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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
(last known location is taken from time of offenders offence/sentence,unless otherwise stated).

Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

DETERRING some offenders = yet another form of prevention..

+ being a useful resource for Australian and overseas Companies-businesses-organisations to assist with screening potential employees/volunteers etc..
+ a useful resource for media outlets/journalists/Investigators/researchers etc..
+ a useful method of constantly lobbying Australian Government/s and politicians to do more to protect the PUBLIC from sexual predators.
"Tougher sentencing for offenders,greater government funding for prevention/better victim assistance and public sex offender registries would be a good foundation to work from."

"PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a complete list of Australian convicted sex offenders"..


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# Not a complete list of Australian sex offenders.




Age: 62 yrs old - 2012
Sentence: Sentenced in 8-2-2005 in the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court to 6 months in jail/ Suspended for 2 yrs/ Placed on sex offender register.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 3 charges including- possessing child pornography. Former DHS (Department Human Services) Employee.
At the time Kajer was arrested he was a ‘Residential Care Supervisor’  for people with disabilities of all ages including children/ was also  in charge of kids wards at the ‘Victorian Mental Health Authority’. 11  images of naked children were discovered on Kajers computer. He was in the process of deleting the images when police raided his home in Nov 2004.

News (9-2-2005)- "Worker at DHS had porn"
A department of Human Services worker yesterday avoided jail over child pornography charges — but he will not work with children again. Janek Felix Kajer, 55, was banned from working at the DHS after being convicted and put on the sexual offenders’ register. But Kajer won’t have to spend a day behind bars after a magistrate suspended a six-month jail term for two years. Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court heard 11 images of pre-pubescent children posing naked were discovered on Kajer’s computer. The court was told Kajer, of Barkly St, Sunbury, was trying to delete the images when police raided his premises in November last year. Police also found an unregistered air rifle in a bungalow cupboard. Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Ron Lennox said Kajer denied he had any child pornography, claiming the images were of adolescents. Kajer yesterday pleaded guilty to three charges, including one count of possessing child pornography and possessing an unregistered firearm. When arrested Kajer was a residential care supervisor and carer of disabled people of all ages, including children. During his 30 years with DHS Kajer was in charge of children’s wards at the Victorian Mental Health Authority, later called Caloola Training Centre. His solicitor, Michael Kuzilny, said Kajer was so ashamed that he resigned from the department. Mr Kuzilny said Kajer, who has an 11-year-old daughter, was reclusive and his computer was his window to the world. Magistrate James Mornane also imposed a community based order, which requires Kajer to undergo an intense sexual offenders program. A DHS spokesman last night said that under safety screening policy, Kajer’s conviction meant he could not be employed by the DHS.

WILLIAM KAMM ('Little Pebble') (NSW- South Coast)
Age: 58 yrs old
Sentence: Found guilty.
Offence/Other: Cult Leader. See MAKO/File.

Age: 77 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in March 2008 in the SA District Court to 9 yrs jail - 4 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Croatian born. Former Adelaide cathedral cleaner- 5 sex offences, including gross indecency, attempted unlawful sexual intercourse and unlawful sexual intercourse. Victim was a girl molested over a 5yr period from the age of 12 yrs old.

Name: MARTIN KARKLINS (VIC- Mt Waverley)
Age: 48 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court, to a 1 yr intensive corrections order and pay $1700 in compensation.

Offence/Other: Martin Karklins- pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

News (10-5-2011)- "Police find porn"
A former university worker being investigated for fraud was found with child porn images on his computer. Martin Karklins pleaded guilty to charges of obtaining property by deception and possessing child pornography at Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on April 28. The 47-year-old Mt Waverley man will serve a 12-month intensive corrections order and has to pay $1700 in compensation. Police prosecutor Leading Sen-Constable Adrian Hale said while Karklins was working in performance arts at Monash University he benefited by organising products to be bought from his own theatrical supplies company. When police executed a search warrant on his home in October last year, they found the illegal images on a laptop computer. “He made admissions to knowingly viewing child pornography,” Sen-Constable Hale said. “They were 11 and 12 year-old girls; there were videos, a story and pictures. He said were there for personal gratification.” Defence solicitor Andrew De Kretser said there were no excuses for Karklins’ conduct, but he didn’t deliberately seek out the pornographic material. “There was alcohol consumption at the time of offending (and) he has shown real remorse from the outset,” he said. Magistrate Thomas Barrett convicted Karklins, and ordered him to serve an intensive corrections order for a year. It means he must do unpaid community work, adhere to a curfew and report to police. He also has to repay the university.


Age: 59 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Dec 1989 in a VIC County Court to 21 yrs 3 months jail/ 18 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Serial Rapist..Pleaded guilty to 3 counts of rape/ 15 counts of aggravated rape. Victims were 14 women raped over a 4.5 yr period. Kaufman attacked his victims (armed with a knife/ razor) in their
Melbourne homes. He would choose his victims while he was out on burglaries. Kaufman would then lie in wait for them, before gagging/ blindfolding/ raping the women. Kaufman was only caught after DNA tests linked him to the crime/One of the first crimes to be investigated using DNA. Released in November 2002. See MAKO/File

Age: 40 yrs old
Sentence: To be updated.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to counts of sexual intercourse without consent in circumstances of aggravation.His victims included a 16 yr old girl.

JOHNATHON KAYE (aka- John Joseph Kosky ) (WA- Perth)
Age: 78 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 2003 to 6 yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole.
Former School Teacher (Melbourne/ WA/ Overseas). Convicted of Organising Child Sex Tour in Thailand Judge said his crime was "highly exploitive and sexually deviant". He advertised the tour through a gay newspaper. The ad read: "Thai boy, young, fit, hunk, caring and english speaking. Would like to be your personal guide when in Thailand. Prefer older men. Contact my friend in Perth. Kaye organised tours from his retirement home in Perth. Had his name changed by deed poll from John Joseph Kosky to Johnathon Kaye

(NSW- Boggabri and Tamworth Base Hospital)
Age: 84 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced to a jail term in early 1960's - Convicted 1994/ Sentence to be updated.

Offence/Other: Thomas Keady-Paedophile/ Repeat Offender- Former Teacher in VIC and NSW - Taught at St Patrick’s College in Sutherland, in NSW between 1966-79, after he had been released from jail in Victoria for a child sex offence. Paedophile "Earnest Anthony Jones" also taught at "St Patrick’s College in Sutherland" during the time Keady taught there. Thomas Keady was convicted of a child sex offence (“Aggravated Indecent Assault of a Minor”) and jailed in the early 1960s. Convicted of a further child sex offence (“Indecent Assault on a Minor") at Wyong Local Court in 1994. Now at Tamworth Base Hospital CADE (Confused Aged Dementure Unit)- May 2012. MAKO/Files -"Within The Church"

Mother of abuse victim calls for inquiry into church- (9-7-2012)
WOMAN whose son was sexually assaulted by a Catholic teacher in the 1970s has disputed a Christian Brothers version of its handling of the matter and backed calls for a Royal Commission into child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. The woman denied contact with Brother Anthony Peter Whelan, the principal of St Patrick's College, Sutherland, in 1978 after her son, then 13, told Brother Whelan he was sexually assaulted by a teacher, Thomas Keady. The woman disputed assertions by the Christian Brothers last week that Brother Whelan had talked with parents about the Keady allegations, saying ''we had no liaison with him whatsoever''. -Read More-

Church shuttered inquiry into abuse- (6-7-2012)
THE church prematurely terminated an investigation last year into the alleged failure of a top Catholic education official to take action over the sexual assault of an 11-year-old boy in the 1970s by a lay teacher. A former principal of St Patrick's at Sutherland, Brother Anthony Peter Whelan, had been accused ..-Read More-


News (28-4-2012)- In June 2010, a Port Stephens businessman pulled his car off the road near Stockton bridge, stepped out, and vomited. He had just reported for the first time being sexually assaulted at the age of 11. The setting was a NSW Catholic school in 1976. His abuser was a paedophile teacher the school had employed after his release from a Victorian jail in the mid 1960s. For the businessman, who asked to be called John, it was the first day in a long and painful journey.
In a submission to the Victorian parliamentary inquiry announced last week into child sex abuse in religious institutions, he will demonstrate why calls are increasing for a national inquiry into sexual abuse of children within churches. Back on that day in June 2010, he named the paedophile teacher Thomas Keady, and two Christian Brothers to whom he allegedly reported the abuse as a child. He vomited at Stockton while recalling the ugly sexual assaults and Keady's threats that he would "kill me if I screamed". John cried on Wednesday as he recalled reading an independent report for the Christian Brothers in February this year that substantiated John was forcibly sexually assaulted by Keady and had been telling the truth. The report also substantiated his allegation that the abuse was reported to a teacher and Christian Brother at the school between 1976 and 1978. Police are investigating his allegation that he told another Christian Brother at the school, who allegedly told him he was lying. That person went on to hold a senior position in Catholic education until his retirement.
The Catholic church accepted Thomas Keady was a sexual predator of children, and John was sexually and indecently assaulted by him at the school, and at a camping trip. "I cried when I read the report. To see it substantiated has allowed me the confidence to say I told the truth. The little boy was actually right," John said. Keady taught in Victorian schools in the 1950s until he was convicted of child sex offences and jailed in the early 1960s. He was employed by the NSW Catholic high school south of Sydney in 1966, and taught there until he was dismissed in October 1979. The dismissal followed complaints from four boys who said they were molested by him on a trip. Police were not notified of the allegations.
A Christian brother in 2010 told an investigator he "requested each student to inform his parents of the matter", as it was the parents' right to inform police. He said Keady was advised he could "quietly return on the school weekend to remove his personal effects and surrender his school keys, which he did". Keady was provided with a statement of his service that made no mention of his dismissal, or the reasons for it. He was convicted of further child sex offences at Wyong Local Court in 1994. A police investigation of Keady, 84, ended in late 2010 after police determined he was "not in a mental state" to respond to charges.
In his submission to the Victorian inquiry, John will outline his contact with others who were molested by Keady. "A commission, a national inquiry, is obviously needed because there's nothing new about my experiences with the church. But there are now more people willing to expose the truth," John said. 'I cried when I read the report. To see it substantiated has allowed me the confidence to say I told the truth. The little boy was actually right.' John, pictured, who was abused by paedophile Catholic teacher Thomas Keady

Name: ASHLEY KENNETH KEARNS (Ashley Kearns) (QLD- Townsville)
Age: 48 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced Dec 2010, in the Townsville District Court, to 2 wholly suspended sentences of 18 months in jail for the Commonwealth offences and ordered to pay $2000 recognisance, while he was given 6 months jail for the state charge.

Offence/Other: Ashley Kenneth Kearns - Pleaded guilty- faced 22 charges.. Charged as part of Taskforce Argos a Queensland Police investigation targeting the illegal accessing and downloading of child pornography.

"Men walk free over child porn charges" (11-12-2010)
A Townsville man who distributed a graphic tutorial over the internet describing how to sexually abuse young children will walk free in just three months after being sentenced yesterday. Timothy Hinspeter, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of distributing and three counts of possessing child exploitation material. On November 18, 2007, police discovered Hinspeter was circulating an explicit pictorial tutorial via a peer-to-peer file sharing site. The four-minute guide detailed how to sexually assault girls from infancy through to 13 years of age. Explicit instructions about different objects that could be used while performing illegal acts were provided. It also specified ideal times to carry out such offences to ensure a spouse would not discover what was going on. The file displayed 39 images of young girls. Hinspeter was arrested on March 5, 2008, after a raid at his home. In addition to the tutorial, police seized his laptop and numerous hard drives, which contained 42 child porn videos, some as long as 45 minutes. They depicted as many as three young children being molested by men. In handing down his sentence, Judge John Baulch SC told Hinspeter: "There is no indication the nature of the offence shocked you or caused you to reconsider or stop what you were doing." Hinspeter was given 18 months' jail for the distribution charge, to be wholly suspended after just three months. He will then be subject to two years' probation. Meanwhile, two other Townsville men also charged as part of Taskforce Argos a Queensland Police investigation targeting the illegal accessing and downloading of child pornography have pleaded guilty and walked from court. Ashley Kenneth Kearns, 48, and Peter Andrew Morgan, 42, both appeared this week in the Townsville District Court. Judge John Baulch SC said the pair, who were regular visitors to pornographic websites that offer illicit images and videos of underage children, was involved in a "disgusting trade". Kearns, an ex-employee of Ergon Energy, faced 22 charges. He also appeared on 21 commonwealth charges of using a carriage service, namely the internet, to download child pornography material. He was given two wholly suspended sentences 18 months in jail for the Commonwealth offences and ordered to pay $2000 recognisance, while he was given six months' imprisonment for the state charge. Morgan, a fitter and turner, was charged with two state counts of possessing child exploitation material . He was given a nine-month jail sentence wholly suspended.


Age: 52 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1993 to 9 yrs jail (for sexually assaulting a female prison officer). Already serving a life sentence for rape.

Offence/Other: Recently pleaded guilty on the 5-5-2005 in the Perth Magistrates Court to 19 charges including 10 counts of sexual penetration without consent/ threatening to kill/ aggravated indecent assault/ assault/ deprivation of liberty.Current charges relate to Keating taking a female prison tutor hostage, in March 2005, assaulting/ raping her 10 times at knifepoint. Keating has 2 priors for raping female employees..... Read More.

Age: 51 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced
30-8-2002 in the Mackay District Court to a maximum 4 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Boiler-maker. Pleaded guilty to 8 child pornography related charges. Keating had 180,000 child abuse images in what was the largest collection seized in Australia. Operated International porn club, with 184 members.

Name: DANIEL PAUL KEELEY (Daniel Keeley) (NSW - Nelson Bay)
Age: 31 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2012, to a total of 15 yrs in jail, with a non-parole period of 12 yrs.

Offence/Other: Daniel Paul Keeley - Rapist - Keeley pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of aggravated robbery..Labelled the Cooks Hills rapist by the media

"Cooks Hill rapist jailed - Attack brutal, callous and degrading: Judge" (1-9-2012)

The Cooks Hills rapist will spend between 12 and 15 years in jail for a premeditated, brutal and callous attack on a 23-year-old stranger in the night. Daniel Paul Keeley, 31, called out to the lone female as she made her way home on foot after work about 8.30pm on a Monday in July last year. A flat car tyre had left her without her usual means of transport. Ironically, she had asked her work colleagues about the safest way home. After jogging up to her, Keeley grabbed the woman’s wallet and stepped away, but then he stepped back. ‘‘Just take it’’, she told him, but he moved in behind her. She started dialling triple-0 when he threatened her, and she realised he was holding a knife to her throat. In the laneway between the Lowlands Bowling Club and nearby houses, she tried to reason with him, offering him her keycard, but he repeatedly threatened to stab her and told her to ‘‘shut up’’. He forced her to the ground, and ignored her objections. He raped her repeatedly while continuing to threaten her with the knife, cutting her hand in the process. When his phone rang for the second time he stopped to answer it, then said something like ‘‘thank you miss’’, picked up the wallet and ran off. The details emerged during sentencing in Newcastle District Court yesterday, when Judge Laura Wells, SC, described the ordeal as nothing short of ‘‘completely terrifying’’. ‘‘No doubt there would have been times, if not the whole time, where she thought she was going to die,’’ Judge Wells said. Perhaps after the first rape, the slightly built woman thought her ordeal was over, the judge said. ‘‘But it seems the ordeal was only half over,’’ she said. The attack was brutal, callous, humiliating and degrading, and carried out in an ‘‘efficient and forceful’’ manner, with an element of premeditation, Judge Wells said. In an attempt to avoid arrest, Keeley shaved off his full-face beard and got a new driver’s licence in his mother’s maiden name. Keeley pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of aggravated robbery. He was sentenced to a total of 15 years in jail, with a non-parole period of 12 years.
Senior officer’s hunch pays off
Detective Senior Constable Jason Freney knew the pressure was building. It was 11 days after the city had woken to news of one of the worst attacks on a woman in the region’s history – a knife-wielding attacker who randomly selected a young woman walking home and viciously raped her in a laneway near Lowlands Bowling Club, Cooks Hill. The fabric of the city had changed. They needed to catch this vicious rapist quickly. Strike Force Scotswood had sent evidence from the victim to forensic specialists with an urgent sticker to extract DNA from it as soon as possible. The attack occurred on July 11 last year and on the afternoon the DNA result comes back, on July 22, police get their first big lead. The DNA taken from the semen sample matches DNA profiles from a burglary on a unit on Fowler Street, Hamilton South, in 2008 and the break-ins of two cars in Nelson Bay the year before. But they have already charged the bloke responsible for the Fowler Street job. His DNA isn’t the rapist’s. Freney has a hunch. The burglary victim was named as a Daniel Paul Keeley. Freney lucks out when checking for Keeley’s DNA profile on the database. It could mean the semen could be his. Keeley has some form and there is evidence he frequently visited relatives at Nelson Bay in 2006, at the time of the car break-ins. Freney is onto something. But more checks are needed. In her statement, the victim says she hears her attacker’s phone ringing during the attack. They think the attack was between 8.20pm and 8.50pm. Keeley’s phone records show there were two missed calls from his partner at 8.24pm and 8.40pm. But the cops still don’t have enough to arrest him. They check his licence. Five days later Keeley tells the then RTA in Newcastle West he has lost his licence. His old licence had a photograph of him with a beard similar to the one described by the victim. This time he is clean shaven and has had his hair cut off. He obtains a new licence under the name Daniel Paul Marriott. The police have enough to obtain Keeley’s DNA profile and get it tested. By this time, Freney has put out an alert on Keeley and his New Zealand passport. On July 31, Freney gets a call from immigration officials at Sydney’s international airport - Keeley is boarding a plane to Bali in an hour with his family. By August 4, the DNA sample is returned and it’s a match from the semen sample. Keeley is the rapist. As Keeley walks towards customs on his return, Freney grabs him. Once he discovers they have his DNA, Keeley admits his guilt. His partner gives police a statement detailing a history of domestic violence, and how Keeley arrived home on the night of the attack about 9pm and said he found $20 and a packet of cigarettes in a park. She reveals that the day after the attack, and after they see a news report on it, Keeley jokes that the description of the attacker sounds like him. Within days she disowns him. More than 12 months after his arrest, Keeley’s Holden Commodore remains parked outside his unit block. It is filled to the brim with his rotting belongings.


Age: 41 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced December 2011, to 6 months jail. Sentenced 2007 to 3 yrs jail- 18 months non parole

Offence/Other: Robert Keeling/ Paedophile- sent inappropriate texts to a 13-year-old girl. In 2007 Keeling was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of aggravated indecent assault and stalking an 11-year-old girl.

News (5-12-2011)- A SEX offender who sent inappropriate texts to a 13-year-old girl has been jailed for six months. The sentence given to Robert William Keeling, 41, of Jarvie Road, Cringilla in Nowra Local Court also covered his failure to inform police of several changes of address. In 2007 Keeling was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of aggravated indecent assault and stalking an 11-year-old girl. He was given a three-year sentence with a non-parole period of 18 months and placed on the child protection register, one of its requirements being that he inform police if he moved. Keeling was living at Seven Hills until December last year and visiting Nowra where his girlfriend lived. Through her he met his young victim and socialised with her parents. On September 17 last year he saw her at Wollongong Railway Station on a school excursion. He asked for her mobile number and then sent her a text inviting her over for a drink. Later that evening he was at her place with her family and his girlfriend when he sent texts saying she was “hot” asking her to get drunk with him. The girl felt uncomfortable, and went to hide in her room. She told her parents who informed the police. On December 11 last year police went to Keeling’s Seven Hills address on an unrelated matter to discover he had moved. On January 24 this year, Keeling went to Blacktown Police Station to update his contact details and was arrested. He admitted moving and being at two addresses on the South Coast without informing police. Keeling also admitted sending texts to the young girl and agreed they were something he could not have said openly to her. In court Keeling was also given a nine-month jail sentence with a six-month non-parole period for driving while he was disqualified and fined $88 for having bald tyres. He was also disqualified from driving for two years.

Age: 40 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Rockhampton District COurt in 2008 to 10 yrs jail.

Offence/Other: 2 counts of rape/ 1 count of performing an indecent act in public...Kemp raped a 16 yr old girl. Read More.

SIMON ANDREW KEMP (Simon Kemp) (QLD- Sunshine coast)
Age: 31 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the Maroochydoore District Court to 15 months jail - Suspended after serving 4 months.
Offence/Other: Simon Andrew Kemp - Former Sunshine Coast high school teacher..5 counts of possessing child pornography-was found in possession of 14,231 still and 542 video pornographic images of children aged 1-14 yrs.

Fears paedophile may teach again (3-4-2010)
A convicted child-porn paedophile – a former Sunshine Coast high school teacher – may be back in the classroom within three years. Simon Andrew Kemp, who taught at Maroochydore High, was found in possession of 14,000 child pornography pictures and more than 500 child-porn video files. Mr Kemp served four months in prison in 2008 over the child exploitation material featuring children aged between one and 15. He is one of a potentially large group of offenders who can use a loophole in the Queensland Education Act. If Mr Kemp had kept his Queensland teacher registration up to date, he would never again be able to teach in Queensland. However, he let the registration lapse. Anyone wanting to teach in this state has to be registered by the Queensland College of Teachers. Because he was not registered, the QCT disciplinary committee could meter out one penalty only. That was to prohibit Mr Kemp from re-applying for his teacher registration for five years. Neither the government nor the QCT is willing to accept responsibility for the loophole. Last month, Opposition education spokesman Bruce Flegg said he wanted a life ban slapped on any teacher found guilty of criminal offences against children. “In cases such as child rape and the very serious end of allegations, we should be ensuring these people never again deal with children,” he said. “This constant reapplying to go back into teaching, we run the risk that some of these people are just going to slip through the net and back into the classroom.” Mr Kemp was a registered Queensland teacher for four years before he was picked up by a Queensland police taskforce targeting child abusers. He was teaching maths and information technology at Maroochydore High at the time and had coached an under 15 boys soccer team. In June, 2007, Taskforce Argos informed QCT that Mr Kemp had been charged with offences of possession of child exploitation material and making child exploitation material. The Daily has obtained a copy of the QCT Teachers' Disciplinary Committee hearing documents, available under the Right to Information Act. It revealed that Crown prosecution submissions to Maroochydore District Court included that Mr Kemp had images and videos of children, aged one to 14, posing naked and engaging in oral, anal and vaginal sex with each other and adult males. Mr Kemp was sentenced to 15 months in jail, suspended after serving four months. QCT director John Ryan told the Daily this week it had never received an application from a former teacher whose registration they had cancelled. Mr Ryan, who denied there was a loophole, said the applicant would have to prove he or she had extenuating circumstances to be able to teach again. Queensland Education Minister Geoff Wilson was unavailable for comment yesterday. Twenty-six teacher registrations were cancelled last year and another 300 remained under investigation. Most can reapply for registration after five years.


Age:  54 yrs old
Sentence:  Sentenced in the SA District Court on the 30- 9-2004 to 10 yrs jail/ 6 yrs non parole. On appeal in March 2005, Kench had his sentenced reduced to 8 yrs jail/ 5 yrs non parole......Sentenced again in June 2005 in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court to 4 months jail (added to current sentence)- pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.
Offence/Other: Ex Scout Leader. Offences occured at his own home/ the victims home.  Aproprieter. Prior - 1997/ 10 counts of indecent assault/ 2 yrs 11 months jail/ victim was a boy. See MAKO/File

Sentence: Sentenced in the Brisbane District Court, to 22 yrs in jail.

Offence/Other: Rapist.

News (25-9-2006)- "Rapist at work in community"- A SERIAL rapist and a pedophile are among four sex offenders allowed back into the community on work release at least seven times despite a ban imposed in June. The ban has since been reinforced by prison chief Frank Rockett after The Courier-Mail photographed Palen Creek prisoners – including Mark Kennedy, a serial rapist serving 22 years – working at the Beaudesert Showgrounds on August 28. In sentencing Kennedy, District Court Judge Tony Healy said the attacks had featured "revolting cruelty and violence". He is among the prisoners doing community service at showgrounds, church yards and memorial grounds in the Beaudesert and Boonah areas – often near schools. Prison guards say only one officer supervises as many as five inmates over large, open areas, often at distances of more than 500m and out of sight for up to 10 minutes.
The prisoners on work leave-of-absences (LOAs) are considered low-security and are serving sentences for rape, armed robbery, sodomy, murder, traffic offences and assault. In June a three-year program in which sex offenders were among a group of inmates doing ground maintenance at the Star Gardens Nursing Home at Beaudesert ended because of officers' concerns about inadequate supervision. "Many of the residents at Star Gardens lay in their beds unsupervised quite visible from the outside with only a screen door as a divide," an officer wrote in April. The officer also raised concerns that sex offenders on work release at a Rathdowney church were close to a primary school. "I am unsure if everyone approving these LOAs knows of its proximity to Rathdowney school and wonder if they did would it be approved?" he wrote. In June, Palen Creek management reduced the number of inmates sent to the home to three and Mr Rockett issued a directive that no sex offenders be allowed work release. But documents show nothing was changed in relation to sex offenders working at churches, showgrounds and memorial grounds at Beaudesert, Rathdowney and Boonah. When The Courier-Mail asked Corrective Services whether sex offenders were still working at showgrounds and near schools, the department denied it. A spokesman said community service projects were conducted under strict guidelines and supervision. Queensland Prison Officers Association state secretary Brian Newman said members believed the LOAs arrangements and "dangerous" staffing levels were putting public safety at risk. "One unarmed prison officer cannot effectively monitor the movements of sex offenders or any prisoner on an external escort, this is especially alarming where it concerns the safety of our children innocently enjoying a day at school," he said. Mr Newman said if a prison officer went on a toilet break there "instantly" was a situation where prisoners were left unsupervised. "This situation regularly occurs and is being managed through good luck rather than good governance," he said. Officers said while there had been no offences committed by sex offenders or other inmates on the LOAs, it was important that "temptation was not put in their way". "It doesn't matter that these prisoners are low-security, they have committed very serious crimes and no one can predict what a guy who has been serving 19 years for rape is going to do if a woman or an elderly patient is around," an officer said. The Opposition called for an investigation into the allegations saying there was a "culture of cover-ups" permeating through the state's public service to protect the Government. Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney said it was important for the rehabilitation of sex offenders that they be allowed out on work release, but only after a risk assessment and under supervision. Other sex offenders in the program are: Thomas Richard Tiltman , 39 (who is serving 17 years for sodomy); Anthony John Davis , 45 (14 years for indecent dealing) and Shane Patrick Trunks , 36 (16 years for rape and attempted murder).

Age: 37 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced 29-4-2011, in the Sydney District Court, to 7.5 yrs jail - 4.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Paul Kennedy/ Former teacher. Pleaded guilty to offences including grooming children over the internet, producing child pornography and committing an act of indecency with a person under the age of 16.

"Mother welcomes prison sentence" (3-5-2011)
The mother of one of the victims of convicted paedophile Paul Brian Kennedy told the Central Western Daily she was pleased her son’s predator was jailed for a maximum of seven-and-a-half years in Sydney’s District Court last week - Read more - http://www.centralwesterndaily.com.au/news/local/news/general/mother-welcomes-prison-sentence/2150352.aspx

"Teacher Paul Brian Kennedy jailed for luring boys to bedroom" (29-4-2011)
A former teacher who lured young boys into his bedroom and secretly filmed them performing sex acts has been jailed for at least four and a half years. In sentencing Paul Brian Kennedy today in Sydney's District Court, Judge Robert Poner said the offences were "carefully, meticulously and patiently planned" - Read More -


Age: 48 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2009 to 12 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Child rapist. Pleaded guilty to charges. Filmed himself while he raped and molested girls, some as young as 3yrs old. 67,000 abuse images were found. Described by a Judge as a "monster".

Age: 33 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced in Feb 2010 to 2.5 yrs jail/ Suspended after 9 mths/ Appealed- Released after serving 3 mths jail.
Offence/Other: News article (15 -1 -04)-"University student first to be sentenced over internet porn"...Matthew William Ross Kennings will be the first person sentenced under the laws next month after pleading guilty in the District Court in Brisbane yesterday. The 26-year-old refugee centre volunteer was charged in July last year with intending to procure a person he believed to be under 16 years old to engage in a sexual act. Read more.

Age: 30 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced Nov 2011, in the NT Supreme Court, to 9 months jail - sentence suspended after 1 month.

Offence/Other: Brenton Kenward/ Repeat Offender..pleaded guilty to 3 counts of possessing child abuse material..has 2 prior convictions for indecent dealings with children under 16 years.

News (24-11-2011)- "Month in jail for child porn cache"
A MAN will spend a month in jail for possessing child pornography found on memory cards he bought at an NT second-hand store. Brenton Robert Kenward, 29, was sentenced last week to nine months' prison to be suspended after one month. He pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court to three counts of possessing child abuse material - ranging up to the worst possible category - after his McMinns Lagoon bedroom was searched by police in July and September last year. Justice Judith Kelly said during sentencing that police found a laptop in his bedroom that had 1932 images in its deleted items folder on July 20, 2010. She said three of those images were category 5 - or sexual activity between adults and children with a "cruelty or torture" component. But she said most of the images were category 1 with no sexual activity. Justice Kelly said two memory cards - containing 1497 images and 61 videos - were found when police searched Kenward's bedroom for a second time in September 2010. She said the memory cards were found inside old phones that Kenward bought from Cash Converters. "You simply found the material on memory cards you acquired for another purpose," she said. She said Kenward had two prior convictions for indecent dealings with children under 16 years that would suggest he had "a sexual interest in children". Kenward was convicted and placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Age: 44yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced on the 3-7-2009 in a VIC County Court to 15 yrs jail - 12 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to charges- including aggravated rape/ aggravated burglary. Raped 3 young women at kinfepoint in the 1980's. Arrested in 2008 after a coldcase review of unsolved sex offences.

Age: 40 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in a County Court in June 2003 to 22 yrs and 9 months jail/ 18 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: 15 charges/including rape, assault with intent to rape, committing an indecent act with a child and false imprisonment. Victims were 3 girls (aged 15 and 16). Sentence/ conviction was appealed in August 2005/ rejected. Read more

Age: 32yrs old (D.O.B: 2-3-1971)
Sentence: Sentenced to 14yrs jail/ Eligible for parole. Convicted on numerous charges.
Offence/ Other: Victim was a young woman. Kernahan and
DANUT (DANIEL) TRUCIA lured the victim away from a nightclub into a vacant lot where they sexually assaulted her.

Age: 18 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced 26-9-2013, in In the Northern Territory Supreme Court, to 15 yrs jail - 9 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Norman Kernan - Convicted on eight counts of sexual intercourse without consent, and one count of armed robbery.
See Co-Offender - Ginger Green

"Men jailed for gunpoint rapes of women tourists" (27-9-2013)
Two 18-year-old men have each been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the gunpoint rapes of two women tourists at Alice Springs. In the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Justice Dean Mildren chose to sentence the offenders, Ginger Green and Norman Kernan, under the Youth Justices Act rather than the Sentencing Act. Both were juveniles aged 17 when they repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted a Finnish woman and a German woman visiting Alice Springs. The court heard how the women had been camping in their four-wheel drive vehicle in May 2012 when the offenders smashed the windows and raped them at gunpoint. In a court sitting at Alice Springs this afternoon, the pair were convicted on eight counts of sexual intercourse without consent, and one count of armed robbery. Justice Mildren said these were outrageous offences, with devastating consequences for the victims. Suppression orders preventing the men's identity from being revealed were revoked yesterday. Justice Mildren set non-parole periods of nine years for both men.



(WA- Butler)
Age: 34yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.
Offence/ Other: Victim was a 6yr old boy.

News- "Troy and Sharlene Kerr Admit Neglecting Tied-up Child"- A Perth couple has admitted neglecting a six-year-old boy for two years including a period in which he was tied to a cot for nearly three weeks. Troy Iain Kerr, 31, and his wife Sharlene Natalie Kerr, 33, face possible jail terms after entering pleas of guilty to an amended charge of recklessly failing to protect the boy from harm between November 1, 2005, and November 9, last year. Both also pleaded guilty to the unlawful detention of the boy, who is not their biological child, at the couple’s Butler home between October 19 and November 9 last year. Troy Kerr admitted to an additional charge of unlawfully assaulting him on November 11 last year. Read More. See also Troy Lain Kerr (Listed below).

(WA- Butler)
Age: 32 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.

News- "Troy and Sharlene Kerr Admit Neglecting Tied-up Child"- A PERTH couple has admitted neglecting a six-year-old boy for two years including a period in which he was tied to a cot for nearly three weeks. Troy Iain Kerr, 31, and his wife Sharlene Natalie Kerr (Listed above), 33, face possible jail terms after entering pleas of guilty to an amended charge of recklessly failing to protect the boy from harm between November 1, 2005, and November 9, last year. Both also pleaded guilty to the unlawful detention of the boy, who is not their biological child, at the couple’s Butler home between October 19 and November 9 last year. Troy Kerr admitted to an additional charge of unlawfully assaulting him on November 11 last year. Read More.

(VIC - Geelong)
Age: 60 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in November 2009, in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court, to 6 mths jail - to be served in the form of intensive corrections orders.. placed on a 12 month Good Behavior Bond and ordered to take part in the sex offenders program.

Offence/Other: Walter Kerr- pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

News (5-11-2009)- "No jail for two men over child porn images"
Two Geelong men charged separately over possessing child pornography will serve their sentences in the community rather than behind bars. Walter Kerr, 57, of Church St, Manifold Heights, had pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court to possessing 28 images of child pornography. The images he possessed were said by Magistrate Ron Saines to include the rape of pubescent and pre-pubescent females. Kerr told an earlier hearing he downloaded the child pornography for “excitement”. In a separate hearing Mark Anderson, 37, of Beacon Point Rd, Clifton Springs, pleaded guilty to a single count of possessing 60 images of child pornography. The court heard Anderson paid for the child pornography over the internet before local police were alerted to his activities by Federal Police. Mr Saines said the images collected by Anderson were of very young pre-pubescent females engaged in sexual acts with adult males . “The clear distress of some of the victims is indicative of a serious case of child pornography,” he said. Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Geoff Lamb called for jail sentences in both cases, while lawyers for Kerr and Anderson argued against it. Both men were convicted and sentenced to six months jail to be served in the form of intensive corrections orders. Kerr was also placed on a 12 month Good Behavior Bond and ordered to take part in the sex offenders program. Both men will remain on the Sex Offenders Register for eight years. The maximum sentence for possessing child pornography is five years jail.


(VIC - Springvale)
Age: 31yrs old (2007)
Sentence: Sentenced in November 2007 to 2yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty - 3 counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 yrs. Victim was a 9yr old girl.

"Man jailed over shopping mall sex attack" (22-11-2007)
A 31-year-old man illegally staying in Australia has been jailed for two years over the sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl in the change room of a Melbourne shopping centre. The Victorian County Court heard that Mohammad Sehnawaz Khan, of Springvale, approached the nine-year-old girl and her eight-year-old sister at the Chadstone Shopping Centre on March 14, this year. The girls were in the toy section of a department store when Khan pressured the nine-year-old to go into a change room and try on a dress that he said he wanted to buy for his niece in India. He assaulted her in the change room while her sister was present, the court heard. Khan, who came to Australia on a student visa in 2001, will be deported at the end of his jail sentence, the court heard. He illegally obtained a new visa by giving a false name and date of birth when he returned to Australia after visiting his ill father in India, the court heard. Judge Michael Higgins sentenced Khan - who earlier pleaded guilty to three counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16 years - to two years' jail. Judge Higgins said Khan was entitled to a substantial reduction in his sentence after he pleaded guilty, saving the sisters the significant trauma of having to give evidence at a trial. The judge said Khan's victim and her sister now felt fearful in public places, were frightened to be alone, feared Khan would come to their house looking for them and suffered nightmares. Video surveillance footage showing Khan in the shopping centre prompted someone to contact police and identify him when it was played on Crime Stoppers, the court heard. Outside court, Detective Acting Sergeant Jason Lebusque said Crime Stoppers played a vital role in bringing Khan to justice. "If it wasn't for Crime Stoppers we may not have solved this investigation, he said. "And we thank the community for their help in arresting Khan on this occasion."
Read more.

ZYNAL KHAN (VIC - Resevoir, Morris street)
Age: 28 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in a VIC county court in August 2004 to 5 yrs and 11 months jail - 4 yrs and 2 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Found guilty on 4 counts of rape/ 1 count of intentionally causing injury/ 1 count of detaining a person with intent to take part in sexual penetration. Victim was a 33 yr old woman. Khan saw the woman walking along the street, followed her/raped her on the footpath, in Martin street, Thornbury. Apparently some people saw the incident, but did nothing to help the victim.

News (14-9-2011)- "Convicted rapist jailed again for violent attack on sex worker"-
A convicted rapist who served more than four years for his crimes has again been jailed, this time for violently bashing a prostitute. Zynal Khan, 27, admitted punching a sex worker in Melbourne on November 1, 2009, four months after the end of his parole for raping a woman in 2003. In the County Court, defence lawyer Julie Sutherland said Khan acknowledged his offending was "cowardly and brutal". Khan was jailed in 2004 for a minimum four years and two months for raping a female passer-by on a footpath at Thornbury in Melbourne's north while cars drove past. He was released in September 2007 on parole, which finished in June 2009. Judge Pullen had "guarded optimism" for Khan's rehabilitation prospects and jailed him for four years, with a minimum of two years and five months. He has been in custody since the latest offences and will become eligible for parole in about seven months. He had pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury.

News (9-6-2004)- "Teenage rapist jailed 6 years"-
A teenager who raped a woman on a footpath as cars drove past was jailed yesterday for almost six years for what a judge described as one of "the worst examples of predatory behaviour" he had dealt with. The County Court heard that Zynal Khan, 19, decided to rape the 33-year-old woman after he saw her walking in Martin Street, Thornbury, in the early hours of March 29 last year. Khan grabbed the woman, put his hand over her mouth and told her he had a knife before raping her on the footpath. Judge David Morrow said people driving past in cars saw parts of the incident, but did not intervene. The judge said the attack was not premeditated, but was extremely serious and predatory behaviour. He said Khan's actions constituted a woman's "worst nightmare". The court was told the victim suffered various injuries, including swelling, bruising and aggravation of the spinal nerve. She has also been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder. Judge Morrow commended the victim for her "intelligent and rational" manner during the ordeal.-Read More-

Age: 43 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to max 5 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Kickett and another man sexually assaulted an 18 yr old female after a party.

Name: RONALD ROY KIEM (QLD - Goodna)
Age: 28 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced Feb 2012, in the Ipswich District Court, to 4 months jail- wholly suspended for 1 year.

Offence/Other: Ronald Kiem pleaded guilty to indecent treatment of a child under 16- He sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in October, 2009.

News (24-2-2012)- A MAN who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at Goodna has been allowed to walk free- Read More-

Age: 53 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in September 2008.
Offence/Other: Almost 50,000 child pornogaphic images (some of babies bound and gagged) were found. See MAKO/ File.

Name: BILL KIERNAN (VIC- Numerkah)
Age: 51 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in April 2012, to 2 yrs and 9 months jail - Sentence suspended for 3 yrs.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 4 charges over the indecent assault of two 13 yr old girls.

News (23-4-2012)- A 51 yr old Numerkah man Bill Kiernan pleaded guilty in the wang county court to 4 charges over the indecent assault of two children. The offences were committed in the numurkah and Katamatite areas between 2000 and 2004, and began when the girls were 13. He was sentenced on friday to 2 years 9 months in prison, suspended for 3 years. The former Moama man had already served over 15 months in jail for previous offences. The court heard he also aquitted of 15 previous charges involving the sexual assault of a 9yo girl. He will now be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

(WA- Perth)
Age: 23 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced May 2012, in the WA Supreme Court, to life in jail - 13 yrs non parole- backdated to late 2010.

Offence/Other: Child Killer/ Gemma Killeen - Pleaded guilty to murdering her 22 month old son. See MAKO/File

Age: 43 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1990 to a 4 yr good behaviour bond .
Offence/Other: Repeat offender.Sexually assaulted a 13 yr old girl. Priors for trying to abduct a 10 yr old boy.

Age: 36 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in July 2011, in the Victorian County Court, to a $1600 fine.

Offence/Other: Andrew McKenzie King - Tennis coach and owner of a tennis centre - convicted by a jury of performing an indecent act with a child under his care, supervision or authority..victim was a 16 yr old girl.

News (23-7-2011)- Tennis coach guilty of indecent act

Geelong Advertiser (22-12-2010)- "Tennis coach on teen sex charge"
A prominent Geelong tennis coach has faced charges in Geelong Magistrates’ Court of having sex with a teenager under his care. Police allege Andrew McKenzie King, of Newtown, kissed and had sex with the teen. He was charged under legislation that stipulates a person must not take part in an act of sexual penetration with a 16 or 17-year-old child to whom he or she is not married and who is under his or her care, supervision or authority. In 2009, the girl’s mother dropped her off at Mr King’s home ahead of a joint project the next morning. Both the mother and daughter, who cannot be named, believed others would also be sleeping at Mr King’s home that night. But when the mother left, Mr King told the girl the others had emailed to say they could no longer make it. Police allege Mr King, 34, kissed the girl as they sat in the lounge room together before moving to the bedroom where they had sex. Mr Morrisey also highlighted the fact police initially told the mother and daughter Mr King had not committed an offence when they filed the complaint in July of 2009. The girl returned to police with additional information in January this year and police charged Mr King. Court also heard the girl suffered from anxiety and had been seeing psychologists around the time of the alleged offending. Mr King is a tennis coach and owner of a tennis centre.

Age: 72 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Elizabeth Dorothy King/ Former teacher Toowoomba in the 1970s and 1980s - Pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent treatment of a boy under the age of 14, and 20 counts of indecent treatment of a boy under the age of 17..Victim was a 13 yr old boy. See MAKO/File.


Age: 68 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in the ACT Supreme Court, in June 2012, to 12 yrs jail - 7.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Ian Harold King - Convicted of 25 child sex offences..Victims were 5 junior cricketers coached by King..Offences occurred between 1988-1998.

"DPP wins sex crime appeals" (24-9-2012)

View video- http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-30/paedophile-bashed-in-canberra-jail/4490418?section=act

News (30-6-2012)- "Former cricketer jailed for child sex offences"
A former Queensland state cricketer, convicted of 25 child sex offences, has been sentenced to 12 years jail in the ACT Supreme Court. Ian King, 68, was convicted of the charges against five victims who he coached as junior cricketers in Canberra between 1988 and 1998. As a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy in Queensland in 1960, King prostituted himself in public toilets to earn money. In sentencing Justice Richard Refshauge acknowledged King's appalling upbringing. But he said King's victims had their trust abused and experienced shame and guilt, even though they are the victims. Justice Refshauge said a lengthy jail term must be imposed. King will be eligible for parole after seven years and six months.


Age: 43 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 350 hours community work/ 3 yr $500 good behaviour bond + $1700 fine.
Offence/Other: child pornography..Ex-
Albion Park Sports Teacher/ public school. Had over 3000 pictures of boys as young as 7 yrs old. .

Age: 39 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2002 in a VIC Court to 5 yrs jail - 3 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Former Teacher/ Babysitter. Pleaded guilty to 12 child sex offences. Victims were boys aged 4 and 8 yrs.

News (17-8-2002)- "Porn man 'trying to help stamp it out'"- A former primary schoolteacher who pleaded guilty to possessing and producing child pornography claimed he was helping Australian and US governments to stop its infiltration on the Internet, a court heard yesterday. Kristian James King, 29, also pleaded guilty in the County Court to seven counts of indecent acts and three counts of sexual penetration with two children he babysat in Brighton and Safety Beach between October, 2000, and September, 2001. He admitted to a total of 12 child sex charges. Prosecutor Mark Gamble told the court King took more than 100 explicit photographs of the two boys. Police found the pictures among about 900 other hardcore pornographic images King had downloaded from the Internet after his flatmate, a policewoman, became suspicious of the time he spent on his computer. Police were able to trace the mothers of the two boys he had photographed. Judge Julie Nicholson said: "Words can't really express what the parents must have had to go through in dealing with the photos." She described the offences as "horrific" and a case of "young innocence, lost forever". King told police he had "an altruistic motive" to clamp down on the illegal websites. King shielded his face for most of the day-long hearing. His lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, said his client had "substantial contact" with hundreds of children for more than a decade. Mr Howard submitted to Judge Nicholson that a fully suspended jail term should be imposed. The court heard King lived with his parents in Brisbane and worked at a supermarket. He was granted bail. His pre-sentence hearing continues on Tuesday.

Age: 24 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the District court/ Feb 2009 to a 2 yr suspended sentence..very lenient sentence/ released back into the community.

Offence/Other: Paedophile. King entered a South Grafton home and sexually assaulted a 4 yr old girl.

News- "Child sex offender should get 20 years says MP"- A MACLEAN man convicted of having sex with a child should spend at least 20 years in jail says Clarence MP Steve Cansdell. Mr Cansdell was yesterday scathing of a sentence imposed by the District Court last month that allowed the sex offender to be released back into the community. Ronald Dean King spent 14 months in custody while awaiting sentence on a charge of sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 10. The 24-year-old admitted entering a house in South Grafton while intoxicated and sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl. The Daily Examiner revealed on Saturday that King received a two year suspended jail sentence, meaning he will only go to prison if he commits further offences in the next two years. Mr Cansdell said he was shocked at the leniency of the sentence, yesterday contacting NSW shadow Attorney General Greg Smith for a crisis meeting. He said Mr Smith agreed the opposition would pressure the Department of Public Prosecutions to appeal the sentence. “The courts have once again proved they are completely out of touch with the community,” Mr Cansdell said. “Crimes against children, particularly those of a sexual nature, deserve the harshest possible punishment. “This monster should be locked up in jail and get the punishment he deserves and what the community expects.” Mr Cansdell said the case showed the need for lengthy mandatory minimum sentences for child sex offenders.-

Age: 50 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 1-6-2012, in the Mildura County Court, to 3.5 yrs jail - 2 yrs and 3 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Trevor King - Found guilty 8 counts of performing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16 (Victim was a teenage boy). Repeat Offender. 18 prior convictions, including 8 for indecent assault,and 10 for gross indecency. Victims were 2 boys aged between seven and 10 yrs.

News (2-6-2012)- "Man, 50, jailed: Businessman guilty of indecent acts"-
A Mildura businessman who was this week found guilty on eight counts of performing an indecent act with a child under the age of 16 has been jailed for 3½ years. County Court Judge Tim Wood said the offending by Trevor Wayne King was a carefully orchestrated plan to entrap the victim in order to gratify the accused’s deviant desires. King, 50, had pleaded not guilty to 12 charges of performing an indecent act with a child under 16 and was acquitted on four counts by direction of the judge. However, the jury found him guilty on the remaining eight counts and Judge Wood ordered him to serve at least two years and three months in jail before being eligible for parole. At his plea hearing in the County Court sitting at Mildura yesterday, Crown prosecutor David O’Doherty said King had shown “absolutely no remorse”, concocted an allegation of motive for the victim’s accusations and his defence relied on accusing the victim of inventing a “deliberate conspiracy or calculated lie”. Mr O’Doherty said the “planned and calculated” grooming of the boy would have continued had the boy not brought an end to the offending. The court was told King had 18 prior convictions – including eight for indecent assault and 10 for gross indecency – committed against two brothers aged between seven and 10. Those offences took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s and King subsequently received a suspended term of imprisonment in 1997 after pleading guilty. Mr O’Doherty said the more recent offending was “a serious example of indecent conduct” that had demonstrated a gross breach of trust. Defence counsel Florian Andrighetto said the prosecution’s emphasis on King’s prior offending was “disturbing” because he was “a very young man” at the time and the matters were not dealt with by the courts until many years later. Mr Andrighetto said that while King’s more recent offending was “a serious crime”, “the reality is that it is at the very low end of the scale”. “This offending involved no touching,” he said.

Age: 76yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced on the 23-2-2005 in the Tasmanian Supreme Court to 8 yrs jail/ 5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 24 counts including- maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person/ sexual intercourse with a young person/ indecent assault. Victims were 15 boys (aged 12-13 yrs old). Kingston was extradited in July 2004 from Mildura (vic) to face the charges. Offences occurred between 1970-1976 when Kingston was working for the Burnie council to look after West Park (caretaker), where he also lived in a hut. Would befriend/ lure young boys, who were walking through the park, back to his home/ plying them with them alcohol/ cigarettes and pornography. Some of his victims were abused for years.

Update - News (30-8-2011)- "Paedophile bashed in jail"-
A convicted paedophile has need medical treatment after being attacked in the medium security section of Risdon Prison. The prison has confirmed an inmate was attacked on Monday. Vivian Frank Kingston's wrist was broken in the attack. The 69 year old was sentenced to eight years jail in 2005 after being convicted of 24 counts of sexual abuse involving 15 boys in the 1970s. He was extradited to Tasmania after being convicted in South Australia and Victoria for similar offences against young males during the 1980s and '90s.

Age: 45 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced in June 2009, in the Ballarat Magistrates Court, to a 9 month community based order.

Offence/Other: Ricky Kinnersley - Found guilty in the Ballarat Magistrates Court, of possessing child pornography.

"Man put on sex register" (22-6-2009)
A Ballarat man who used an employment agency computer to save child pornography videos will be placed on the Victorian Sex Offenders Register.Ricky Kinnersley, 45, who was found guilty of possessing child pornography in March, was sentenced yesterday in Ballarat Magistrates Court. He received a nine-month community- based order with conditions that he attend education programs and undertake assessment and treatment for psychological issues.The court heard pornographic material was found on the computer Kinnersley had been using at the former Ballarat Highlands Personnel in January last year. Kinnersley claimed that an internet chatroom user had invited him to go to a pornography site where he saw an image but did not download it. Victoria Police said the pornography video was not downloaded from the internet but had been transferred to the computer from an external device such as a memory stick or CD. Magistrate Sue Wakeling yesterday sentenced Kinnersley via video link in Melbourne."Mr Kinnersley, it's important that you understand that this conduct in relation to young people and depictions of young people is not only wrong but unlawful and you must be very very careful to ensure you don't deal with material like this again."Ms Wakeling said she understood Kinnersley had multiple sclerosis and his condition was getting worse. She told him to advise Community Corrections if he became too unwell to comply with the order.


Age: yrs old
Sentence: TBU

Offence/Other: Convicted on multiple assaults on children.   Was managing a video store at the time of the offences. Kirkbride was dubbed the 'TOE TICKLER'  because of his bizzare  fascination with childrens bodyparts. He pleaded guilty to 24 charges  including 15 counts of RECKLESSLY CAUSING INJURY on his victims mostlyCHILDREN. Kirkbride would break into the houses of his intended victims and enter their bedrooms while the family was sleeping. He would then  remove the childs blankets and proceed to KISS ,  LICK and FONDLE the CHILDS TOES, FEET and LEGS.  MAKO has also done a notification on Kirkbride- See MAKO/File

Age: 53 yrs old
Sentence: No Conviction recorded. In May 2004 he was given a 4 yr good behaviour  bond/ fined $4000/ banned from attending shopping centres (Chadstone/ Knox) for 1 year.
Offence/Other: ex Dentist/ Former shire councillor (Maroondah). Pleaded guilty  to 3 counts of stalking/ 1 count of possessing child pornography. Kirmos was caught with a video camera in his bag/ Told Police he was following/  filming up the skirts of girls and had been doing this twice a week, since November 2003. Would conceal his camera and visit various shopping centres. Also had graphic images of child pornography (4000 images), on his computer.

Age: 43 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in
Melbourne in 1994 to 13 yrs jail/ 10 yrs non parole. Released from jail on the 18-6-2003.
Offence/Other: Aboriginal descent.Kitchener abducted a 5 yr old girl from a playground in Collingwood/Vic, and sexually assaulted her.The girl was covered in cuts and bruises and needed surgery. An order was obtained in the Supreme Court compelling Kitchener to notify Police of his address for the next 10 yrs. Has at least one prior for indecent assault in 1988.

Age: 51 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to 12 months jail/ Appealed-Reduced in Sept 2006 in the Geelong Magistrates Court to a 2 yr community based order (with conditions)/ Placed on sex offender register for 8 yrs..
Offence/Other: Accountant. Pleaded guilty in the Geelong Magistrates' Court in July 2006 to possessing images of child pornography.(10,500 images including of babies).

Name: RICHARD IVAN NOEL KITE ( NSW - Originally from New Zealand)
Age: yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 1-2-2008, in the Sydney District Court in Sydney, to 8 yrs and 10 months jail - 5.5 yrs non-parole..sentence reduced on appeal to 4 yrs and 6 months non-parole.

Offence/Other: Richard Ivan Kite - Pleaded guilty to 2 counts of sexual intercourse with person under the age of 10 years..Victim was a 6 yr old girl.

Age: 63 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in a WA District Court to 14 yrs jail/ No parole.
Offence/Other: Victim was a girl (aged 16 yrs). The offences occurred in 1996. Priors include- 1973/ Carnal knowldege/ 4 months jail- In 1988/+ aggravated sexual assault.

Age: 64 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 in the Melbourne Magistrates Court to a 9 month intensive correction order. Pleaded guilty in the Melbourne County Court to 13 charges (unlawful/ indecent assault) in October 2005. Sentenced in a County Court in Dec 2005 to 3yrs jail/ 2yrs suspended.
Sentenced again in May 2014 to 10 1/2 yrs jail/ 6 1/2yrs no parole.
Offence/ Other: Catholic priest. 4 counts of indecent assault. Victims were 2 boys (under 16 yrs). Victims relating to the latest charges were boys under 16 yrs.
2014 - Pleaded guilty to 15 charges including - indecent assault/ buggery/ attempted buggery/ rape. Victims were 15 schoolboys. Read more.

Age: 50 yrs old
Sentence:  Sentenced  on the
28-10-2004 in the SA District Courtto 9 yrs 9 months jail/  5 yrs 4 months non parole.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty on the 25-10-2004 to 3 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse/ 1 count of indecent assault / 1 count of committing an act of gross indecency. Victim was girl, abused from the age of 7-13 yrs, between 1995- 2000.  “God help all little girls when you are released”- Victims mother. See MAKO/File

Garri Douglas Knight

(QLD- Cairns / was living on a yacht around the Cairns Marina area)
Age: 61 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced to 12 mths jail. Time already served was taken into consideration and he was released 30-10-2008. To complete a sex offenders program/ serve 3 yrs probation. Pleaded guilty in the Cairns District Court in Oct 2008 to 2 counts of possessing child exploitation material.
Offence/Other: Repeat Offender. Pleaded guilty in the Cairns District Court in Oct 2008 to 2 counts of possessing child exploitation material. Has prior convictions for possessing child porn, indecent dealing and indecent acts. Read more.

Age: 59 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced 16-12-1994 in the Darwin Supreme Court to 8 yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Ex- Music Teacher. Fifteen sex offences involving 6 boys (aged between 13-15 yrs). Knight molested the boys after music practice and at the
Darwin school where he taught. The offences occurred between June 1991- October 1993. See MAKO/File

Name: ROBERT KEITH KNIGHT (Deceased - April, 2013) (VIC - Ferntree Gully)
Age: 62 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1997, to 15 yrs jail - 11.5 yrs non parole..Released 12-3-2009.

Offence/Other: Robert Keith Knight - Paedophile. Registered sex offender/ Former Scout and Youth leader..Was jailed for 15 years for the abduction and rape of two schoolgirls. Knight committed suicide in the Melbourne Remand Centre by jumping from the upper tier of his prison unit in April, 2013..He was due to face Ringwood Magistrates Court on charges of possessing almost 10,000 images of child sex abuse. See MAKO/File.

In 1996, Robert Knight held a knife to a 12-year-old girl's throat as she walked home from school in Blairgowrie, put a bag over her head, and shoved her in a 4x4 vehicle. The girl was taken to a house where she was forced to wear lingerie, was drugged and over 18 hours repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted. Knight videoed the vile acts. She was then driven to a secondary school, given $5 and told not to look back. The case was linked to another in 1980, when a young girl was walking a short distance in front of her family on a beach in Sorrento when a man jumped out, put a bag over her head and pushed her into his car. She was driven to a secluded area, where sexually explicit photos of her were taken, before she was dropped nearby, given $2 and told not to look back. The former confectionery worker denied the allegations when confronted by police, but later admitted it to his then third wife, who went straight to police. It was discovered his family had a nearby holiday house. Knight eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years' jail with a minimum of 11 1/2. He was described as a sociopath with no remorse for his crimes.

"Paedophile Robert Knight's pictures a concern bfore his release" (25-5-2013)

"Man quizzed over disappearance of Siriyakorn 'Bung' Siriboon dies in prison jump" (25-4-2013)



Age: 55 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1991 to 2.5 yrs jail/ 12 months non parole.
Offence/Other: Knowles molested a girl from the age of 6-10 yrs old.

(NSW- Ballina)
Age: 32 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the Darwin Magistrates Court to a $2,500 fine.
Offence/Other: Found guilty of committing an indecent act/ under the aviation act. Exposed himself and masturbated in front of a female passenger on a flight from Brisbane to Darwin.

Name: TAKUYA KOAZE (NSW- Sydney)
Age: 48 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 15-6-2012, in the Downing Centre Local Court,to 1 yr in jail - 9 months non-probation. Koaze immediately appealed and was given bail but ordered to have no contact with people under 18, apart from relatives, and was banned from owning any type of camera, including mobile phones with camera devices. To be updated.

Offence/Other: Takuya Koaze - Bus Driver, installed a spy camera on a Sydney Transport bus, to film up the skirts of hundreds of schoolgirls. Police discovered more than 2500 photos of girls who appeared to be as young as 10. pleaded guilty to 3 charges of filming without consent.

News (15-6-2012)- "Sydney bus driver who perved on schoolgirls, jailed"
A bus driver who installed a spy camera to film up the skirts of hundreds of schoolgirls will spend at least nine months in jail. Sentencing Takuya Koaze, 48, in the Downing Centre Local Court today, Magistrate Michael Price said he had filmed "many unwitting victims" after he bought a spy camera in Japan and installed it on a Sydney Transport bus. "An aggravating factor clearly has to be (the victims') vulnerability by virtue of their age," Mr Price said, adding it was not an impulsive or isolated event. "This is a serious pattern of criminal behaviour, more particularly because it was planned." Koaze had pleaded guilty to three counts of filming people's private parts to obtain sexual arousal, while working as a bus driver. Police found more than 2500 images and over 60 minutes of footage of girls, some of whom appeared to be as young as 10 or 11. The images focused on the victims' legs, buttocks and genital area. Earlier Koaze told the court he had made a "terrible mistake" and he apologised to his victims. Koaze's mother told the court she continues to support her son and their relationship has grown stronger since the charges were laid. "After this incidence he began to realise that is not a preferable hobby," Setsoko Koaze said. Ms Koaze added that her son had turned to religion and was going to marry. Mr Price said it was clear Koaze, who the court heard has a high IQ, suffered from "some social discomfort". "It's apparent to the court that you regret your actions," he said. He sentenced Koaze to one year's imprisonment with a non-probation period of nine months.

Name: SHIVAM KOHLI (SA- Adelaide)
Age: 22 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Adelaide District Court to a suspended sentence, and a 3 yr good behaviour bond.

Offence/Other: Shivam Kohli- Indecently assaulted a disabled woman.

News (2-8-2012)- "Man gets bond for disabled woman's assault"
A man who indecently assaulted a disabled woman has been given a suspended jail sentence by the Adelaide District Court. Shivam Kohli, 22, assaulted the wheelchair-bound woman at a city motel in April last year. He was accused of two counts of rape, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges during his trial. Judge Steven Millsteed said Kohli had pretended to be romantically interested in the woman for his own pathetic sexual gratification. A three-year good behaviour bond was imposed.

Age: 47 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1995 to 14 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 31 charges.Victims were 7 boys aged 12-16 yrs old.

Age: 24 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To serve at least 2 yrs jail- 2008

Offence/Other: Ian Koowarta - convicted of raping a 10 yr old girl at Aurukun in early 2006.
Raymond Woolla and Ian Koowarta were among nine men and boys who admitted raping a girl, 10, at Aurukun in early 2006. The case sparked national outrage last year when Cairns District Court Judge Sarah Bradley gave the offenders non-custodial sentences, saying in her sentencing remarks that "the girl involved … was not forced and that she probably agreed to have sex’’ with the men and boys. Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine appealed the leniency of the sentence and the Court of Appeal last week ruled that five of the group – three men and two juveniles - should be jailed. Woolla and Koowarta, who will serve at least two years each, are expected to be sent to either Townsville prison or Capricornia Correctional Centre, near Rockhampton. -Read More Below-

News (25-6-2008)- "Behind bars"-
Two men who walked free from court after being convicted of raping a 10-year-old girl are finally behind bars today as the Aurukun Nine saga draws to a close. Raymond Frederick Woolla, 26, and Ian Austin Koowarta, 20, spent last night at Cairns Watchhouse after being flown from Aurukun. The pair and a 15-year-old boy handed themselves in to police on Monday after a warrant was issued for their arrest. "We negotiated with their families to have them attend the police station," acting Insp Steve Kersley said. Woolla and Koowarta were among nine men and boys who admitted raping a girl, 10, at Aurukun in early 2006. The case sparked national outrage last year when Cairns District Court Judge Sarah Bradley gave the offenders non-custodial sentences, saying in her sentencing remarks that "the girl involved … was not forced and that she probably agreed to have sex’’ with the men and boys. Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine appealed the leniency of the sentence and the Court of Appeal last week ruled that five of the group – three men and two juveniles - should be jailed. Woolla and Koowarta, who will serve at least two years each, are expected to be sent to either Townsville prison or Capricornia Correctional Centre, near Rockhampton. The boy, who cannot be named under Queensland law, will be sent to a juvenile detention centre. Michael Sylvester Wikmunea, 19, and another boy are already in custody on other matters. Police said they would be served warrants over the Aurukun rape in the near future. Three 16-year-old boys and a 17-year-old man were placed on three years' probation and ordered to attend Griffith Youth Forensic Rehabilitation Centre. Lawyers for the five jailed men are yet to announce whether they will appeal against the increased sentences.

(VIC- Greenvale)
Age: 24 yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced in the VIC County Court in Dec 2009 to 8 yrs jail/ 6 yrs non parole.Nearly 1 yr spent in custody,taken into account.
Offence/Other: Convicted- Producing child pornography/ 3 counts of rape/ 2 counts indecent assault with a child under 16 yrs/ 1 count sexual penetration of a child under 16 yrs..Committed offences with accomplice Shaun Walker.

Age: 40 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced August 2011, in the Melbourne County Court, to 5.5 yrs jail - 3.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Jason Raymond Koschel- Paedophile- Pleaded guilty to 3 counts of indecent acts and one count of sexual penetration.. Victim was an 8 yr old boy.

News (7-8-2011)- "Victim captures sex fiend's confession online"
Fourteen years after molesting a child, a sex fiend has been brought to justice after being caught out by his victim in an online chatroom. Jason Raymond Koschel abused an eight-year-old boy four times in 1997, but he lied to police and the charges were dropped. However, Koschel and his victim met again by chance. By then, the victim was an adult and Koschel confessed his crimes. The victim, then 19, managed to get Koschel to repeat the admission online and recorded the conversation. He then went to police with the same allegations he had made as an eight-year-old. Officers were able to use the recording as evidence to prosecute the man they previously let walk free. This week in the Melbourne County Court, Koschel, 40, of Wodonga, was sentenced to a minimum 3 1/2 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent acts and one count of sexual penetration. He admitted forcing the boy to kiss him and touch his penis in incidents that took place over eight months. The victim, now 22, said he still finds it difficult to keep friends, needs counselling and has disturbing flashbacks to his childhood. "As a young child, someone saying you're wrong or lying was something I really didn't understand," he said. Judge Mark Gamble said the 1997 crimes had a "profound and lasting effect" but he would reduce the sentence because Koschel had spared the victim the ordeal of a trial by pleading guilty. Koschel received a total sentence of 5 1/2 years with a non-parole period of 3 1/2 years. He was deemed as having a "moderate" chance of being rehabilitated.


Name: KARL WOLFGANG KOSER (Karl Wolfgang Koser)
(SA - Whyalla)
Age: 70 yrs old (2014)
Sentence: Sentenced 11-7-2014, in the SA District Court, to 8 yrs jail - 4 yrs and 3 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Karl Wolfgang Koser - Paedophile..Koser pleaded guilty to the persistent sexual exploitation of a child and threatening harm between 2012 and 2013.. Victim was a 10 year old girl.

"Karl Wolfgang Koser sentenced to eight years jail for abusing girl, 10, then threatening girl her with gun" (11-7-2014)
A 70-year-old who sexually abused a 10-year-old girl then later threatened to harm her with a firearm if she told police, has been sentenced to eight years’ jail. Karl Wolfgang Koser, 70, of Whyalla, had pleaded guilty to the persistent sexual exploitation of a child and threatening harm between 2012 and 2013. In sentencing today, District Court Judge David Lovell said Koser had befriended the then ten-year-old girl’s family at a caravan park on the Spencer Gulf in 2012.
Read more.

Age: 26 yrs old
Sentence: Found not guilty in the NSW Supreme Court in March 2005 of murder by reason of mental illness.
Offence/Other: Child Killer/ Pedophile Victim was a 5 yr old girl, Chloe Hoson.. The paedophile admitted killing the young girl/ interfering with her deceased body. He was charged- Upon each charge a special verdict of not guilty by reason of mental illness was reached/ The self confessed filthy paedophile/ child killer is to be held in strict custody at Long Bay Prison Hospital (or another appropriate facility).
See MAKO/File

Name: MICHAEL KOTIS (NT - Darwin, Millner)
Age: 49 yrs old (2005)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2005, to almost 6 yrs jail - 4 yrs and 1 month non parole.

Offence/Other: Michael Kotis - Paedophile/ Repeat Offender.

"Darwin man sentenced for child sex offences" (30-3-2005)
A Darwin man diagnosed with schizophrenia has been sentenced to almost six years jail for having sex with a 10-year-old girl and unlawfully dealing with her 11-year-old friend last year. On several occasions last year Michael Kotis, 49, performed oral sex on the 10-year-old girl at his Millner home. On the last occasion the girl's friend intervened and Kotis then touched the friend on the buttocks and pelvic area. Justice Stephen Southwood said the 10-year-old had been traumatised by what happened and now often smoked dope to help her sleep. Kotis was also sentenced for indecently assaulting a child more than 20 years ago. The court heard in 1982 Kotis approached a young girl at the Nightcliff swimming pool and touched her on the groin. Justice Southwood sentenced Kotis to almost six years jail with a non-parole period of four years and one month. He said each of the offences were serious and caused fear and outrage in the community.


Age: 58 yrs old
Sentence: To be updated.
Offence/Other: Conviction for rape in 1981.

JOHN CHRIS KOUSHAPPIS (WA- Kalgoorlie, Boulder)
Age: yrs old
Sentence: Convicted in the
Perth District Court on the 24-10-1997. To be updated.
Offence/Other: 3 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 13 yrs.  Victim was a boy (aged 6-7 yrs). Offences occured between January 1993- January 1994.


VIC- Melbourne and USA)
Age: 51 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Serving 7 yr jail sentence in USA- 2011- served 4 yrs,paroled April 2012..was arrested immediately by US Marshals on his release, because of the extradition request by the Australian­government- Read More below.

Offence/Other: Former Jewish school teacher. Serving a 7 year jail sentence in the USA for the abuse of a 12-year-old boy in Missouri-2011. Paroled in April 2012 and immediately arrested by US Marshalls. Australian Police are seeking to extradite Kramer from the US-May 2012- Read More below.

"Jewish teacher David Kramer jailed for sexually assaulting boys at Yeshiva College" (24-7-2013)
A Jewish teacher who committed "unforgivable" crimes on four students at a Melbourne school has been jailed for a maximum of three years and four months. But father of 11 Rabbi David Kramer could walk free from prison after just three months because of time already served in pre-sentence detention. The 53-year-old convicted paedophile is believed to be the first member of Jewish institution in Australia to have admitted, and been sentenced for, child sex crimes. The sentence has been welcomed by victims who said while it was lower than they had hoped, justice had been served.

"Former primary school teacher David Kramer jailed for sexually assaulting students at Yeshiva College" (24-7-2013)

Jewish news (25-5-2012)- "Child molester jailed as police seek extradition"-
Australia's efforts to extradite child molester David Kramer are gathering momentum, with the former Yeshivah College (Melbourne) teacher set to front the Federal Court in the US in a matter of months. Kramer was reportedly spirited to Israel in 1992 by the college, before moving to the US a decade later, where he was convicted of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in Missouri and sentenced to seven years in jail at the Missouri Department of Corrections. He was paroled in April after serving four years of his sentence and arrested immediately by US Marshals on his release because of the extradition request by the Australian ­government. A spokesperson for the Attorney-General’s Department told The AJN that Kramer was “wanted by Victorian authorities to face prosecution for the offences of indecent assault and indecent acts with a child under the age of 16” and that “Mr Kramer was arrested in the United States on 23 April 2012 in response to Australia’s request for his ­extradition”. The alleged assaults were committed against four boys at Yeshivah College between 1989 and 1992. Kramer is currently on remand in a St Louis jail and has applied for bail. He will likely face court in August for the beginning of extradition ­proceedings. A lawyer for Kramer, Matthew Chase, said his client denies the charges and will argue the veracity of the claims made against the 51-year-old, given more than 20 years have passed since the alleged abuses took place. “There’s no option but to fight it [the charges]. He denies the wrongdoing vehemently,” Chase told The AJN. “It’s tough [because] he’s now a convicted felon. It’s frustrating for me to have a client who is facing charges that could have been brought at any time in the last 20 years and chose not to.” “It’s 20 years-plus old complaints. Complaints which were made at the time and for 20 years Australia very easily could have found out where he was. It’s not like he’s been a fugitive hiding from justice, nor was he a person who fled Australia.” Chase said one of the alleged victims has accused Kramer of hundreds of separate instances of abuse, a claim he describes as “outlandish”. “They have a lot of statements … There’s no physical evidence. They have nothing and it’s 20 years old.”
Victim advocate Manny Waks, who has publicly claimed he was sexually assaulted at Yeshivah College, said it is common for accusations of abuse to surface years after the incidents are alleged to have happened. “It is important to understand that children who were sexually abused often do not take any remedial action until they are much older,” Waks said. “It could be due to shame, guilt, confusion and/or pressure – depending on the individual and their circumstances. But regardless of when remedial action is taken, often the impact of the abuse is ­long-lasting. “Perpetrators and their enablers should always be held to full account, irrespective of the length of time after the abuse. It should be left to the judicial process to determine the veracity of such serious allegations.” Victoria Police would not comment on the investigation or the extradition proceedings. http://www.jewishnews.net.au/child-molester-jailed-as-police-seek-extradition/26237

News (20-7-2011)- Police wrote to former Yeshivah College students earlier this year, urging them to contact Crime Stoppers if they had been assaulted between 1989 and 1993. The investigation was mainly linked to former teacher David Kramer, who fled Australia in the early 1990s after parents complained he had sexually abused students. Police hope to extradite Kramer when he has served a seven-year prison sentence in the US for sodomising a 12-year-old boy. - Read More-

Age: 38 yrs old (2008)
Sentence: Sentenced in SA in 1996 to 4.5 yrs jail - 3 yrs non parole.
Sentenced in Qld in 2007 to 16 months imprisonment, suspended after 4 months.
Offence/Other: COREY KRAWTSCHENKO aka 'Corey Croft'sexually assaulted a 5 yr old girl and video taped the act.. He used to babysit the child. The girls family was disgusted with the sentence he received.
In January, 2007, after moving to Queensland and changing his name, Croft appeared in the Southport District Court charged with possessing child exploitation material. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment, suspended after four months.

Update/ Jan 2015 - The man killed in his home at Upper Coomera this week was a child sex offender with convictions in two states. Read more.

Name: SAMUEL KRIS (QLD- Sarina)
Age: 27 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Paedophile. Convicted of a child sex offence in Queensland.

News (7-2-2011)- "Sex offender didn't supply new address"-
Sarina resident Samuel Kris is a registered child sex offender who failed to notify police of a change of residential address. Kris, 27, pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrate’s Court on Friday to failing to report under his obligations as a registered offender under the Australian National Child (Sex) Offender Register, known as ANCOR. He was convicted of a child sex offence in Queensland and has been on the register since May, 2008, and he has to remain on the register for 15 years, police prosecutor Elizabeth Cassells said. Among the many conditions of being on the register is a requirement to notify police of any change of residential address if he changes address for more than 14 days at a time. On November 11 last year police became aware that Kris had not been living at his registered address for more than 14 days. Detectives from the Child Protection Investigation Unit located him at an address in Penfold Street and he told them he had been living there for 16 days, Ms Cassells said. After being told by detectives that he would be charged, he moved out of the Penfold Street address back into his old address, Ms Cassells said. Kris had a previous conviction for a similar offence in February 2009, so this was his second breach in two-and-a-half years, Ms Cassells said. Acting magistrate Ron Muirhead said it was important that registered sex offenders comply with the conditions imposed on them by ANCOR. “If you come back for a third offence, a prison sentence is likely,” Mr Muirhead said. Mr Muirhead fined Kris $900.

Age: 43 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced December 2011, in the NT Supreme Court, to 10 months jail - suspended after serving 5 months.

Offence/Other: David Kruhse - Pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

News (24-12-2011)- "Child porn guilty plea"-
A man charged with possessing child pornography would not have broken the law if he had sex with a 16-year-old girl but will spend five months in prison for looking at a picture of one, a court heard this week. David August Kruhse, 43, pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court to possessing 2262 child abuse images and 269 movies on his computer. But his lawyer, Peter Elliott, told Justice Stephen Southwood that Kruhse only had an interest in looking at "attractive" 16 or 17-year-old girls. "If he had actually engaged in sexual activity he wouldn't be committing a crime," he said. Crown prosecutor Lisa Brown said the relevant legislation defined a child as being under 18 years. She said 23 images and 31 movies were in the worst two categories which showed children engaged in sexual activity with adults. But Mr Elliott said his client simply downloaded a file off the internet and did not look at all of the images. "You don't choose ... It's not like a big display (of pictures) and you say I want this one and this one," he said. "He is a regular with the exception of this (incident) Territory bloke." Justice Southwood said during sentencing Kruhse yesterday that the material was "dumped" on his computer and he may not have known images of the worst category were in the file. But he said the rigger was an "intelligent" person who intentionally sought child porn on the internet for his own gratification, something that caused its production. "The community strongly disapproves of such behaviour," he said. He convicted and sentenced Kruhse to 10 months jail to be suspended after serving five months.

Age: 61 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 14 yrs jail/ 10 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Abducted and raped a 24 yr old woman. Has priors (including rape) dating back to 1964.

Age: 45 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in February 2010 in Adelaide Magistrates Court.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty on the 15-1-2010 in the Adelaide Magistrates Court to 1 count of engaging in indecent filming of a person other than a minor.

Name: GREGORY DAVID KYNUNA (Gregory Kynuna) (QLD- Yarrabah)
Age: 49 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in Qld, to 6 yrs jail in 2004 for luring a six-year-old boy away from his Cairns home and raping him. ..Sentence was extended after he indecently assaulted a female tutor in the jail..Released in July/ 2011 on strict conditions.. Kynuna breached those conditions in July/ 2011 and was returned to jail..Dec/ 2011 Kynuna is jailed indefinitely.

Offence/Other: Gregory David Kynuna - SERIAL sex offender/ Paedophile- Offences have included the rape of a 6 yr old Cairns boy in 2004.

"Sex offender to stay behind bars" (8-12-2011)
A serial sex offender who raped a six-year-old local boy and assaulted a group of girls while they were in Cairns on a school excursion has been jailed indefinitely. Yarrabah man Gregory David Kynuna has been in and out of jail for sexual assaults since 1987, when he broke into a Cairns hostel and inappropriately touched a number of girls who were staying there while on a school excursion. The 47-year-old was sentenced to six years’ jail in 2004 for luring a six-year-old boy away from his Cairns home and raping him. His sentence was extended after he indecently assaulted a female tutor in the jail, but he was released in July this year on strict conditions. Kynuna breached those conditions by the end of the month when he failed to keep to his curfew and he tested positive for cannabis. In a Supreme Court of Queensland decision published on Monday, Attorney-General Paul Lucas was successful in keeping Kynuna behind bars indefinitely. Psychiatrists had noted Kynuna’s risk of reoffending was "very high" if he did not adhere to curfews and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. "… in my view, it is currently impossible to describe his potential for reoffending, either violently or sexually, as less than very high," one doctor reported. "In my opinion, it would be prudent at this time for Mr Kynuna to remain a resident of an institution, either in prison or preferably a maximum-security psychiatric hospital, and for the situation to be reviewed when he has been so resident of a period of 12 months."



Barry John Kyte

Name: BARRY JOHN KYTE (Barry Kyte) (QLD-Lake Eacham)
Age: 53 yrs old - 2012 (DOB-30/12/59)
Sentence: Sentenced 4-9-2012, in the Cairns District Court, to 5 yrs jail - sentence suspended after serving 2.5 yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Barry Kyte - Pleaded guilty to the rape and indecent treatment of an 11 yr old girl over about three months in 2010 and 2011.. Former Pharmacist..has since been struck off the medical practitioners register.

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