight months.
Gary Michael Johnstone, 54, from Allendale East in South Australia's south east, pleaded guilty to several offences including accessing child pornography and making it available to others online.
The District Court heard he emailed a woman he believed was sexually abusing her daughter and asked her to take pictures of the girl for him.
Johnstone also contacted an 11-year-old girl from Sydney through an internet chat site, asking her sexually explicit questions and encouraging her to send him photographs of herself.
The court heard police were unable to locate the girl but found evidence of the online conversation when they raided Johnstone's home and analysed his computer equipment.
They also located 658 images and 33 videos of child pornography, 75 of which were placed in the worst two categories.
The court was told Johnstone worked as a panel beater.
It heard he started looking at child pornography when he developed depression after the death of his mother in 2000.
Read more.

Age: 83 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced 14-10-2011, in the Sydney District Court to max 10 yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Paedophile Glennon Johnstone- Convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault. Victims were 3 young girls.

News (20-10-2011)- "Sex offender, 83, gets 10 year jail sentence"-
Glennon Benjamin Johnstone, an 83-year-old man from the Nambucca Valley, has been sentenced to a maximum jail term of 10 years for sexual assault. Johnstone was arrested in September 2010 after police received three reports of sexual assaults occurring in the eighties and nineties. Johnstone pleaded not guilty at his trial at Coffs Harbour District Courthouse in September this year. He was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault. His sentence was handed down at Sydney District Court on October 14. The three victims were female children, most under the age of 10 at the time, who were staying at a Nambucca Valley caravan park.

Kenneth William Johnstone

KENNETH WILLIAM JOHNSTONE -aka "Johnson" (NSW - Bowral/ Mittagong Rd - in 1974)

AGE: 73 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced 2/6/1975 in the Central Criminal Court to life imprisonment.
Redetermination: Granted on 20/12/1991– minimum term of 19 years from 6/11/74 to 5/11/93 with an additional term of life. Parole has been refused (he will be considered again on 22/1/04).
Offence/Other: Child Killer/ Paedophile.
Date of offence/s: 1/11/1974- Johnstone sexually assaulted and murdered 13 yr old Schoolgirl, Michelle Allport, in Mittagong NSW.

News- Sydney Morning Herald (3-6-1975)- "Man given life for killing girl"- A 37 year old man was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Central Criminal Court yesterday after a jury found him guilty of murdering a Mittagong schoolgirl. Mr Justice Nagle sentenced Kenneth William Johnstone,a labourer of Mittagong Rd,Bowral who had pleaded not guilty to murdering Michelle Tracey Allport,aged 13,at or near Mittagong on or about November 1 last year. A jury found Johnstone guilty of murder after retiring for one and three quarter hours at the end of the six day trial. The Crown Prosecutor,Mr Job called evidence that Michelle a first form pupil at Bowral High School disappeared from a Mittagong skating rink on the night of November 1. In a record of interview with Detective Sergeant A. McDonald of the Special Crimes Squad,Johnstone was alleged to have said he had sexual intercourse with the girl before strangling her with a rope,and after unsuccessfully trying to burn her body,buried her in isolated bushland near Mittagong.A post mortem showed she had died from strangulation.

Age: 29yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in April 2012, in the Wagga District Court, to 22 years and nine months - 15 yrs and nine months non parole.. Eligible for parole 24-5-2026.
Update April, 2013 - Jolly appealed against the sentence, in part arguing that it was "manifestly excessive".. The Court of Criminal Appeal reduced his sentence to 18 years and nine months jail - 13 yrs and 4 months non parole.
The earliest date Jolly can now be released is 25-12-2023.
Offence/Other: Adam Gilbert Jolly - Abducted and sexually assaulted a 6 yr old girl in Wagga Wagga, on Valentines Day, 2010.. Jolly pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault of a person under 16 and one count each of sexual intercourse with a person under 10, assault with intent to have sexual intercourse with a person under 10 and take and detain a person with intent to obtain an advantage. See MAKO/File.

News (3-4-2012)- "Valentine's Day kidnapper and rapist faces two decades behind bars"-

Age: 35 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the
Brisbane District Court August 2004 to 3 yrs jail/ Suspended after 12 mths.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty/ 16 charges. Jones was a predator using the internet to entice young schoolgirls to meet him. Victims were 3 girls aged 15-16 yrs old. Jones was caught in an Internet sting by Police posing as a 14 yr old girl..

BRIAN KEITH JONES (Mr Baldy) (Also known as Brendan John Megson) (VIC)
Age: 61 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1992 to 12 yrs 4months jail/ 11 yrs non parole. Released from jail in 2005.... 
Offence/Other: Raped a 9 yr old boy/ + Indecent assault charges. Was named "Mr Baldy" for kidnapping young boys in the early 80's, shaving their heads/ girls clothes/ make-up and molest them. Served 8 yrs for those crimes. Paroled in 1989. Involved in a paedophile ring. Is now on the Victorian Sex Offender Registry which will be linked to a National database tracking sex offenders interstate and overseas.

AAP (20-10-2004)- The notorious paedophile dubbed Mr Baldy looks set to be released early from a Victorian jail under strict monitoring conditions in an effort to stop him reoffending. The parole board has not made a final decision but serial sex offender Brian Keith Jones looks likely to be released six months early under some of the strictest parole conditions ever imposed in Victoria. See MAKO/File

Griffith , near Sydney)
Age: 47 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Murray Wendell Jones - Former Griffith High sports master - Pleaded guilty to installing a device and filming for an indecent purpose.

"Spy's time in jail is cut"
Disgraced former Griffith High sports master Murray Jones has had his sentence cut in half after a psychological report indicated glandular fever and work stress contributed to his crime. Dubbed “the bathroom spy”, Jones fronted the District Court in Griffith on Wednesday, calling for a reduction to the six months periodic detention he received after pleading guilty to installing a device and filming for an indecent purpose. Pointing to a detailed psychological report, his barrister Irving Wallach argued mental health issues had led him to make “a monumental error of judgment” in setting up a hidden pot plant camera in his bathroom to record a teenager who was living with him at the time. Mr Wallach argued the original sentence had been excessive and called for a good behaviour bond or suspended sentence in its place. However Judge Payne instead chose to reduce the penalty to three months. “There were strong mental health issues and this was an absolutely out of character personal judgment,” Mr Wallach said. “What he did was so far out of his normal character it was extraordinary.” The defence counsel also spoke of the penalties Jones had received outside the court, in particular the loss of his 20-year teaching career and widespread public humiliation. “Ultimately he’s having to move town … to live in Sydney. He’s realised he can’t stay in a small town like Griffith,” he said. “This is a personal tragedy for him.” Read more.

Age: yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to 7yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Convicted of multiple rape charges. Victim was a young child who was also forced to view pornography.

Age: 41 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 5 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Molested 2 girls aged 8 and 9 yrs old, at a playground In Vic. Prior in 1992, he was jailed for 38 months for molesting a child under 10 yrs.

Age: 59yrs old (2011)
Sentence: To be updated.
Offence/Other: Convicted paedophile. Read more.

Name: RICKY CARL JONES (QLD- Barellan Point)
Age: yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 8-4-2011 in the Ipswich District Court, to 15 mths jail - to be released after 3 mths on a $2000 good behaviour bond.. Appealed his sentence, and was released after serving less than 2 mths jail.

Offence/Other: Ricky Carl Jones - Former Ipswich football coach- Pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to download child exploitation material and 2 counts of possessing child exploitation material. Much of the material was in “category four” – the second-worst category – and depicted children as young as 6 yrs old.

News (4-6-2011)- "Courts release shamed coach"
An Ipswich football coach jailed for possessing child pornography has been released after successfully appealing his sentence. Ricky Carl Jones was ordered to spend three months out of a 15 month sentence behind bars after admitting downloading child pornography. But he was released yesterday after spending less than two months in jail. Police found 44 images and seven videos of child exploitation material in Jones’ Barellan Point home. Much of the material was in “category four” – the second-worst category – and depicted children as young as six in sexual acts. On April 8 Ipswich District Court Judge Gregory Koppenol sentenced Jones to 15 months’ jail, to be released after three months on a $2000 good behaviour bond, for using a carriage service to download the material. He also received a 12-month concurrent jail sentence for two offences of possessing child exploitation material. Jones, 47, pleaded guilty to all three charges. But his lawyers appealed the sentence, arguing Jones had suffered public shaming by appearing in The Queensland Times newspaper over his offences and should not spend any time in jail. Commonwealth prosecutors agreed a 15-month jail sentence with immediate release was appropriate. Defence barrister Steve Kissick said he “could not object” to media coverage of the case but public shaming was a “relevant consideration”. “Because of my client’s position at the time – a coach in local football – he did receive significant shaming,” Mr Kissick said. But Judge Koppenol argued the media had a right to report on the case. “There’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion,” Judge Koppenol said at the time. “The media has a right and should be encouraged.” Judge Koppenol said courts should take a tough stand against people who accessed and possessed child pornography as it was not a victimless crime. Mr Kissick applied for Supreme Court bail for his client shortly after the sentence but it was refused and Jones remained in jail pending the result yesterday. The Supreme Court of Appeal increased Jones’ sentence to two years for using a carriage service but ordered he be released from jail immediately. The 12 month sentence was not changed on appeal. The court heard Jones had turned to the internet and pornography when his second marriage broke down and he was depressed. After being charged in 2009 Jones was stood down from the Norths Rugby League Club, where he had coached adult players as well as juniors since 1994.




Age: 49 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the
Perth District Court in January 1999 to a 2 yr suspended sentence.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to possessing more than 160,000 pornographic images of children. Ex-partner of the accounting firm 'Price Waterhouse and Coopers', with a pay packet of more than $250,000 pa. Has priors for child pornography. Allegedly involved in an international child pornography ring. See also DAVID ALEC BAINES

TYRONE JONES (VIC- Formerly Carrum Downs)
Age: 32 yrs old
Sentence: Pleaded guilty- Convicted in the Frankston Magistrates Court in May 2008 to 1 count of possessing child pornography/ Placed on sex offender register. Sentenced August 2008- fined $1,500 and 9 month community based order.
Yet another lenient sentence/ The maximum sentence is 5 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Tyrone Jones- Former Catholic primary school teacher. Jones downloaded 100's of stories/images of child pornography onto a school laptop belonging to St Annes primary school in Currum downs. He taught there between 2006-07.Before that he taught at St Annes in Sunbury and St Pats in Oakliegh. The Court was told the material found was- "explicit, violent and graphic sexual conduct involving children". Jones received full pay for a year while under investigation.

News (27-5-2008)- "Child porn teacher is put on register"
A former Catholic primary teacher who downloaded child pornography on a school laptop was yesterday placed on the sex offenders’ register. Sentencing was adjourned on Tyrone Jones, 32, formerly of Carrum Downs, pending a psychiatric assessment. Earlier, at Frankston Magistrates’ Court, he admitted possessing child pornography, including hundreds of downloads on the laptop belonging to St Anne’s School in Carrum Downs. Before that he had taught primary classes at St Anne’s in Sunbury and St Pat’s in Oakleigh. Police told magistrate Graham Keil that Jones had been accessing written child pornography since 2005 on the school computer, his home PC and his wife’s computer. Ldg Sen-Constable Darren Cathie told the court the stories Jones viewed contained “explicit, violent and graphic sexual conduct involving children”. He said: “A term of imprisonment is required in this case.” Jones’ lawyer, Tim Walsh, told the court his client had himself been abused as a young child. “His intention was to revisit some of that behaviour and establish his mastery over it,” Mr Walsh said. Mr Keil adjourned the court briefly to read some of the material found on the school laptop, and then described it as “confronting and repellent”. He said the thought of a primary teacher reading a story about the rape of an eight-year-old was very worrying. Jones will appear again for sentencing on August 4.

RICHARD JONGSMA (VIC- North Blackburn)
Age: 50 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in September 2003 to 8 yrs jail/ 6 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: 17 charges- including two counts of causing a child to take part in an act of prostitution/ 7 counts of performing an indecent act on a child under 16 yrs/ counts of making/ possessing child pornography. Victims were 4 girls (aged between 14-16 yrs old). Police found an extensive collection of child pornography (images/ footage). Sentenced as a "Serious Sexual Offender".

News (27-9-2003)- "Jail for pedophile who bribed girls"
A man who used cigarettes and cash to entice sexual favours from four schoolgirls was yesterday jailed for at least six years. Richard Jongsma, 41, paid hundreds of dollars to the girls, aged between 14 and 16, and took them shopping at a suburban mall, buying shoes and underwear. In exchange, County Court Judge Tom Neesham said, Jongsma received sexual favours in his car, at a local park and at home. He also convinced two of the girls to pose for pornographic photographs. “It is clear that you satisfied your undoubted perversion by paying them to accommodate you,” Judge Neesham said. Jongsma, of Primula Street, Blackburn North, was sentenced to eight years in prison with a minimum term of six years. Earlier this month he pleaded guilty to 17 charges including seven counts of performing an indecent act on a child under the age of 16, two counts of causing a child to take part in an act of prostitution and counts of making and possessing child pornography. The offences were committed between July 2001 and September 2002. Jongsma met the first girl through an internet chat room when she was 14. The other victims were her sister, aged 16, and two schoolfriends, both 14. Police arrested Jongsma in September 2002 following an anonymous tip-off. A search of his home revealed an extensive collection of downloaded child pornography, including images and footage Judge Neesham described as monstrous. A report from forensic psychologist Jeffrey Cummins tendered during the plea hearing suggested Jongsma was not a pedophile and was not likely to reoffend. But Judge Neesham said Jongsma had lied during his psychiatric interview and that he could not accept the report. He said he did not believe Jongsma was remorseful and said the community needed to be protected from him. Jongsma was sentenced as a serious sexual offender.

Man 'bought' sex favours from schoolgirls, court told"
A 41-year-old man used cigarettes and cash to entice sexual favours from four schoolgirls, aged between 14 and 16, a court heard yesterday. The County Court was told that Richard Jongsma, 41, of Primula Street, Blackburn North, befriended the first girl, aged 14, through an internet chat group. It was told that he paid her to pose for pornographic photographs and provide sexual favours in his car, at his home and in a local park. Jongsma pleaded guilty to 17 charges including seven counts of performing an indecent act on a child under the age of 16, two counts of causing a child to take part in prostitution and two counts of producing child pornography. The offences were committed between July 2001 and September 2002. Prosecutor Mark Gamble said Jongsma had met the first girl in the chat group, where he was known by the nickname “alcoholic beverage”. The other victims were the girl’s 16-year-old sister and two friends, both aged 14. On one occasion, the court was told, Jongsma telephoned the first girl’s school claiming to be her father and arranged to collect her for a few hours. He then drove her to his home where he took photographs of her, paying her $200. On another occasion, Mr Gamble said, Jongsma took two of the girls on a “shopping spree,” buying them clothes, underwear and electrical goods worth $500 in exchange for sexual acts. Jongsma was arrested in September 2002 after an anonymous tip-off. Police found pornographic photographs of two of the girls as well as downloaded internet child pornography on his home computer. A report tendered to the court from forensic psychologist Jeffrey Cummins suggested Jongsma was not sexually attracted to young girls. But after viewing the downloaded images – many featuring prepubescent girls – Judge Neesham said he had little doubt that Jongsma was a predatory pedophile. “They demonstrate without a doubt that your client has an unhealthy interest in children,” he said. Defence barrister Russell Sarah said Jongsma had been opportunistic rather than predatory and had been motivated by loneliness. Mr Sarah said many of the sexual episodes had been initiated by the girls, who he said, saw Jongsma as a “soft touch” they could obtain money from. The hearing continues.

Name: STEPHEN MICHAEL JONSSON (Stephen Jonsson) (WA- Perth)
Age: 48 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced Nov 2012, in the Perth Supreme Court, to an indefinite custody order.. In February 2011 he was jailed for 14 months for lurking near a train station and detaining an eight-year-old girl in a men's toilet with intent to cause her detriment.. sentenced to supervision orders in 2007 and 2008 for offences including two of indecent dealing with young girls.

Offence/Other: Stephen Michael Jonsson - Repeat Offender/ Declared a dangerous sex offender -

"Jail 'only place' for disabled sex fiend" (21-11-2012)
A 48-year-old intellectually disabled man who has been declared a dangerous sex offender faces a "life sentence" because no government department will take responsibility for his difficult case, a Supreme Court judge has warned. In a decision on Monday, Justice John McKechnie said he had no choice but to make an indefinite custody order for Stephen Michael Jonsson to ensure adequate community protection. Jonsson has an overall IQ of 66 and has been a client of disability services agencies since he was three. He was physically abused by his father and had early behavioural problems. He was put in an institution at 10 and stayed there for 19 years. Jonsson was sentenced to supervision orders in 2007 and 2008 for offences including two of indecent dealing with young girls. In February 2011 he was jailed for 14 months for lurking near a train station and detaining an eight-year-old girl in a men's toilet with intent to cause her detriment. He was assessed in jail as suitable for sex offender treatment for people with intellectual disabilities but the course was cancelled. His lawyer accepted he was a serious community danger with the options being community supervision or continuing detention. Evidence was given that if released, Jonsson would need 24-hour supervision at a cost of at least $250,000 a year. Justice McKechnie said neither the Disability Services Commission nor Department of Corrective Services would fund the supervision. Only a non-government agency would make a proposal. Corrective Services Commissioner Ian Johnson said he understood the supervision required for Jonsson would cost more than $1 million a year. "If a person is of such a risk that they require full-time supervision, then the only place we can do this is in a prison," he said. Disability Services Commission director-general Ron Chalmers said the agency would fund Jonsson's disability-related needs if he was released but could not provide "security-related services".



Age: 53 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1993 to a min 18 months jail.
Offence/Other: 23 charges against 3 girls, aged 13 and 14 yrs old.

Age: 39 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 8 yrs jail/ 3.5 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: He grabbed a woman by the hair, forced her into a lane and sexually assaulted her,breaking her arm and shoulder in the assault.He also stabbed a 12 yr old "girl" 18 times.

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