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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
(last known location is taken from time of offenders offence/sentence,unless otherwise stated).

Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

DETERRING some offenders = yet another form of prevention..

+ being a useful resource for Australian and overseas Companies-businesses-organisations to assist with screening potential employees/volunteers etc..
+ a useful resource for media outlets/journalists/Investigators/researchers etc..
+ a useful method of constantly lobbying Australian Government/s and politicians to do more to protect the PUBLIC from sexual predators.
"Tougher sentencing for offenders,greater government funding for prevention/better victim assistance and public sex offender registries would be a good foundation to work from."

"PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a complete list of Australian convicted sex offenders"..


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# Not a complete list of Australian sex offenders.




Age: 36 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996/ 97. Sentence unavailable
Offence/Other: Nader abducted/ sexually assaulted a 13 yr old girl.

(VIC- Bendigo, Lockwood)
Age: 24 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced 5-5-2011, in the Melbourne County Court to 10 yrs jail - 7 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Found guilty by a jury of 2 counts of Rape and one of assault. Violently raped and assaulted a 15 yr old girl. Pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16. Victim was a 12 yr old girl.
See Co/offender - Dale Goss.

News (6-5-2011)- "Rapist gets 10 years"-
Lockwood man Jarrod Nadort has been sentenced to 10 years’ jail for violently raping and assaulting a 15-year-old girl. The sentence also takes into account two charges of sexual penetration of a child under 16, relating to a 12-year-old girl on a different occasion. Nadort, 24, was sentenced in the Melbourne County Court yesterday morning. During his trial in Bendigo last month, the court was told Nadort had been “caught in the act” when another person walked into the spare bedroom and found him kneeling over the teenage victim who was crying and screaming. A female witness told the court she saw the victim try to crawl away from Nadort. Nadort did not deny having sex with the teenager, but said it was consensual. He was found guilty by a jury of two counts of rape and one of assault. In a victim impact statement, the victim described the pain and anguish the rape had caused. “I felt that I had a tattoo across my forehead after Jarrod had attacked me and I felt vulnerable because of it,’’ she said. “I would try and act tough so I didn’t seem vulnerable to the outside world, but really I was feeling anything but tough. I felt easy targeted, naive, empty, used, violated and fearful. “The scars from this incident may not be visible, but I live with the pain, the mental and emotional scars every day.’’ The rape occurred at a 21st birthday party in February last year. Four months later Nadort twice had sex with a 12-year-old girl in a bungalow at his parents’ house. Nadort pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16. His friend, Dale Goss, 25, of Golden Square, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual penetration of a child under 16. At the pre-sentence hearing for all matters, prosecutor Patrick Southey called for a sentence of seven to 10 years with a non-parole period of five to seven years for Nadort, and two to three years jail with a non-parole period of 12 to 18 months for Goss. Judge Rachelle Lewitan said Nadort’s offending was very serious, considering the violent nature of the rape and the fact that the victim was affected by alcohol. Nadort will be eligible for parole after seven years. Goss was sentenced to two years’ jail with a non-parole period of 16 months.

News (3-6-2010)- "Girl, 12, rape charges"-
Two Bendigo men have been charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl. The men, both in their 20s, are alleged to have consumed drugs and alcohol and had sex with the girl in full view of their friends despite her pleading with them to stop. Long Gully man Dale Goss, 25, and Jarrod Nadort, 23, of Lockwood were arrested on Tuesday after the girl made a report to police. They appeared in the Bendigo Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon for a bail application. It was opposed by police on the grounds that the charges were of such a serious nature that the men were considered a flight risk. Prosecutor, Leading Senior Constable Dave Somerton said police also believed the men would interfere with prosecution witnesses and endanger the safety of the victim if allowed back into the community. Despite their concerns Magistrate Jennifer Tregent granted bail. Detective Senior Constable David Newman from the sexual crimes squad said Goss and Nadort picked up a group of people, including the girl, from KFC in Bendigo on Saturday night. He said the group then drove to Nadort's bungalow at his parents' house where they consumed alcohol and the two men smoked cannabis. While in the Bungalow, the court was told, Nadort began touching the girl and had sex with her on a bed. ``She was telling him to stop, she was trying to push him away,'' Detective Senior Constable Newman said. Nadort is alleged to have had sex with the girl a second time that night. He is alleged to have followed the girl out to a rear shed, pushed her onto a mattress and tried to remove her clothes. When she struggled he allegedly slapped her across the face and then had sex with her. Goss is alleged to have had sex with the girl on a couch inside the bungalow. Detective Senior Constable Newman said the girl awoke to find Goss standing over her naked. He then removed her clothes and lifted her on top of him while he sat on the couch and they had sex, the court heard. Two other people who were present at the time have made statements to police alleging they witnessed Nadort and Goss have sex with the girl. Both men deny the allegations. Nadort is charged with two counts of rape, two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16, one count of common law assault and one count of indecent assault. Goss is charged with one count of rape, one count of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and one count of common law assault. They will return to court in September.

Age: 51 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to a 9 month suspended jail term.
Offence/Other: Convicted of child pornography offences.

Age: 37 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 19-2-2004, in the Townsville District Court, to 8 yrs jail - Must serve 80% of sentence.
Sentenced 27-7-2012, in the Townsville District Court, to 5 yrs jail - 4 yrs non parole...has served 220 days pre-sentence custody.

Offence/Other: Edward George Nallajar/ Repeat Offender/ Declared a serious violent offender in 2004 and again in 2012..Sentenced in 2004 after he pleaded guilty to 2 charges of rape, 1 of taking a child for immoral purposes,and Indecent treatment of a child under 12 yrs..Victim was an 8 yr old girl.
Nallajar was sentenced in 2012 after attempted to rape an 11 yr old girl in May 2011..Pleading guilty to indecent treatment of a child under 12, unlawful deprivation of liberty and enter premises with intent.

News (28-7-2012)- "Underage sex called 'cultural'"
A man who says it's "become a cultural thing" on Palm Island to sleep with underage girls has been jailed for five years, after he attempted to rape an 11-year-old. His comments have enraged Palm Island elders and Indigenous spokespeople, who have called his remarks "appalling". Edward Nallajar, 37, lured his young victim to a laundry room with cannabis and $50 in May 2011, and tried to pull his shorts down and hers too. He was interrupted by the girl's brave friends, who pushed open the door where she was being held and pulled her out. A psychologist said Nallajar showed little remorse when he was interviewed afterwards. Nallajar told her most children on Palm Island weren't virgins and said, had he offered more money, the girl may have been more willing. He said having sex with children on Palm Island was a "cultural thing". But Professor Gracelyn Smallwood, a prominent Indigenous activist, said this was definitely not the case. "I've spoken to a number of key elders on Palm Island and they're disgusted at him saying it's culturally appropriate," she said. "It's absolutely appalling he used that in the courts. Under Aboriginal law, before white fellas came, you were actually speared or killed (for a crime like this)." Professor Smallwood has long campaigned against violence and rape, especially in Indigenous communities, and said it was a concern others might adopt the same excuse. She said prison sentences for offenders like Nallajar needed to be reviewed. "He has to have some serious mental health counselling," she said. "It should be compulsory, not elective, for every person in jail to take healing classes for their crime. There needs to be some serious accountability in terms of the institutions." Judge Stuart Durward SC had adjourned the matter for two weeks to decide whether Nallajar's intention was to rape the girl that day. He concluded yesterday in Townsville District Court that it was. "I'm satisfied that your intention in taking the girl to the laundry was to sexually interfere with her," he said. "It was only the brave intervention of the other children that prevented you from giving effect to that intention." Judge Durward SC declared Nallajar a serious violent offender, meaning he will have to serve at least 80 per cent of his five-year sentence. He has served 220 days pre-sentence custody and will be released after four years.

News (12-7-2012)- "Friends rescued girl from rape, court told"
A young girl was saved from a convicted rapist by her heroic friends, who pushed open the blocked door where she was being held and pulled her out. The 11-year-old girl and her friends were playing marbles in the yard of a Palm Island home when they were approached by the offender in May 2011. The man, Edward George Nallajar, had been released from prison that week for raping an eight-year-old girl, and asked the children if an adult was home. He then lured the children to the home's laundry with a $50 note and cannabis. He grabbed the girl and closed the door to the small room with them inside, locking the others out. Her friends pushed on the door as the 37-year-old tried to pull the girl's shorts down and his own, while the terrified girl cried out for help. Prosecutor for the Crown Susan Hedge told a Townsville District Court one of the children got through and pulled the defendant away. "It was only due to the bravery of the other children that the complainant (wasn't raped)," she said. "The defendant said to the psychologist he would have had sex with the (child) if he wasn't interrupted." Nallajar's previous rape conviction against the eight-year-old girl was in very similar circumstances, including luring the girl with cannabis to some nearby school grounds, where he had committed sexual assaults. He had also been convicted of manslaughter when he was 18 years old and was jailed for six years.-Read More-

Age: 32 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 7 yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Namie abducted/ attempted to rape a 3 yr old girl.

Name: AVINESHWAR NAND (NSW- Quakers Hill)
Age: 40 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced June 2012, in the NSW District Court, to 11 yrs jail - 7.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Avineshwar Nand/ Repeat Offender..pleaded guilty to sexual assault and rape.

News (29-6-2012)- "Man jailed over rape at train station"
A Sydney man has been jailed for up to 11 years for repeatedly raping an 18-year-old woman as she slept at an inner-city railway station and filming it on his phone. AVINESHWAR Nand had carried on the attack despite several train passengers walking past, the NSW District Court was told. Nand bowed his head slightly and covered his face as the sentence was read out in the court on Friday. The 40-year-old from Quakers Hill, in the city's northwest, began the predatory attack after spotting the young woman sleeping on a bench at Newtown railway station during the early hours of December 16, 2010. The woman, who has not been named for legal reasons, had drunk alcohol the night before and had not slept for several days because of a bout of insomnia. Nand took advantage of her deep slumber and raped her several times, filming the entire ordeal on his iPhone. The film, later found by police, and CCTV footage from the station played a key role in the case. It was revealed in court that Nand was on parole at the time of the attack and had previously broken into homes in 2004 and 2006 and indecently assaulted two women inside. Nand also had convictions for assault, drugs offences and aggravated break and enter. He admitted the 2010 attack only in January this year, just days before a trial was due to get underway. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault and rape, sparing the victim the ordeal of giving evidence in court. He was also convicted of possessing a small amount of cannabis. Nand will serve a minimum of seven and a half years in jail.


Age: 57 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced
Sydney District Court 12-12-2003 to 7 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty. DNA legislation helped Police arrest him for the crime. Armed with a knife Nardelli sexaully assaulted a woman in her 50's after breaking into her premises in 1995.

GARY MICHAEL NARKLE (WA - Gosnells, Perth)
Age: 53 yrs old
Sentence: Prior convictions. Convicted again in 2010 of sexual penetration without consent/ inddecent assault. Sentenced in July 2010 to 10yrs jail/ no parole.
11.8.08- We have received reports from the public that NARKLE may be living in Karratha- WA.
UPDATE (26-8-08)- We have since spoken with Det Sgt Gwilliam from WA Police, ANCOR unit, and he has confirmed that Narkle is NOT residing in/ or visiting the Karratha area... Narkle is believed to be in Perth.

Serial sex offender. Psychiatrists who have examined Narkle suggested that he poses a dangerous threat to young girls/ women in the community.
See MAKO/File

Age: 48 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1987 to 8 yrs jail..Sentenced in 2004 to 6 yrs jail.
Released Jan - 2013 on a supervision order with strict conditions for a period of 4 yrs.. conditions include a monitored abstention from alcohol and drugs, a curfew for up to 12 months, regular reporting to authorities and consistent counselling.

Offence/Other: Shane Narkle - Sex Offender..Was imprisoned indefinitely in Western Australia after he was ruled among the most dangerous sex offenders in the state.. Offences include the rape of a female acquaintance while beating her around the head with a piece of wood.

After becoming eligible for release in 2009, the state's Director of Public Prosecutions appealed, arguing no supervision conditions were sufficient to protect the community. Justice Stephen Hall agreed, saying Narkle posed a ``serious danger to the community ... (and) a largely unpredictable risk that could occur opportunistically''.
-read more below-

News (7-1-2013)- "Sex offender Shane Narkle freed"
A man imprisoned indefinitely in Western Australia after he was ruled among the most dangerous sex offenders in the state has been freed, despite a judge admitting he remains a "serious danger to the community''. In 2010, Shane Narkle, now aged 48, became one of the few sex offenders in WA to be detained permanently, after a judge decided he posed a significant danger to society having committed two rapes 17 years apart. Locked up indefinitely under the state's Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act, Narkle had already been unsuccessful in one appeal against his detention, after the courts ruled he still posed a major risk to family members and the public. But in a Supreme Court judgment handed down on Monday, Justice John McKechnie ruled Narkle could be released under the strictest supervision, despite concerns. "I have concluded that the respondent remains a serious danger to the community,'' Justice McKechnie said. "I am nevertheless satisfied that the community will be adequately protected if the respondent is released on a supervision order with strict conditions for a period of four years.'' Those conditions include a monitored abstention from alcohol and drugs, a curfew for up to 12 months, regular reporting to authorities and consistent counselling. In a previous ruling, Narkle was described as ``violent, cowardly and callous''. In 1987, he was jailed for eight years after being convicted of drunkenly raping his 62-year-old aunt, an invalid pensioner who was blind in one eye and could only walk with a stick. After being released, Narkle was involved in numerous acts of violence - including beating his de facto wife who was six months pregnant - until in 2004 he was sentenced to six years in for another sex crime. He raped a female acquaintance while beating her around the head with a piece of wood, having enticed her back to his home after a drinking session at a local park. After becoming eligible for release in 2009, the state's Director of Public Prosecutions appealed, arguing no supervision conditions were sufficient to protect the community. Justice Stephen Hall agreed, saying Narkle posed a ``serious danger to the community ... (and) a largely unpredictable risk that could occur opportunistically''. In late 2011, Justice McKechnie turned down an application for Narkle to be freed. But on Monday, the same judge ruled differently, despite being told by a psychologist Narkle's risk of reoffending was "chronic'', and his reluctance to find work means ``he will have very little to do and the temptation of both alcohol and sexual offending will be great''. WA's laws allowing dangerous sex offenders to be jailed permanently were introduced in 2005, sparked in part by the repeat offending of Garry Narkle, who was described by former attorney general Jim McGinty as a ``serial sex monster''.

News (10-1-2013)- "Detaining sex offenders in WA indefinitely"
Seven years ago, then-West Australian Attorney General Jim McGinty was working on a law that could lock away serious sex offenders indefinitely. At the time he had people like Garry Narkle on his mind - a repeat sex offender whose crimes later went on to include a prolonged sexual assault on a homeless man. The year before WA's Dangerous Offender Act was drafted, Mr McGinty had publicly branded Narkle "a serial sex monster". Sex offender Garry Narkle is currently in prison and not eligable for release until 2019. When the legislation passed state parliament in 2006, WA became only the second state in the country to attempt indefinite detention for sex offenders. "There were a small number of very dangerous sex offenders who would always re-offend," Mr McGinty said. "The community needed to be protected against those people and we legislated for the first time in WA to keep people in detention after they had completed their term if they were repeat offenders and posed a risk to the community. "It was groundbreaking legislation when we brought it in." More than half a decade later, 38 people have been deemed dangerous sex offenders under the Act – four of those in the past year, according to Department of Corrective Services data. Of those people, 15 remain behind bars indefinitely after serving the court imposed sentences for their crimes, with no knowledge of when they will be released. One prisoner has been held in custody indefinitely since November 2007. Mr McGinty still believes there are a "handful" of sex offenders who should not be reintroduced back into society - who have no hope of reform - who simply pose too great a risk of re-offending.

This week a different man named Narkle - who was deemed a dangerous sex offender and held for a further three years after serving his sentence - was freed. The release of Shane Narkle on Monday reignited a debate about balancing human rights against public safety on Perth's talkback radio programs. Unlike the more notorious of the two sexual offenders, Shane Narkle's two victims were known to him. The attacks were violent, brutal – no doubt scarring. But they play out on court transcripts not as calculated hunting exercises, rather as opportunistic drunken assaults. And he served his time for them, before being further detained under the Act in 2010. Mental health assessments of Narkle in the months before his release revealed he had not responded to counselling – his treatment requirements were in fact "unaddressed," according to a psychiatrist's report presented at his annual detention review. On Monday Supreme Court Justice John McKechnie found Narkle was still a serious risk to the community, with relapse into alcohol abuse a key risk factor for reoffending. But his circumstances had changed, he had stable accommodation available to him and family support. Justice McKechnie released Narkle to a Rivervale unit in a complex known for antisocial behaviour. Mr McGinty was shocked. "I was surprised by the decision of Justice McKechnie that he decided even though he posed a high risk, that the risk could be managed," he said. "In those hardcore small number of cases often they refuse to undertake treatment or programs while in prison and they remain a high risk." There were conditions to Narkle's release – he would be subject to counselling and four years of regular supervision, and failure to meet these commitments would see him back behind bars. He would also be a prime candidate for WA's new GPS ankle monitoring devices for sex offenders. "I think we'll all pay the price of bringing him into the community," Mr McGinty said, adding that he did not believe perpetrators of multiple serious sexual assaults could be reformed. "If all three of those components were there – repeat, violent and serious - and on a number of occasions then this is someone who is going to re-offend," he said. Murdoch University human rights lawyer Anna Copeland said laws that hold people indefinitely "probably breach Australia's human rights obligations at international law". And the assumption that somebody could not be rehabilitated would have to be balanced against the severity of taking their liberty indefinitely, she said. "The difficulty with indeterminate detention is also the psychological effect on the person being detained," she said. "If they don't know - if they don't have any inkling as to when the detention will end - that can have some very serious psychological effects." Garry Narkle is currently in prison for the assault on the homeless man and not eligible for release until 2019, at which time the Director of Public Prosecutions could make an application to have him held indefinitely.


Age: 38 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced on the
16-6-1998 to 12 yrs jail/ No parole.
Offence/Other: Crimes have involved breaking into houses and sexually assaulting women and child abduction.

Name: ROBERT TYLER NASH (QLD- Fairney View)
Age: 66 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced Feb 2011, in the Ipswich District Court, to 3 yrs probation - conviction recorded.

Offence/Other: Robert Nash- Pleaded guilty to making child exploitation material, Feb 2011. Prior history- 1985/ convicted of 3 charges of indecent dealing with young boys, and sentenced to 3 yrs jail which was reduced on appeal to 2 yrs.

Paedophile's art offensive (2-2-2011)
A CONVICTED pedophile will be banned from contact with minors after creating an obscene and pornographic drawing. The 66-year-old man, who was convicted of abusing young boys in 1985, recently admitted he created the “child exploitation material” despite no real children being involved in his art. Police received a tip-off about the drawing and searched Robert Tyler Nash's Fairney View home, near Fernvale, on June 16 last year. The drawing depicted adult men involved in explicit sexual activities with young boys. Ipswich District Court heard Nash seemed to think the drawing was funny when speaking to a psychiatrist. “He also tried to blame his deviant Behaviour on his non-smoking,” Crown Prosecutor Sarah Farnden said. Ms Farnden said the drawing was made more serious, considering Nash's previous criminal offending. In 1985 Nash was convicted of three charges of indecent dealing with young boys and sentenced to three years jail which was reduced on appeal to two years. But Ms Farnden said there was no evidence Nash planned to distribute his offensive image. Nash pleaded guilty to making child exploitation material. He was put on three years' probation with a conviction recorded. Nash will be required to undergo drug and alcohol counselling, psychiatric counselling, a sexual offenders program and he will be banned from unsupervised contact with children under 16. He will also be subject to reporting conditions under the Child Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004. Defence barrister Debra Wardle said the public shame which followed from the Queensland open court system would also punish her client. Ms Wardle said no children were harmed in the making of the drawing and Nash never planned to show anyone. “He came to realise it was offensive,” Ms Wardle said. “Police searched his computers and no other downloaded material was found. The material was for his personal gratification.” -Read More-

Age: 80 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Feb 2005 in the Hobart Criminal Court to 2 yrs jail/ 1 yr non parole. 
Offence/Other: Neal sexually assaulted a 7 yr old girl in 1980.  

Age: 32 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Zane Charles Neave pleaded guilty in November 2012, to child sex offences and possessing child pornography.. Victim was a 14 yr old boy.
Co-Offender - Kirsty Joy Robinson

"Ex-pub workers plead guilty to child sex crimes" (20-11-2012)
The former licensee of a Great Southern pub and one of his employees have admitted to a range of sex crimes against a 14-year-old boy. Zane Charles Neave, 32, who was the licensee holder of the Gnowangerup Hotel, has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexually penetrating the juvenile. He also admitted to indecent dealings with the boy and possessing child pornography. Kirsty Joy Robinson, 21, admitted to indecently dealing with a child and indecently recording a child, with the court hearing she filmed and took photos of Neave abusing the boy. The pair is due to be sentenced in the District Court in Albany on February 18.

"Alleged sex romps could floor country publican" (4-4-2012)
A country publican faces a liquor industry ban amid allegations he was involved in sex romps with a teenage boy and a barmaid at a hotel. As revealed on the PerthNow iPad last night, police will allege Zane Charles Neave, 32, showed the boy explicit images of child pornography and gave him alcohol before they engaged in threesome sex acts which were filmed at the Gnowangerup Hotel, 370km south-east of Perth. Police will also allege the trio became intimate soon after Mr Neave took over the pub. It is alleged the relationship continued for nine months during which time they shared a bed and showered together. Police raided the hotel on February 7 and allegedly uncovered hundreds of child exploitation images. Officers will also allege those images were of the boy and pictures downloaded from internet file sharing sites. A laptop computer, cameras, thumb drives and mobile phones were also seized and are being examined by police. Police will allege the barmaid, Kirsty Joy Robinson, 20, took photographs of Mr Neave and the boy having sex, which will now form part of the prosecution against the licensee. Mr Neave has been charged with two counts of possessing child pornography, six charges of indecent dealings with a child and five counts of aggravated sexual penetration of a child aged between 13 and 16. Ms Robinson has also been charged with six counts of indecently dealing with a child and five counts of aggravated sexual penetration of a child between the ages of 13 and 16. They will appear in Albany Magistrates Court on May 31. It is understood the alleged sexual encounters happened in an upstairs room of the pub, which the licensee planned to renovate into a creche or kids' club to use while their parents visited the downstairs bar. Now, police have lodged a submission with the WA Liquor Commission, calling for the liquor licence of Zacheave Pty Ltd, of which Mr Neave is a director, to be cancelled. It is understood the submission claims Mr Neave is "not a fit and proper person" to hold a licence because of the child sex allegations against him. Police have also called for Mr Neave to be disqualified from holding any position of authority at a licensed venue and be fined. Gnowangerup officer-in-charge Dave Murphy said police started the criminal investigation after a thumbdrive was handed to officers by a worker who found the device in the hotel's laundry in October last year. "We will allege the thumbdrive contained child exploitation material," Sgt Murphy said. "The allegations are that the licensee groomed him, was involved sexually with him and it carried on from there." Police said once the forensic examination of the seized items was completed, more charges may be laid. It is understood Mr Neave left the town a month ago. The pub is undergoing renovation.


Name: PIOTR NEDZA (SA - Adelaide)
Age: 41 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced 12-9-2013, in SA, to 10 yrs jail - 5.5 yrs non parole.. The sentence was backdated to February 2010.

Offence/Other: Piotr Nedza - Pleaded guilty to raping a woman and pouring petrol down her throat, at Paralowie in February 2010.. Piotr Nedza pleaded guilty 2 counts of rape, one count of creating risk of harm and attempting to dissuade a witness over the offending.

"Piotr Nedza jailed for at least five years for raping woman, pouring petrol down her throat" (12-9-2013)
A man who raped a woman and poured petrol down her throat has been ordered to serve more than five years in prison. Piotr Nedza, 41, was charged with two counts of rape, one count of creating risk of harm and attempting to dissuade a witness over the offending over an incident at Paralowie in February 2010. Today in sentencing Judge Rauf Soulio said the victim was "clearly terrified" by Nedza's behaviour. "Offences of sexual violence against the vulnerable cannot be tolerated," he said. Judge Soulio said although Nedza pleaded guilty to the offences, he was not entitled to any discount for his plea because of his attempt to withdraw his plea which caused distress to the victim. "In fashioning the sentence I have been required to impose, I have endeavoured to reflect the seriousness of your offending and the impact of your offending on the victim." Nedza was also sentenced for failing to comply with a bail agreement and failing to comply with a restraining order. He was sentenced to 10 years with a non-parole period of five years and six months. The sentence was backdated to February 2010.


Age: 42 yrs old
Sentence:Sentenced in the Bunbury District Court 31-5-05 to 32 mths jail. Paroled 29-9-06/ Parole period expired 30-1-08.
Offence/Other: 2 counts indecent dealing with a child under 13 yrs/ 1 count sexual penetration of a child under 13 yrs.

Age: 90 yrs old-2010
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 2yrs jail.
Offence/Other: Charges included sexual penetration. Also took nude photos of the children/ child pornography.. Victims were an 8yr old boy and his 10yr old sister.

Name: MICHAEL ANTHONY NELSSON - aka - MICHAEL NILSSON (VIC- NT/ Elliott - Alice Springs)
Age: 65 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentence/s to be updated..Jailed in 1992 and 2005 for child sex offences.

Offence/Other: Michael Anthony Nelsson - aka-Michael Nilsson - Convicted Pedophile/ Repeat Offender.

News - They peaked when parents discovered the chaplains were giving caretaker work and accommodation to convicted paedophile Michael Nilsson at a Humpty Doo family crisis centre, close to many schools - Read more below.

"Probe into chaplaincy after poisonous drama" (27-11-2010)
One-to-one chaplaincy of students will be reviewed after a church program became part of a poisonous drama involving everything from a pedophile to teachers' threatened boycott of certain kids. The Education Department review has been forced by an Ombudsman's investigation into the Living Waters Chaplaincy Service to five Darwin rural area schools. The investigation identified several breaches by chaplains, "concerning" one-on-one sessions with students, and inadequate monitoring of the service. The bulk of the problems happened late 2007 and into 2008.
They peaked when parents discovered the chaplains were giving caretaker work and accommodation to convicted pedophile Michael Nilsson at a Humpty Doo family crisis centre, close to many schools. While Nilsson eventually fled, tensions remained.
Parents complained chaplains were inappropriately accessing confidential family information, propagating religion and providing services to students without proper training or permission. Staff at Humpty Doo Primary - one of the five schools - began protesting about suffering sustained harassment from some parents, in and out of school. Then principal Felicity Hancock told investigators of a "horrendous" time. "(There) were all sorts of accusations, there were emails that you couldn't make sense of talking about dead puppies, things like that," she said. Ombudsman Carolyn Richards' report noted a "particularly concerning" development was the proposed boycott by some teachers at the school of teaching services to kids of complainants. The report said one-on-one pastoral care services caused the most concern. "In one instance a psychologist who later treated a student was of the opinion that the chaplain provided psychological services without the required qualifications," it said. "... nobody knew what services were provided during one-on-one sessions, nor the appropriateness or quality of those services." The report said a common theme in the probe was a need for extra resources. It said schools were too hasty implementing chaplaincy services in their rush to get funding and did not spend enough time drawing up appropriate policies and guidelines.

"School at 'crisis point'" (17-11-2008)
A school on the outskirts of Darwin is at "crisis" point and staff have pleaded for help against a campaign of harassment by parents. Almost all Humpty Doo Primary school staff - from teachers, administration staff to groundsmen - have been on the "receiving end of some really quite severe abuse", school council chairman Ted Murphy said. "I'd been aware of isolated instances of teachers being on the receiving end of abuse, but I was startled when the magnitude of this was brought to my attention," he said. Independent MLA Gerry Wood has joined the council in calling for the Education Department to protect teachers. Staff revealed at a school council meeting this week that they have been subjected to abuse and harassment in shopping centres, by emails and phone calls. Mr Murphy and Mr Wood said staff were at breaking point - and some were considering quitting the school. The Education Department refused to allow principal Felicity Hancock to be interviewed yesterday. Executive director schools north Alan Green blamed the animosity on a small group of parents who had long been opposed to a Uniting Church chaplaincy program in the school. The opposition started after it was discovered the church had allowed convicted pedophile Michael Nilsson to do voluntary work at its Humpty Doo family crisis shelter last year. But Mr Green could not explain why administration or grounds staff would be harassed. School council member Kim Hawthorne - who has lodged a complaint with the NT Ombudsman about the chaplaincy service - said she knew of no improper behaviour by parents.


Age: 48 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced May 2012, in the Ipswich Magistrates Court, to 6 months jail - granted immediate parole.

Offence/Other: Roy Neumann - 2 counts of committing an indecent act in public.

News (21-5-2012)- A sex pest caught in the act of publicly pleasuring himself in his vehicle twice in a month has avoided jail time. Roy Anthony Neumann was charged with committing an indecent act in public after a passer-by spotted him engaged in an act of masturbation, within view of the skate bowl in Warwick's Queens Park on March 6. Police alleged at the time that Neumann was watching a video on his mobile phone while performing the act on himself. He was charged with a second such count on March 21, when police officers located him inside his vehicle while it was parked on Horsman Rd, in the vicinity of the Glennie Heights SS. Neumann, 48, had his case transferred from Warwick to the Ipswich Magistrates Court where he was convicted on both counts of indecency on April 24. A spokesman for the Warwick Police Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) said public self-pleasuring was an offence under the Queensland Criminal Code. "In the first instance, this person was located by a member of the public at approximately 2.20pm on the day in question inside his vehicle, which was parked near the skate bowl," the spokesman said. "He was seated in the driver's seat of the vehicle with his underwear lowered and engaged in the act. "On the second occasion police were called to Horsman Rd where his vehicle had been observed and Neumann was arrested for the same offence." The Horsman Rd incident prompted calls to the Daily News as well as to police on the day, from concerned parents who had been walking their children home from Glennie Heights State School and who had seen Neumann openly masturbating inside his car. One mother claimed at the time that Neumann's vehicle had been observed on Horsman Rd on previous occasions at school finishing times. Neumann was sentenced in the Ipswich Magistrates Court to six months imprisonment, but was granted immediate parole.

Age: 48 yrs old (D.O.B- 23/ 10/ 1960).
Sentence: Sentenced in the
Geelong County Court on the 6-5-2004 to 3 yrs jail/ 20 mths non parole.
Offence/Other: 4 charges including- Indecent assault/ indecent act with a child under 16 yrs. Victim was a girl abused on many occasions by newling... Offences occurred between Jan 2001- April 2002.

Age: 51 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced to 29 yrs jail-non parole-starting from 3/3/2007.
Offence/Other: Child Killer. See MAKO/File.

Age: 25yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Newcastle District Court in June 2008 to an 18 months good behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 1 count of indecent assault/ 1 count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Attacked and indecently assaulted an 18yr old female, after offering to walk her home.

Age: 33 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in SA District court on the
10-5-2002 to 4 yrs jail/ 8 mths non parole.
Offence/Other: Attacked and sexually assaulted a teenage boy in an Adelaide park (Oaklands park) on the 9-5-2000. Has prior sex offences against boys.

Age: 42yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced in June 2013, in the USA (Indianapolis), to 40yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Mark Newton - Paedophile - Pleaded guilty in 2013 to numerous charges. Newton's domestic partner, Peter Truong, was also jailed in Dec 2013 to 30 yrs jail/ 24 yrs non parole. See MAKO/File.

Age: 77 yrs old
Sentence: Convicted in the Supreme Court in
Hobart.. To be updated.
Offence/Other: Retired education department carpenter. Pleaded guilty to maintaining a relationship with a young person .. Victim was a 4 yr old girl Nichols was babysitting. Offences happened between May- November 2002.

Name: RODNEY NICOLL (NSW- Belmont, Pacific Highway, 2280)
Age: 46 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced 30-6-2006, in the Newcastle District Court, to 2 yrs jail - 12 months non parole.. Sentence suspended - Good behaviour bond for period of sentence.

Offence/Other: Rodney Nicoll- Pleaded guilty in March 2006, to 2 counts of aggravated indecent assault.. Nicoll sexually abused a girl over a number of years,starting from when she was just 5 yrs old.



(SA- Paradise and Bordertown/ Nov 2007)
Age: 35 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced in an SA court, in November 2007, to a 3 yr suspended jail term. Sentenced in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in May 2008 to 6 months jail - sentence suspended on condition he enter into a two-year, $200 good behaviour bond..
Offence/Other: Repeat Offender. Was a Bordertown journalist in 2007. 2007- Sentenced for the Sexual abuse of a girl from the age of 14 yrs- used the internet to lure his victim. 2008- sentenced for Possessing child pornography.

News (22-4-2012)

News (20-5-2008)- "Controversial sex predator Christopher Niehus avoids jail- again".
A SEXUAL predator who sparked controversy between a judge and a politician has been placed on a bond for pornography offences. Christopher Michael Niehus appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today and admitted possessing child pornography. The 31-year-old, of Paradise, made headlines in November when he was sentenced, in the District Court, for having sex with an underage girl. Judge Marie Shaw suspended his three-year prison term and ordered he perform 150 hours of community service.


News- "Sex abuse victim disgusted with sentence"

Age: 37 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to a 2 yr community based order.
Offence/Other: Ex-Junior soccer coach. Eight child sex charges against 3 boys.

Age: 53 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1993 to 10 yrs jail/ 5 yrs 3 mths non parole.
Offence/Other: Aboriginal. Paedophile/ Rapist (Repeat Offender) Victim was a 9 yr old girl (intellectually disabled) taken from the
Darwin hospital and sexually assaulted.

Age: 76 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Nov 2003 to 6 yrs jail/ 3 yrs non parole/ Report address to police for the next 10 yrs.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 32 child sex counts. Victims were 8 boys (aged 5-13 yrs), 2 of the victims were brothers. Lured the boys onto his property/farm to use his motorcycle track.

(SA- Trott Park)
Age: 24yrs old (2005)
Sentence: Pleaded guilty to 3 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse by a guardian or teacher. Due for sentencing in early 2006.
Offence/ Other: Former School Teacher. Victim was a (student). See MAKO/File.

Name: PAUL BARRY NOONAN (Paul Barry Noonan)
(VIC - Derrinal)
Age: 41 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.

Offence/Other: Paul Barry Noonan - Pleaded guilty December 2013, in the Bendigo County Court, to downloading child pornography.

"Child pornography collection could end in prison term" (5-12-2013)
A man who downloaded more than 500 child pornography files could face jail. Paul Barry Noonan, 41, pleaded guilty on Thursday to downloading the files at the home he shares with his mother in Derrinal, north of Heathcote. A tip-off from the Australian Federal Police led to Noonan's arrest and the seizure of his computer and USB hard drives in January this year. The Bendigo County Court heard Noonan had saved a collection of 584 files between February 2009 and January 2012. The images and videos showed children aged between five and 15, with most depicting low-level categories of sexual content. Noonan had named one of his USB drives 'Santa'. Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions' Aman Dhillon said it was very serious offending that perpetuated the abuse of children. "Without people distributing it and downloading it there would be no need for children to be exploited, degraded and violated," he said. The court heard Noonan was sexually abused when he was a child, which affected his mental health and contributed to his offending. Noonan told police he looked at the child pornography because he had "fantasies of young girls".
Read more.

Name: GARRY JOHN NORWOOD (Garry Norwood) (VIC - Elsternwick)
Age: 42 yrs old (1990 - Age at the time of sentence)
Sentence: Sentenced in July 1990, in the Vic County Court, to 5 yrs and 9 months jail - 3.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Garry John Norwood - Found guilty by a jury of offences, including 1 count each of rape, attempted aggravated rape and detention for the purposes of sexual penetration..Offence/s occurred in July 1989..Victim was a 21 yr old woman known to Norwood.

"Court told of rape after condom plea" (18-7-1990) - The Age

CLAUDE NOVI (NSW- Coopers Shoot)
Age: 56yrs old (2009)
Sentence: Sentenced in Dec 2009 to a 3yr good behaviour bond for the two 2007 offences- Received suspended 12 month jail term for other 2 offences.
Offence/Other: Masseur. Pleaded guilty in Byron Bay local Court to 4 counts of assaulting 4 women with acts of indecency. Between 3/ 2007- 3/ 2009.

Name: JAMES ALEXANDER NUGENT (James Nugent) (WA - Perth)
Age: 21 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentenced May 2013, in the District Court, to 9 yrs and 6 months jail - 7 yrs and 6 months non parole.. Sentence will be backdated to September 2012.

Offence/Other: James Alexander Nugent - Rapist- Violently sexually assaulted a woman in her Lynwood home on May 6, 2012.

"Man jailed over violent sexual assault" (7-5-2013)
A Perth man has been jailed for more than nine years for violently sexually assaulting a woman in her own home as her four-year-old daughter slept in a nearby room. James Alexander Nugent entered the home in May last year through an unlocked door after the woman's partner had left for work. He slapped, punched and threatened her with a screwdriver during the attack. Nugent entered pleas of guilty earlier this year. In sentencing today, Judge Philip Eaton noted counsel did not agree on whether Nugent had threatened to rape the woman's daughter, as claimed by the prosecution. But he said the attack would have been terrifying regardless. "I accept in your case that your offending was spontaneous and that you were probably in the house, as I say, to commit a property offence rather than an offence of a sexual nature,'' Judge Eaton said. Read more.

Name: ANDREW NUTTER (Andrew Nutter)
(WA - Doubleview)
Age: 52 yrs old (2014)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated.

Offence/Other: Andrew Nutter - Found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman in her bedroom in 1991 during a break-in.

"Andrew Nutter, 52, found guilty of 1991 indecent assault against woman in bedroom" (27-3-2014)
A man has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman in her bedroom in 1991 during a break-in. Andrew Nutter, 52, of Doubleview, stood trial in the District Court this week accused of indecently assaulting the woman in her Balga home in the early hours of January 20, 1991. Nutter was alleged to have put his hand over the woman’s mouth as she slept while laying on top of her. Nutter pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the home with intent to commit an offence but not guilty to indecently assaulting the woman in her bedroom. Late this afternoon after a two-day trial, a jury of eight women and four men found him guilty on the indecent assault charge. Nutter admitted to breaking into the Balga house that night but said he fell onto the woman’s bed in a “scurry” to get out of the home and only ever put his hand over her eyes. On the opening day of the trial yesterday the woman, who was 21 years old at the time of the incident, gave evidence. The woman said she woke up to find Nutter on top of her and pinning her to her bed and his hand over her mouth.
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