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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
(last known location is taken from time of offenders offence/sentence,unless otherwise stated).

Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

DETERRING some offenders = yet another form of prevention..

+ being a useful resource for Australian and overseas Companies-businesses-organisations to assist with screening potential employees/volunteers etc..
+ a useful resource for media outlets/journalists/Investigators/researchers etc..
+ a useful method of constantly lobbying Australian Government/s and politicians to do more to protect the PUBLIC from sexual predators.
"Tougher sentencing for offenders,greater government funding for prevention/better victim assistance and public sex offender registries would be a good foundation to work from."

"PLEASE NOTE - This is NOT a complete list of Australian convicted sex offenders"..


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# Not a complete list of Australian sex offenders.




Name: GARY ANTHONY O'BRIEN (QLD- Townsville)
Age: yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Released from jail on parole in October/ 2008.. July 2011- in Townsville Magistrates Court was fined $300 and conviction recorded after pleaded guilty to failing to comply with reporting conditions,as was required under child protection legislation.

Offence/Other: Gary Anthony O'Brien - Child sex offender.

News (26-7-2011)- "Sex offender fined for failing to tell of bab"
A child sex offender who failed to tell police he was living with a newborn baby in his home was fined in Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday. Gary Anthony O'Brien yesterday pleaded guilty to failing to comply with reporting in December last year, as was required under child protection legislation. Police prosecutor Helen Armitage told the court O'Brien was living in Kirwan with his brother and his brother's partner, who was pregnant. Under child protection laws, O'Brien was required to alert authorities to any changes involving children living in his home, which he failed to do when his nephew was born. Ms Armitage said when approached by police, O'Brien told them he had alerted his parole officer but did not tell Child Protection and Investigation Unit officers, as required. O'Brien told police he did not think he had to tell officers because he had already told his parole officer. He also told police he only thought the rule only applied to his own children, but later admitted to police he did not report when he should have. Defence lawyer Peter Saggers said his client was released from prison on parole in October in 2008 and moved to Kirwan in May 2009. He said O'Brien's brother and partner then moved into his house in May last year. "She was pregnant and there were spot checks throughout the time as there is with corrective services," he said. "It was obvious she was pregnant. "She was heavily pregnant by the time they saw her last time. "He thought he discharged his responsibility earlier because he'd told his parole officer." Mr Saggers said O'Brien mentioned it again to his parole officer after the baby was born, but did not mention it to police during an annual review later because he did not think he had to. The lawyer said his client did not intentionally break the parole conditions and requested he be released absolutely without punishment. However, Magistrate Peter Smid said it was "too serious an offence" not to hand out any punishment at all, despite believing there was no dishonesty involved. He fined O'Brien $300 and recorded a conviction.

Age: 35 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in
Hobart 1993 to 3 months jail. Sentenced in 1996 to 5 yrs jail.
Offence/Other 1993/ sex offences against 2 girls (aged 8 and 10 yrs old). 1996 offence/ raped a 19 yr old woman.

Age: 57 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in Dec, 2006 in the County Court, to 3.5 yrs jail- 15 months non parole.. Had already served 216 days in custody by Dec, 2006.

Offence/Other: Raymond Wayne O'Brien- Pleaded guilty to 3 counts of indecent assault.. He attacked an 11 yr old girl, after grabbing her from a laneway in Oakleigh, on October 13, 1977.

News (11-12-2006)- "'Santa' child sex attacker jailed"
A man who sexually assaulted a child in Melbourne 29 years ago only to be caught last year after applying for a job as Santa Claus has been jailed for a minimum of 15 months. Raymond Wayne O'Brien, 51, will be eligible for parole next year, having already served 216 days in custody. O'Brien was initially charged in November 1977, but gave police a false name and fled to NSW. He was caught when he applied for a job as a Santa in 2005. The victim, who cannot be identified, said she was "very happy" with the sentence, even though Judge Michael Bourke said many would take the view that the length of the jail term imposed on O'Brien did not reflect the gravity of the crimes. Judge Bourke sentenced O'Brien to a maximum of three years and six months in jail, adding he was constrained by the maximum sentence, which in 1977 was five years. "At the end of the day, what I wanted was for him to be on the sex offenders' list," the victim told reporters outside court. "He got more than what I expected." Judge Bourke said the behaviour displayed by O'Brien - who pleaded guilty in the County Court to three counts of indecent assault last month - would "revolt any decent person". "She lost her innocence and was then insulted and humiliated," he said. O'Brien attacked the girl, then aged 11, after grabbing her from a laneway in Oakleigh, on October 13, 1977. Repeatedly threatening to break her neck, he assaulted her three times. Forcing her to take $2.30 after the ordeal, O'Brien told the girl she would be called a prostitute if she went to the police. O'Brien's lawyer, Stewart Bayles, earlier told the court that while his client had admitted most of the offences to police, he no longer remembered the attack because he was a chronic alcoholic at the time. But Judge Bourke said: "Your intoxication does not reduce the level of your moral culpability, which was significantly high." Judge Bourke told the victim he "greatly admired" her courage and dignity that she showed throughout the court case. "I wish you the very best for the rest of your life," he said.


Age: 30 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in early March 2005 in the Ipswich District Court to 3 yrs jail/ Suspended after 12 mths.
Offence/Other: artist/ex teacher. Pleaded guilty to 1 count of rape (digital)/ 1 count of sexual assault.  Victims were 2 women.

(VIC- Ballarat)
Age: 21 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in October 2011, in the Vic County Court, to 2 yrs-5 months in jail, sentence suspended and an 18- month community- based order. Placed on the sex offender register for life.

Offence/Other: Former childcare worker. Pleaded guilty to 4 counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and 5 counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16. See MAKO/File.

News (23-10-2012)- "Schoolteacher plied FOUR teenage boys with alcohol so she could have sex with them".

Age: 58 yrs old

Offence/Other: See also MAKO/File

(WA- Perth)
Age: 42 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced Feb 2010, in the West Australian Supreme Court, to life in jail - 18 yrs non parole. Sentence revised on appeal, and 5 yrs is added to his sentence.

Offence/Other: Child Killer- John O'Kane pleaded guilty to murdering his 4 month old son in 2009. The child died from a heavy blow to the head, fracturing his skull and causing bleeding to his brain. A post-mortem examination of Zach's body showed he had been subjected to multiple serious injuries during his short life.

O'Kane was jailed in NSW for 6 years/served 2 yrs, for causing grievous bodily harm to another child,aged 5 to 6 months old in 1994. was convicted of 7 counts of maliciously causing grievous bodily harm to that boy. The boy suffered broken bones and remains blind in one eye as a result of the assaults. O'Kane had not told Zach's mother, about his previous conviction, he lied about why he was jailed

News (4-2-2011)- "Court adds five years to John Patrick O'Kane's murder sentence"-
AN appeal court has added five years to the sentence handed down to an unemployed truck driver who killed his son and physically abused him in the weeks before his death. John Patrick O'Kane, 41, was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to the murder of his four month old son Zach on January 5, 2009. The Court of Appeal today added another five years to the sentence after three judges unanimously ruled the original sentence was inadequate. O'Kane kept the body of his son in the boot of his car for two days before burying the infant in a shallow bush grave in Wellington National Park near Collie. In the weeks before Zach's death, O'Kane seriously physically assaulted the child. During his trial, the court was told O'Kane was suffering from depression and on the day he committed murder he had heard voices and "just snapped". The court was also told that in 1994 while living in New South Wales, O'Kane was jailed for six years for causing grievous bodily harm to another child and kept the offence secret from Zach's , mother.

News - A serial child abuser who killed his three-month-old son with a blow to his head has been given a life sentence. West Australian Supreme Court Justice Ralph Simmonds on Friday sentenced John Patrick O'Kane, 41, to life, with a minimum non-parole period of 18 years, for the murder of his son Zach in January last year. O'Kane had pleaded guilty to murdering his infant son before burying him in a bush grave in WA's south-west.-Read More-

(QLD- Believed to be living in Brisbane)
Age: 42 yrs old (D.O.B- 29-3-1966)
Sentence: Sentenced to 2 ys jail/ suspended for 4 yrs after serving 6 months jail (for indecent treatment offences of children under 16) and 3 yrs jail/ suspended for 4 yrs after serving 6 months jail (rape)... to be served concurrently/ was released after 6 months...
Offence/Other: Former school teacher. Offences included indecent treatment of children under 16 yrs (victim was under 12) and rape.

Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: John O'Leary - convicted sex offender.

News- "Persons of interest named in murdered girl's inquest"-
A blood-stained piece of rough-sawn timber found in thick scrub near a secluded beach camp site is believed to be the weapon used to murder teenager Lee Ellen Stace, an inquest into her death heard yesterday. Police found the piece of wood, which also had hairs on it, on the edge of the camping area at Red Cliff, on the North Coast, where the 16-year-old's remains were discovered scattered in sand dunes in October 1997. The teen, described as shy by her parents, Peter and Robyn Stace, had vanished six weeks before while hitch-hiking home from her part-time job at Bi-Lo in Yamba. Three men - the Staces' former neighbour Gregory Davis, and convicted sex-offenders Anthony Apps and John O'Leary - have been identified as persons of interest to the inquest, however they will not be called to give evidence. Of these suspects Apps, who is in jail for the 2003 murder of his friend Christopher Lamb, is the key suspect.
Read more- http://www.news.com.au/persons-of-interest-named-in-murdered-girls-inquest/story-e6freuy9-1225796254543

Read more- http://www.dailyexaminer.com.au/story/2009/11/11/apps-key-suspect-in-stace-murder-three-named-as-mu/

Name: MATTHEW DAVID O'MEARA (Matthew O'Meara) ( WA - Perth/ formerly of Melbourne)
Age: 42 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in March 2013, in the Perth District Court, to 15 months jail - 7.5 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Matthew David O'Meara - Four counts of possessing child pornography.. O'Meara was the chaplain of the elite Anglican girl's college, "Mount Lawley's Perth College", after relocating from Melbourne in January 2010.

"Former Perth College chaplain Matthew David O'Meara jailed for 15 months" (21-3-2013)
A former Perth College chaplain has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after being found guilty of possessing child pornography. A District Court jury found Matthew David O’Meara guilty on Monday, following his three week trial over four counts of possessing child pornography after USBs were found containing photos and videos of young girls on them at Perth College in August 2010. In sentencing, Judge Ronald Birmingham said O'Meara's offending "struck at the very heart of the trust" imposed on him by Perth College when they employed him as head chaplain at the all-girls school. "They were entitled to expect more from you," he said. Almost 450 images were found in O'Meara's possession on the two thumb drives and deleted from his home computer, including images and movies of young girls performing sexual acts. Judge Birmingham said the evidence left no doubt O'Meara "had a tendency or a sexual interest in young girls." He said O'Meara had hid behind a mask to friends and family and insistence that others were responsible for the images on the thumb drives showed he had "no remorse." "That you fall from such a height is largely the result of a self-inflicted wound," he said. Despite the guilty verdict, O'Meara maintains his innocence and outside court his lawyers said he would be considering an appeal against the conviction. Defence counsel Laurie Levy told Judge Birmingham during his submissions that in the two years and seven months since his client was charged, O'Meara had become "professionally and financially ruined." He also said O'Meara's job prospects were non-existent because for more than 14 years he had worked as a teacher and a chaplain. Th Anglican Church has revoked his pastoral licence. This evening his wife Karina, parents and sister expressed their ongoing support for him. "We all believe that he has suffered a terrible injustice, a brutal injustice and we have to do what we can to regroup," Mrs O'Meara told reporters outside court. O'Meara was sentenced to six months imprisonment for counts one and four and nine months for counts two and three. However Judge Birmingham said count two was to be the head sentence, with counts one and three to be served concurrently and count four to be served accumulative, totalling 15 months. O'Meara will be eligible for parole after seven and a half months.


JAMES RYAN O'NEILL (Leigh Anthony Bridgart) (VIC/ TAS )
Age: 57 yrs old (2005)
Sentence: Sentenced in 1975, in a TAS court to life in jail..O'Neill was denied parole in June 2005.
Offence/Other: James Ryan O'Neill - Child Killer/ Paedophile..Victim was a 9 yr old boy (Ricky John Smith). See MAKO/File.

Age: 64 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced on the 19-11-2004 in the Melbourne County Court to 15 yrs 2 mths jail/ 12 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 34 charges (indecent assault/ rape/ gross indecency) on the 9-11-2004 in a VIC County Court. Ex- Junior sports coach. Offences happened between 1972-1993. Victims were 23 boys aged between 8-16 yrs old.   Victims were players on the basketball/ football teams coached by O
neill. Would molest the boys on end of year camps/  fishing trips/ sports tournaments and while sleeping over at his house. See MAKO/File

Age: 59 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 12 months jail.
Offence/Other: Sexually assaulted an 8 yr old girl, over a 5 month period

Age: 39 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 7.5 yrs jail.
Offence/Other: From
New Zealand. Sexually assaulted a female doctor at a Melbourne hospital.

(QLD - Brisbane/ Capalaba)
Age: 35 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in Feb 2012, the Brisbane District Court, to 2 yrs jail - suspended after six months.
Update/June-2014..O'Sachy is currently in jail and eligible for parole in August/ 2014
Offence/Other: Alexander O'Sachy - Pleaded guilty to unlawful carnal knowledge..Victim was a 15 yr old girl,
who on 7-9-2006 was tragically found hanging from a rafter in the garage of a house she shared with O'Sachy at Wishart, in Brisbane's south. See MAKO/File.

Age: 68 yrs old
Offence/Other: Notorious Repeat Offender.
See MAKO/File

(WA- Formerly of Esperance)
Age: 48 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced August 2010, in the Perth District Court, to 8.5 yrs jail - 6.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Mark O'Sullivan- 26 child abuse offences. Victim was a girl abused from the age of 8 yrs.

News (20-8-2010)- "Long jail term for abuser"-
Former Esperance resident Mark Thomas O’Sullivan has been sentenced at the Perth District Court to eight and a half years in jail in relation to 26 child abuse offences. Mr O’Sullivan, 46, was jailed after a five-day trial in Perth last week. Judge Stavrianou said the offending was repeated over nine years, commencing when the girl was eight years of age. “You have shown no remorse for your offending and continue to deny the commission of the offences,” His Honour said. “The complainant was exposed to a wide variety of adult sexual behaviour. “As I’ve said, the need for general and specific deterrence in this type of offending is significant. “As I’ve said also, you are not penalised in this sentencing process by the fact that you’ve pleaded not guilty to the charges.” Esperance Police Detective Sergeant Doug Backhouse, who was in charge of the investigation, said that sexual offences against children would have to be the most abhorrent crime imaginable. “I just cannot get my head around the fact that people can commit such despicable acts on innocent and vulnerable children for their own sexual gratification, and in the process destroy the young person’s childhood and often affect them for the rest of their lives,” he said. “This office has been responsible for the conviction of a number of child sex offenders over the last several years and they all received lengthy jaill terms, justifiably so,” he said. Mr O’Sullivan will be eligible for consideration for release by the Prisoners Review Board after six and a half years in jail.

Name:MICHAEL ROSS O'SULLIVAN (Michael Ross O’Sullivan)
(NSW - Orange)
Age: 41 yrs old (2014)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated - Convicted of aggravated indecent assault on a child in 2001.
Michael Ross O’Sullivan was refused bail in Orange Local Court after he was charged with 18 offences of producing and possessing child pornography.. is also accused of taking photos of boys in Orange at Coles and in the Orange Central shopping centre. The case is expected to come before the court in July.
Offence/Other: Michael Ross O’Sullivan - Convicted of aggravated indecent assault on a child in 2001.

"'Serious and very disturbing' police facts keep paedophile behind bars before trial" (7-5-2014)
A convicted paedophile and pizza delivery-driver was refused bail in Orange Local Court yesterday after he was charged with 18 offences of producing and possessing child pornography. Michael Ross O’Sullivan is also accused of taking photos of boys in Orange at Coles and in the Orange Central shopping centre. When they executed a warrant on Tuesday, police officers allegedly found 16 videos on the 41-year-old’s computer of children performing sexual acts. Police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin said the content of the videos was considered to be in the worst category for such offences and each charge carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. “The facts do read as quite serious and very disturbing ... the risk to the community cannot be mitigated by any bail conditions,” he said -
Read more.

Age: 32 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1996 to 10 yrs jail/ parole date unavailable.
Offence/Other: Attacked and sexually assaulted a 32 yr old woman in her own home. Very violent attack

Name: JULIUS FABIAN OHMER (Julius Ohmer) (SA - Elizabeth area)
Age: 31 yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced Dec 2010, in the Adelaide District Court, to 4 yrs in jail - 18 months non parole.

Offence/Other: Julius Fabian Ohmer - Filmed naked boys in a changeroom at a swimming centre (Elizabeth Aquadome) with a camera hidden in his bag.. Ohmer was also found to have more than 200,000 images and films of child pornography at his home and the court heard he had a sexual fetish for nappies.

"Man jailed over swim changerooms camera" (10-12-2010)
A man who filmed naked boys in a changeroom at a swimming centre with a camera hidden in his bag has been sentenced to at least 18 months' jail. The Adelaide District Court heard Julius Fabian Ohmer, 31, had been secretly filming children at the Elizabeth Aquadome for some time before he was arrested by police last November. A hole had been cut in the bag and a camera used to film young boys. During his arrest at the swimming centre, the man threw the bag into the water and police had to use capsicum spray to subdue him. Ohmer was also found to have more than 200,000 images and films of child pornography at his home and the court heard he had a sexual fetish for nappies. Judge Rosemary Davey said she was revolted by the offending. The court heard Ohmer's father was a judge in Germany. He was sentenced to a maximum of four years in jail.


Age: 32 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced November 2011, in the Perth District Court, to 18 months in jail.

Offence/Other: Ryan Charles Ohnemus- Pleaded guilty to charges of importing child pornography.

News (14-11-2011)- "Jail for man caught with child porn images"
A Perth man has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for trying to import more than 15,000 images of child pornography into Australia. Ryan Charles Ohnemus, 31, was chosen by customs officers for a baggage examination at Perth International Airport on a flight from Indonesia on January 23. Officers found more than 15,000 images of child pornography on his laptop computer. Ohnemus was sentenced in the Perth District Court last week after pleading guilty to charges of importing child pornography. Customs and Border Protection national manager of investigations Kingsley Woodford-Smith said the jail term was an indication of the seriousness of the offence. "This sentencing should serve as a reminder to all travellers of the very serious consequences for bringing this type of material into Australia,'' he said. The maximum penalty for importing child pornography is $275,000 and/or 10 years imprisonment.

(VIC- Wodonga)
Age: 82 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in the Wodonga County Court in August 2003, to 20 months jail - wholly suspended.

Offence/Other: Former Wodonga Church of Christ minister (Brockley Street). Pleaded guilty to 7 counts of an indecent act with a child under 16.
We have received information that Oldfield may now be attending the Wodonga Salvation Army Church in Lawrence Street.

News- The Border Mail (11-8-2003)- "Guilty but he walks free- Former Wodonga Church Minister admits sex acts on boy"

(SA - Kadina)
Age: 44yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced on the 22-4-2010 in the Adelaide District Court to 16 months jail/ Suspended provided he sign in/ 2yr good behaviour bond.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to obtaining child pornography (more than 400 images). Read more.

Age: 20 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: To be updated/ Launceston Magistrates Court.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty 20-11-2009 in Launceston Magistrates Court to 9 counts of public indecency.
Caught acting indecently around a primary school several times including.. A female reported seeing him masturbating near the rear entrance of Summerdale Primary School when she collected her child on June 17-2009. A teacher at the school had reported seeing a man masturbating near a prep classroom on May 22-2009.

Name: AGNES VIOLET OLIVER (Agnes Oliver)
(WA - Broome)
Age: 19 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in September 2012 to 5 yrs/ 5 months jail - Eligible for parole.

Offence/Other: Agnes Oliver - Pleaded guilty to 3 charges - Aggravated sexual penetration without consent.. Convicted over her part in the gang rape of a woman.
See also- Earvin Dimer and Darren Upkett.

News (24-11-2012)- "DPP seeks longer terms for pack rape of backpacker"
Three Broome teenagers who pack raped a 22-year-old Canadian backpacker in Broome should have got harsher penalties, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The Sunday Times can reveal the DPP is appealing the jail terms given to 19-year-olds Agnes Violet Oliver, Earvin Jared Hensley Dimer and Darren Peter William Upkett. All three pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated robbery and three counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent over the September 28 incident last year. Oliver and Dimer were sentenced to 5 1/2 years in jail and Upkett to 6 1/2 years. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for the DPP said all three sentences were "manifestly inadequate". At the time of sentencing, Judge Christopher Stevenson described the incident as "cowardly and callous"- Read more below.

News (10-9-2012)- "Teens jailed for gang rape of backpacker" Three Broome teenagers have been jailed for the brutal and sustained pack rape of a 22-year-old Canadian backpacker on September 28, 2011. The Broome District Court heard how the young woman was drinking at the town’s Murphy's Bar before separating from her friends and becoming lost on the way home about 2am. She phoned her boyfriend in Italy to voice concern after “taking a wrong turn” into Anne Street before her fateful encounter with Agnes Violet Oliver, then 18, and her friends Earvin Jared Dimer and Darren Peter Upkett, also then 18. A 13-year-old and 17-year-old also with the group were too young to be named today. In a “bad mood” after another friend refused her alcohol, the drunk and high Oliver spotted the young woman and approached her brandishing a broken glass bottle telling her to hand over her bag “or I am going to kill you”. When the victim resisted, Oliver punched her three times in the face, causing her nose to bleed. She was then pushed to the ground and Dimer and Upkett grabbed her bag, breaking the strap, before the group ran away. The victim followed them into a park in a bid to get her bag back but they surrounded her.

Age: N/A
Sentence: Sentenced in 2002 to 7yrs jail. appeal against conviction was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on November 22, 2002.

Offence/Other: Rapist. Convicted 5 counts of rape. Victim was a 25yr old woman (Dutch backpacker). Read more.

Age: 46 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in
Brisbane in 1993 to 16 months jail.
Offence/Other: ex school bus driver. Oliver masturbated in front of an 8 yr old girl.

Name: DJUMA OMANA (SA - Adelaide)
Age: 34 yrs old (2007)
Sentence: Sentenced in the SA District Court in 2007, to 5 yrs and 2 months jail - 3 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Djuma Omana - Sexually assaulted 2 teenage girls.

"Man jailed for sexual assaults" (13-6-2007)
An Adelaide man has been jailed for more than five years for sexually assaulting two teenage girls as they slept at his home. Djuma Omana, 34, had given the 15- and 16-year-old girls cannabis and alcohol before inviting them to stay the night in a spare room. As his wife and child slept, Omana went into the room, had sex with one of the girls and indecently assaulted the other. District Court judge Malcolm Robertson said Omana had betrayed the trust placed in him by the girls' families. He jailed Omana for five years and two months with a three-year non-parole term.


Peter Omant

(VIC- Geelong, Geelong West)
Age: 54 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced 26-5-2011 in the Geelong County Court to 18-mths jail-wholly suspended for 2 yrs. Placed on the sex offenders register for life.
Offence/Other: Intensive care nurse at GEELONG hospital. Pleaded guilty to three child-porn related charges.
Found with 1110 graphic images and 165 videos that depicted children in sexual actions and poses, following an Australian Federal Police investigation.. Read more.

Age: 20 yrs old (2013)
Sentence: Sentence to be updated..To face the Supreme Court in October, 2013.
Jose Omonte - Extrada pleaded guilty to double murder in a Port Augusta Court, in August 2013.

Offence/Other: Jose Omonte-Extrada pleaded guilty in August 2013, to the murders of Jasinta-Leigh Fullerton, 22, and Rebecca Wild, 16 in December, 2012.
See MAKO/file.

Name: GRAHAM BRUCE ONGE-JACOBSON (Graham Onge-Jacobson) (VIC - Heidelburg)
Age: 24 yrs old (1990 - Age at the time of sentence)
Sentence: Sentenced in August 1990 to 7.5 yrs jail - 5.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Graham Onge-Jacobson - Rapist - Pleaded guilty to offences including, 1 count of abduction for the purpose of sexual penetration, 1 count of aggravated rape, 2 counts of rape and 3 counts of indecent assault..Victim was a 19 yr old woman who was dragged into a schoolyard and violently attacked/ raped, while walking home from work in South Yarra on 14-12-1989.

"Judge jails man for 'despicable' rape" (10-8-1990) - Herald Sun

Age: 23 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in a Tasmanian Court to 2.5 yrs jail/ 1 yr and 3 months non parole/ sentence starting from 3-10-2003.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to attempting to commit rape/ assault. Onions broke into a house and attempted to rape a 57 yr old woman in the garden of her home (after she ran outside). Her husband who was home tried to defend his wife by punching the offender in the back. He was then assaulted by Onions.

IAN OPENSHAW (VIC- Tullamarine)
Age: 47 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 5.5 yrs jail/ 4.5 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Offences included 7 counts of indecent assault. Sexually assaulted 4 young children (under 10 yrs) he was babysitting.

Name: AMORN PUNNA-OPHASI ( ACT- Thai national)
Age: 23 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Amorn Punna-Ophasi. Found guilty in the ACT Supreme Court of 1 count of sexual intercourse without consent, and 1 count of assault with intent to engage in sexual intercourse.

News (7-6-2012)- "Thai national found guilty of uni student rape"
A Thai national accused of raping a woman at a university apartment in December 2009 has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault. But Amorn Punna-Ophasi, 23, was cleared by an ACT Supreme Court jury on three other sex charges. Punna-Ophasi was accused of repeatedly forcing himself on the woman in her student accommodation after drinking with her and two mutual friends. -Read More-

Age: 50 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in the Newcastle District Court in May 2008 to 13 yrs 11 mths jail/ 9 yrs 3 mths non parole.
Offence/Other: Former NSW Labor Minister (Aboriginal Affairs). Found guilty/ Pleaded guilty to various charges. Offences occurred between 1995-2006. Victims were 3 boys.

Age: 46 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced to 5 yrs jail. Released in 2006. Arrested again in 2008/ Breach of supervision order/ to be detained in custody indefinitely.
Offence/Other: Offences included- rape/ deprivation of liberty/ indecent assault. Victims were 58 and 30 yrs old.

Name: DARRYL JAMES OSBORNE ( WA- Perth/ Waikiki)
Age: 36 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2012 to 10yrs jail/ Reduced on appeal to 8yrs jail/ Sentenced in Jan 2014 to another 2yrs jail / Eligible for parole in May 2020.

Offence/Other: Darryl James Osborne - Found guilty in the District Court of WA, of 20 child sex offences against 7 boys aged 6-8 yrs old. Former parent helper at a Perth primary school.
Pleaded guilty to another 6 child sex charges/ He committed 5 of these offences while on bail for the offences listed above.

"Parent helper paedophile found guilty" (21-6-2012)
A jury has found a former parent helper at a Perth primary school guilty of 20 child sex offences committed against boys aged between six and eight. Darryl James Osborne, a 36-year-old father-of-two from Waikiki, has been on trial in the District Court of WA for nine days. Between 2008 and 2011, Mr Osborne molested seven boys aged six to eight a total of 20 times. The charges included four of sexual penetration of a child. He was found not guilty of one count of indecent dealings with a child under 13. Prosecutor Louise O'Connor told the court Mr Osborne's sexual interest in young boys was clear. She said after his arrest in March 2011, police found 72 photos of young boys taken by Mr Osborne on his mobile phones in a swimming pool change room. Almost 2000 pornographic images of young boys were also discovered on a thumb drive owned by Mr Osborne. However, Mr Osborne claimed to be the victim of gossip and innuendo who was wrongly accused after admitting to possessing and producing child pornography. The jury took five hours to reach its decision. Read more.

Age: 39 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced in Feb 1997 to 2 life jail terms.
Offence/Other: Paedophile/ Rapist/ Murderer (Repeat Offender Pleaded guilty to bashing/ sexually assaulting/ murdering 2 QLD schoolgirls (Leanne Oliver, Patricia Leedie). He had been down at the beach when he recognised the girl's from a barbeque he had attended that day. After going for a swim with the girls he attacked them. He then left the beach leaving his wallet at the scene, which aided in his arrest. Prior conviction in 1985 for attacking/ sexually assaulting/ attempting to strangle a woman (aged 19 yrs) in Brisbane/ sentenced to 6 yrs jail/ 3 yrs 10 months non parole. See MAKO/File.

Age: 30 yr old (2012)
Sentence: To be updated.

Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty in 2007 to, having unlawful sexual intercourse with the two 14-year-old girls - 2 counts each of inciting a child to commit an indecent act, and producing child pornography Was convicted of 2 further counts of possessing child pornography.

News (6-12-2007)- A woman involved in home-made porn films with two 14-year-old Adelaide girls has been found guilty of criminal offences. Rebecca Jane Clarke, of Goulburn in NSW, was found by a South Australian District Court judge to have incited the teenaged girls to perform sex acts. The 23-year-old also was found guilty of producing child pornography by Judge Michael Boylan. Clarke had pleaded not guilty to charges of inciting a child to commit an indecent act and producing child pornography, telling her trial she believed the girls were 17-years-old. Clarke was one of three people charged over the filming of six home-made pornographic films between July 2005 and February last year. Her co-accused - Daniel Troy Osis, 25, and Renee Jean Malyschko, 23 - were tried separately and pleaded guilty in June this year to having unlawful sexual intercourse with the two 14-year-old girls. Osis and Malyschko also pleaded guilty to two counts each of inciting a child to commit an indecent act and producing child pornography, while Osis was convicted of two further counts of possessing child pornography. Both have yet to be sentenced. Judge Boylan found Clarke guilty on Thursday despite saying she "honestly and, indeed, reasonably believed the two girls were 17". "I'm of the view that does not matter given the gravity of the offence," Judge Boylan said. Sentencing submissions for Clarke will be held in January next year. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=333008

Name: MARK OSTLER (VIC- Orbost)
Age: 43 yrs old (2012)
Sentence: Sentenced March 2012, in the Melbourne County Court, to 13 yrs jail - 8 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Raped a 9 yr old girl and her stepmother,after breaking into their Melbourne home armed with a knife,in October 1990.. Pleaded guilty to 8 charges including rape, rape in aggravated circumstances, and indecent assault.

News (3-3-2012)- "DNA breaks rape case after 22 years"-
A man who raped a nine-year-old girl and her stepmother more than 20 years ago has been jailed after a DNA breakthrough. Mark Ostler, 43, was 22 and abusing drugs and alcohol when he broke into the home of a sleeping family in October 1990 armed with a knife, the County Court heard. When arrested in April he confessed but claimed to have had little recollection of the attacks. Judge Carolyn Douglas, sentencing him to 13 years with a minimum of eight, said it was a difficult and unusual case because Ostler had otherwise led a good and law-abiding life. He had committed no crimes before or since the rapes. "There is no issue in this case that you have totally rehabilitated," Judge Douglas said. "There is no dispute that you genuinely do not have a good memory of this incident." Ostler did not know the occupants of the house and an extensive police investigation at the time failed to identify an offender. "In 1985, you provided your fingerprints as that was a requirement of obtaining a firearms licence," the judge said. "In early 2009, the investigation in relation to these matters was reviewed by the sexual crimes squad. "The fingerprints found at the scene . . . were your fingerprints. Subsequently, DNA samples were taken." Judge Douglas said the attacks continued to have an impact on Ostler's victims. "It is clear that you put these people through a terrifying ordeal," she said. "People are entitled to feel safe in our society in their home. The intrusion into the family home and the offences you committed are particularly serious given the young age of the complainant, the fact that you raped and indecently assaulted (the woman) in the presence of her partner."


Name: MARK JOHN OSWELL (VIC- Melbourne, Cranbourne)
Age: 32 yrs old
Sentence: Sentenced on the
15-12-2004 to 23 yrs jail/ 18 yrs non parole.
Offence/Other: Violent rapist/ murderer. Pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates court on the 13-2-2004, to rape/ murder. Victim was a 19 yr old woman. In February, 2004, Oswell (who knew his victim), invited her back to his parent's home. She refused to have sex with him, so Oswell then attacked the woman/ raped her while she was semi-conscious. While she was still in that condition, he drove her to Canons creek, near Cranbourne, where he stabbed her 15 times and cut her throat, killing her. He then dumped the victims body.

Hard to believe this offender and those like him can commit a crime of this nature and only receive only 18 yrs jail - MAKO Inc.
Read More

Age: 50yrs old (2010)
Sentence: Sentenced to 9 months jail/ Immediately released on probation for 3yrs.
Offence/Other: Pleaded guilty to 12 counts of performing indecent acts. Also fined $1000 after pleading guilty to 2 counts of possessing child abuse computer games.

Name:DANIEL OWENS (Daniel Owens) (VIC - Geelong, Belmont - formerly of Summit Ave)
Age: 27 yrs old (2014)
Sentence: Sentenced in 2013,to 3 yrs and 3 months jail after being convicted of indecent assault, false imprisonment, theft and indecent language.

Offence/Other: Daniel Owens - Paedophile/ Sex Offender/ Repeat Offender..Attacked a 17-year-old girl at a public toilet in Belmont on 22-7-2013.. Convicted of indecent assault, false imprisonment, theft and indecent language.. On 10-9-2013, while on bail for that matter, Owens approached and indecently assaulted a young dance teacher as she conducted classes in a church hall..Prior History includes committing an indecent act with a child.

"Sex offender has serial killer fantasies" (24-4-2014)
A registered sex offender, fascinated by sexual violence and becoming a serial killer, has had a charge of loitering near a Geelong primary school dismissed. Daniel Owens, 27, formerly of Summit Ave, Belmont, pleaded not guilty to the charge during a contested hearing in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Owens, who has a criminal history dating back to 2005, is now serving three years and three months’ jail after being convicted of indecent assault, false imprisonment, theft and indecent language. Those charges stemmed from an attack on a 17-year-old girl at a public toilet in Belmont on June 22, 2013. On September 10, 2013, while on bail for that matter, Owens approached and indecently assaulted a young dance teacher as she conducted classes in a church hall.
Read more.

Name: LEON OXFORD (NSW- Singleton)
Age: 53 yrs old (2011)
Sentence: Sentenced to be updated.

Offence/Other: Leon Oxford - Paedophile/ Repeat Offender.

"Singleton man faces sentence" (12-11-2011)
A Singleton man who was already on the Child Protection Register pleaded guilty yesterday to indecently assaulting a girl. Leon Oxford was jailed for two years in 2007 for indecently assaulting a child under the age of 10, court documents stated. He was sentenced in Tamworth Local Court on that occasion but his sentence was reduced by six months on appeal. Oxford, 53, appearing in Newcastle Local Court yesterday via audiovisual link from Parklea Correctional Centre, pleaded guilty to molesting a girl twice last year. He touched and kissed her inappropriately before she later gave an interview to police when inquiries were being conducted into another matter, a statement said. Oxford's case was adjourned for sentence to next month.


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