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Police Question Builders Over Singh Family Triple Murder

Queensland police are again questioning builders five years after one of the state's most notorious, unsolved triple murders.
They are interviewing builders who worked on the house where the killing of three siblings in the Singh family took place - and taking DNA.
Police would not comment on the latest development but confirmed the investigation remained active for Homicide and Metropolitan North Region detectives.
"The investigation is continuing. It's been a long hard road," Detective Acting Superintendent Darryl Johnson said.
Neelma Singh, 24, her brother Kunal, 18, and sister Sidhi, 12, were murdered over the April Easter weekend in 2003 at their family's home in Brisbane's north. Their parents, Shirley and Vijay Singh, were in Fiji on business.
It is believed that in the past few weeks police have been visiting construction sites to interview builders and take DNA samples. The tradesmen have been assured their DNA would be discarded after police had finished with it.
It is at least the second time anyone involved with the building of the Singh's home at Bridgeman Downs has been required to provide a DNA sample to eliminate them from the investigation.
Police refused to reveal if a breakthrough was imminent.
Victim Neelma's ex-boyfriend Max Sica - a former neighbour to the Singhs - has publicly proclaimed himself the prime suspect but denies involvement.
He has been interviewed by police and has undergone numerous forensic examinations but has never been charged.
The horrendous crime scene police found inside the two-storey house was described as one of the biggest and most challenging in Queensland history.
The battered bodies of the three Singh siblings were found in a bloodied spa, which was piping hot, most likely destroying any traces of the killer. About 30 detectives spent four weeks examining everything in the house, identifying every foreign material or mark.
Several hundred items were tested as well as fingerprints, an earprint, footprints and a DNA swab taken from Mr Sica.
An expert in "barefoot morphology" - comparing unique patterns of the weight-bearing part of the foot - was enlisted from the Canadian police.
A replica of the staircase in the Singh home was built to retrace the steps of the killer and a footprint database created to compare with those of the attacker.
It remains one of Queensland's highest profile investigations and Commissioner Bob Atkinson says it is a priority for his force.

Courier Mail (25-7-2008)
Michael Wray

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Child Killers Still At Large

IT has been two years since the gruesome murder of her three children but for Brisbane woman Shirley Singh it seems like yesterday.
The battered bodies of Neelma Singh, 24, her 18-year-old brother Kunal and 12-year-old sister Sidhi were found on April 22, 2003. Police believe the three were killed in their beds before being dragged into a bathroom and dumped in a spa at their luxury Brisbane home in the outer northern suburb of Bridgeman Downs.
They last spoke to their parents, who were in Fiji on a business trip, during a telephone call on Good Friday, 2003, but their bodies were found in the spa four days later, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact time of death.
Dozens of police officers were assigned to solving the case but two years later, no charges have been laid.
Mrs Singh did not blame police but found it frustrating the killer was still free.
"I do go through some very hard times and I do get frustrated and angry but when they talk to me on that basis on my bad days, they explain things to me and I understand them," Mrs Singh said today.
She just wanted the murderer brought to justice.
"That is what my hope is about and my prayers are about.
"The person who is responsible is still out there and that is more frustrating."
Mrs Singh said she had held her own memorial service with close friends and family at the home on Monday to help her get through this week's sad anniversary.
Convicted arsonist Max Sica, the ex-boyfriend of Neelma, raised the alarm after discovering the bodies at the two-storey home.
Mr Sica, who was jailed for nine years for torching a police station, has told police he believed an intruder was in the house and he picked up a large Fijian spoon to defend himself before finding the bodies.
He has been questioned several times and denied any involvement in the slayings.
A police spokesman said the case was still under investigation.

AAP (20-4-2005)
Rosemary Desmond

Homes Searched In Sibling Murders

Police yesterday searched the homes of relatives of a man questioned over the murders of three siblings north of Brisbane.
The action followed a search last week of the home of Max Sica, who says he found the bodies of Neelma Singh, 24, her brother, Kunal, 18, and sister Sidhi 12, in the spa of their Bridgeman Downs home on April 22 last year.
police believe the siblings were killed in their beds before being dragged through the house and dumped in the upstairs spa, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact time of death.
Police went to two homes in the Everton Hills and Enoggera belonging to relatives of Mr Sica, who has publicly pronounced himself the main suspect.
Mr Sica 34, a convicted arsonist, claims to have been romantically involved with Neelma Singh.

Adelaide Advertiser (7-4-2004)

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