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Name: Brian Keith Jones (also known as -Brendan John Megson) Dubbed- "Mr Baldy"

Age: 63 yrs old (2011)

State:VIC- Ascot Vale/ Ararat.

Sentence: Sentenced in 1992 to 12yrs 4months jail/ 11yrs non parole. Released from Prison 13-7-05. To be monitored until 2020.
Must comply with conditions below.
- 24hr monitoring.
- To be escorted by corrections officer when leaving home.
- No supervised/ unsupervised access to children/ young people.
- Strict curfews.
- No alcohol.
- Must live alone.
- Belived to have an electronic monitor tag.
- Continuous rehabilitation program.
Read More.

Offence/Other: Raped a 9yr old boy/ + Indecent assault charges. Was named "Mr Baldy" for kidnapping young boys in the early 80's, shaving their heads/ girls clothes/ make-up and molest them. Served 8yrs for those crimes. Paroled in 1989. Involved in a paedophile ring. Also Convicted over their part in the " Mr Baldy Paedophile Ring"- Deborah Taylor, and Robert Henderson. Is now on the Victorian Sex Offender Registry which will be linked to a National database tracking sex offenders interstate and overseas. AAP (20-10-2004).
The notorious paedophile dubbed Mr Baldy looks set to be released early from a Victorian jail under strict monitoring conditions in an effort to stop him reoffending. The parole board has not made a final decision but serial sex offender Brian Keith Jones looks likely to be released six months early under some of the strictest parole conditions ever imposed in Victoria, including being electronically tagged.Released 13-7-05. Read More

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Sex Beast off Radar

A notorious sex offender held under round-the-clock electronic supervision was not monitored for 15 days because a power plug was knocked out of a wall.
Pedophile Brian Keith Jones, better known as Mr Baldy, could have left his cottage outside Ararat Jail undetected every night for a fortnight, a prison source said yesterday.
Jones was not electronically monitored from November 30, 2008, to December 15, 2008, before authorities realised the monitoring unit in his cottage was not functioning.
The Herald Sun has also learned a rapist living in Dandenong, and also wearing an ankle transmitter under the terms of an extended supervision order, was "off the air" for two days last year.
About 25 of the 49 released sex offenders on supervision orders live secretly in Melbourne and country towns.
Jones, 62, is one of the 24 others living in units that were part of the Commonwealth Games athletes' village but now form the so-called "village of the damned" at Ararat.
Authorities believe he deliberately disconnected the mains power supply to the monitoring unit in his cottage.
Jones' ankle bracelet was still functioning normally and was recorded by monitoring units in other cottages during the next fortnight.
A prison source said the transmitters did not send any form of routine signal at regular intervals, so there was no alarm raised automatically.
The anklet transmitters are activated when they enter or leave a range of about 40m from a monitoring unit.
"They probably just assumed he was inside his unit, but the fact is he could have been anywhere," the source said. "They didn't know then what he'd been up to and they still don't know now."
There are no restrictions on Jones' movements within the compound at Ararat during the day, but it is believed he has a 7pm curfew and has to remain inside his unit until 8am.
He is not allowed to leave the compound without permission or supervision.
Disclosure that he was not properly monitored for so long without an alarm being raised will add to the pressure on corrections authorities over supervision of sex offenders.
Controversy over last week's escape by another Ararat compound resident will continue in the County Court today.
There was a public outcry when the man's name and photograph could not be used after his escape because - like most in the compound - his identity is suppressed.
The Herald Sun will again seek to get the suppression order lifted by a judge today.
Jones, who was formerly known as Brendon John Megson, was branded Mr Baldy during the hunt for a child abductor who shaved his victims' heads and terrorised Melbourne during 1978-80.
He sexually assaulted six boys, aged between four and seven years old.

Herald Sun (1-3-2010)

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Losing Track of Mr Baldy

THINGS continue to lurch from bad to worse for Corrections Victoria, with news that Mr Baldy, one of the state's most notorious child sex offenders, had managed to disable his ankle bracelet and move freely for 15 days before authorities were alerted to the situation.
Most alarming of all, he managed this by simply pulling out an electrical plug in his home, which de-activated the ankle bracelet.
Just like some of the monsters they are monitoring, Corrections Victoria has prior convictions. In a previously unreported incident last year, a rapist fitted with an ankle monitor was off-air for two days. Worse was last week's farcical chain of events that saw a child sex offender have his identity protected even after he went on the run. His ankle bracelet also proved no impediment.
Little wonder that the public is losing faith with the ability of the responsible authorities to adequately protect them.
An obvious problem seems to be that too much faith is stored in the capabilities of the ankle bracelets, which clearly are neither tamper-proof nor fitted with GPS technology.
The authorities seem to have lost track of the big picture, just as they keep losing track of the people they are supposed to be monitoring.

Herald Sun (31-1-2010)

Living With Evil On The Doorstep

ARARAT can't live with Mr Baldy but it can't live without him either.
Horrified residents of the western Victorian town were outraged yesterday to learn the infamous sex pedophile was walking among them.
An electronic tag alerted authorities of Mr Baldy's after-dark ramblings along a country lane on the outskirts of town.
But times are too tough in country towns to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if that gift is a prison holding pedophiles and rapists.
Scores of jobs are linked to HM Prison Ararat, where Brian Keith Jones lives and his perverted peers are locked away. But even in Ararat, where people are used to living with evil on their doorstep, there was genuine fear.
Meredith Grant, from Candy Cove lollyshop, said the news of Mr Baldy's unauthorised wanderings had confirmed many people's worst fears.
"We don't want him in town," Ms Grant said. "It would be a concern to anyone.
"You don't want someone like that walking the streets."
Down at Gilbert and Jury manchester, Amanda Coone declared the court system guilty of letting down the people of Ararat.
"He shouldn't be out of jail to start with," Ms Coone said.
"You wouldn't want anything else to happen to anyone's kids."
Prisons and mental institutions have been the life blood of the town for years. The shadow of the notorious J Ward blighted the town for a century.
These days, townspeople trust the prison system to both provide and protect.
"I think it's OK as long as he has the bracelet on and is monitored," Heather Joiner said.
"He has to live somewhere and unfortunately it's Ararat at the moment, but with the prison there he is safe."
Sports store owner Derek Calvert said no one wants to see Mr Baldy on the streets, but any town that relies on a prison for jobs and money must take the good with the bad.
"We'd all like to see it happen in someone else's town but what happened last week proves the system works," Mr Calvert said.
"The facility employs a lot of people in the town, so we have to expect a little bit of discomfort at times. "Personally I've got the greatest trust in the prison system and police."

Herald Sun (17-8-2006)
Danny Buttler

Mr Baldy Faces Tougher Parole Terms

THE notorious pedophile known as Mr Baldy may have his supervision order changed after he was found wandering the streets in the Victorian regional town of Ararat in breach of a curfew, the Victorian government says.
Brian Keith Jones, dubbed Mr Baldy, was arrested by prison officers last week when an electronic surveillance tag he wears alerted them to the curfew breach.
Jones was caught wandering the streets of the western Victorian town, after 7pm.
Under an extended supervision order, imposed a year ago when he was released on parole after serving 12 years for child sex offences, Jones is banned from leaving his home outside school hours.
Corrections Minister Tim Holding said Jones was now back in prison and would face the Adult Parole Board today.
He is expected to be warned about the consequences of any future breaches and have the terms of his supervision order reviewed.
"He's now been placed back inside the Ararat prison perimeter, previously he was living in a small cottage just outside the prison," Mr Holding said on Southern Cross Broadcasting.
"They've also taken him or (are) about to take him before the Adult Parole Board to assess him.
"His extended supervision order may need to be changed to prevent this sort of action occurring in the future."
Opposition corrections spokesman Kim Wells is calling for Jones to be jailed.
"We would expect that the Adult Parole Board would send him to jail - to give Mr Baldy a slap on the wrist is totally unacceptable," Mr Wells said.
"Once he has served his punishment for this breach we would expect that housing be found for him inside Ararat prison, that is that he cannot leave Ararat prison unless he is fully supervised."
Jones, 59, could have faced five years jail for the curfew breach under the Sex Offenders' Monitoring Act, but the Department of Justice decided against charging him with a criminal offence.
The convicted sex offender was placed on a 23-condition, 15-year extended supervision order after he was released from prison in July last year.
Under the order he must wear an electronic ankle tag, is banned from leaving his house outside school hours of 3pm-9am, must not contact anyone under 18 and is forbidden from using the internet.
Jones was dubbed Mr Baldy after shaving the heads of his victims.

www.news.com.au (16-8-2006)

House Spruced Up For Mr Baldy
Victim Angry At Makeover

THE new home of notorious child sex offender Mr Baldy is to be given a makeover taxpayers' expense.
One of his victims, who said he had to fight for proper housing, is outraged at money being spent on the pedophile.
The Herald Sun believes Mr Baldy, whose real name is Brian Keith Jones, will spend the next few months in Ararat as Corrections Victoria tries to decide his future.
He will live in a house in the grounds of Ararat Prison. To make his stay more comfortable, the house will be upgraded.
Sources said the work would include new carpet and painting.
They predicted Jones could be there for months as authorities, concerned about his safety, worked out their next step.
"I think they'll leave him there until things calm down," a source said. "I'd say he'll be there for a while."
Jones, 58, has recently made supervised shopping trips to regional centres. A source said he had travelled with a minder to Ballarat and Stawell.
Jones, who got his nickname because he shaved the heads of his victims, was held at Ararat Prison until his release last month. He was placed in a house in Ascot Vale near schools but moved when tracked down by the Herald Sun .
One of Mr Baldy's most recent victims, Andrew, was furious when told of the housing upgrade.
"Why in the hell would they want to make him more comfortable? Let the bastard live in a cell with iron bars," he said.
"That money could be better spent on pensioners and parents.
"(He) gets a house in Ascot Vale for nothing as soon as he gets out of the clink. He's moved and then he gets renovations.
"It's a joke."
Andrew said he and his young son lived with faulty plumbing and no carpets for several weeks in his Ministry of Housing home before it was recently repaired.
His sister, meanwhile, is said to still be on a list for state-funded accommodation after more than 12 years of waiting.
The Herald Sun visited Andrew's Brunswick flat last month.
Flooded carpets had been ripped up and the home was in disarray pending maintenance.
Andrew said he and his son had to live on concrete floors for weeks because leaking plumbing had flooded carpets in several rooms.
"I was waiting for some time for maintenance to be done. I was living with holes in the floor for weeks," he said.
"The floor would get flooded. Stagnating water was eating into the concrete and the carpet."
He said his son injured himself on the flat's broken bath tub. "The place was freezing as there was no carpet. It was like living on a basketball court," Andrew said.
Department of Human Services spokesman Brendan Ryan said a leak was detected and the carpets were pulled up on July 5. New carpet could not be laid before July 21 because the concrete had not dried.
Mr Ryan said the plumbing leak took time to identify.
Andrew said his sister was still waiting for a Ministry of Housing unit.
In an angry letter to the State Government about Mr Baldy's housing arrangements, Andrew's mother Lois wrote: "What a waste when thousands of families and homeless people wait on public housing lists, yet scum like him move straight up and into a house.
"One of his victim's sisters has been waiting 13 years for a one-bedroom flat and is still trying to get into a (Housing Ministry) unit."
Jones is living under wide-ranging parole conditions and must wear an electronic ankle tag.

AAP (26-8-2005)
Mark Buttler/ Paul Anderson

New Watch On Our Worst Sex Offenders

Victoria's worst child sex offenders are being short-listed for up to 15 years of close scrutiny when they are released from jail.
A tough new monitoring law designed for the feared pedophile Mr Baldy may be used against the state's "dirtiest dozen" child sex offenders.
Corrections officers have been ordered to review the files of all sex offenders in jail and produce a list of high-risk pedophiles thought likely to reoffend when released.
Investigations of about a dozen of the highest-risk cases would include psychological reports and assessments of their criminal and prison histories and previous parole behaviour, a prison source told the Herald Sun.
Corrections Minister Tim Holding confirmed yesterday that a list was being compiled. "The Department of Justice is preparing a hit list of serious sex offenders it intends to target with these laws," he said.
"The Government is doing everything it can to ensure the Victorian community is protected from these sorts of people."
He said the list was not yet complete and the Government would not be releasing the names of the prisoners on it for legal reasons.
The Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act became law last month.
The new law provides County or Supreme Court judges with the power to impose strict conditions on released prisoners after the expiry of their normal parole period.
It allows the Adult Parole Board to set parole conditions that can be enforced for up to another 15 years under an extended supervision order.
Monitoring and supervision requirements can include the compulsory wearing of an electronic ankle tag.
Bans on any contact with children, curfews, residential and employment restrictions, random checks, reporting requirements and compulsory treatment or rehabilitation programs are among the other conditions that can be imposed.
Breaches of an order carry a penalty of up to five years' jail.
Before the Serious Sex Offenders Monitoring Act became law on July 1 the Adult Parole Board lost all control over paroled prisoners once their maximum sentence or "end date" was reached.
The imminent release of Mr Baldy - Brian Keith Jones - prompted the State Government's urgent introduction of what became known as the "Mr Baldy Bill".
Jones's maximum sentence ends tomorrow.
The notorious pedophile, who was formerly known as Brendon John Megson, was released from Ararat Prison on July 13 after 14 years in jail.
Jones, 58, was returned to country Victoria after being discovered living in a Housing Ministry house in Ascot Vale the day after his release.
His placement in a suburban area close to primary schools, playgrounds, a kindergarten and many young families sparked community outrage and forced his immediate relocation.
Jones is now living in a cottage in the grounds of Ararat Prison while new arrangements are made.
More than 200 sex offenders are housed at Ararat.
The media is prohibited by a suppression order from discussing any court action involving Jones.
Jones, who reoffended within days of his previous release from jail in 1989 after an eight-year sentence, was nicknamed Mr Baldy during the hunt for a child abductor who shaved his victims' heads.
He sexually assaulted six boys aged between four and seven during a 12-month period that terrified families throughout Melbourne in 1979 and 1980.
Mr Holding said before the new law was introduced that it would be used only in exceptional circumstances.
Mr Holding said then that the extended supervision law was not aimed specifically at Jones, but any serious sex offender who was assessed as posing a risk.
Applications by the secretary of the Justice Department for an order under the new law have to be made to a judge of the original sentencing court.
Courts can make an order only if satisfied to a high degree of probability that an offender is likely to reoffend when released.
Orders can be reviewed every three years.
All released serious sex offenders are already listed on a register and banned from working with children.
People on the sex offenders register have to report annually to police and inform them before moving home, changing their name, buying a car or travelling interstate or overseas. They must provide employment details and memberships of clubs and other affiliations.
Jones's last sentence began before Victoria introduced indefinite sentences for sex offenders.
One pedophile is among the three sex offenders currently serving indefinite sentences in the state's prisons.

Herald Sun (1-8-2005)
Geoff Wilkinson

All Members Of Mr Baldy Gang Free

Victims of the Mr Baldy pedophile ring fear the group will reunite and reoffend now the four members are out of jail.
Ringleader Gordon Taylor, 46, Deborah Taylor, 44, and their former housemate, Robert Henderson, 63, have been joined back in the community by Mr Baldy, Brian Keith Jones.
The four -- three of whom teamed up in prison -- inflicted sexual abuse on six children between 1988 and 1991.
The mother of two victims said: "I've always said God help Victoria when they're all out."
A victim said: "They're sick and they shouldn't be out."
The revelation came as an exclusive Sunday Herald Sun survey found most Australians wanted the names and addresses of serial child-sex offenders made public.
Jones -- named Mr Baldy because he shaved the heads of six children he abducted and sexually abused -- was jailed in 1981 for 32 years. He reoffended within weeks of his release on parole in 1989.
Jones -- formerly Brendon John Megson -- was jailed again in 1992 for 14 years over attacks on children under 10. He was released on parole from Ararat prison on July 13.
In 2003, Gordon Taylor was released on parole -- despite being sentenced to 23 years for pleading guilty to 88 child-sex offences.
Gordon Taylor, who is still on parole, was identified as the head of the pedophile ring and described by the sentencing judge as a "depraved and wicked man" who engaged in "grossly sexually deviant" offences.
Henderson's non-parole period expired in 2001. He was dealt a 12-year term after pleading guilty to 61 offences.
Deborah Taylor was sentenced to three years' jail, with a minimum of two, for her role in the sex racket- she held down a child while he was raped.
Gordon Taylor, Henderson and Jones met in Sale prison, where they were serving time for sex offences in the early 1980s.
They fantasised about building a prison farm where they would molest the attractive children and use the others as slaves.
Within weeks of his release from Sale prison in 1989, Mr Baldy began reoffending with help from his accomplices.
Deborah Taylor had taken some victims-to-be to visit him in jail in the 1980s.
Forensic psychologist Ian Joblin said pedophiles often sought strength in numbers.
"They support each other. It legitimises their behaviour -- they think if there are two of us or more it must be all right," he said.
He said history showed there was a risk the group might re-offend.
The Sunday Herald Sun poll, conducted by Ipsos, found 76 per cent of women and 66 per cent of men believed they should be made aware of pedophiles living in the community.
Support for the move -- 75 per cent -- was strongest among people aged 18 to 24.
It was lowest -- 66 per cent -- among people aged 45 and 54.
"The assumption underlying this result is that the public has low confidence in the ability to rehabilitate child-sex offenders through the criminal justice system," Ipsos general manager Randall Pearce said.
Police Minister Tim Holding highlighted a range of measures, including extended supervision orders and the Sex Offenders Register, in a bid to appease public anxieties over repeat sex offenders.
"The public can be reassured that every precaution is being taken to protect the community against these people," he said.
He also said the Victim's Register allowed victims to find out about the offender's parole status.
But the mother of one victim said that was not enough. Victims needed addresses, she said.
"It's ridiculous. They know where we are because we have restraining orders, but we can't know where they are," she said.
"This is an absolute outrage. Victims have no rights -- we don't even know where they are."
Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson said Jones was banned from interacting with other pedophiles and children under his parole conditions.
"Under those conditions, he is banned from associating with his co-offenders or having any contact with any other convicted sex offender," he said.

AAP (24-7-2005)
Carly Crawford

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