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Don't Make A Deadly Mistake
Sheree Turner

Ken Turner is determined to ensure his daughter's death was not in vain.
He believes young people can learn valuable lessons from her murder. So Mr Turner is conducting testimonials about the murder of his daughter, Shiiree, 22, to ensure young people are aware of the dangers they face.
So far he has presented the testimonial to six church and youth groups, hoping his audiences will learn from the mistakes Shirree made on the night she was killed.
"It is simply aimed at what I call 'TAP' - the awareness factor," Mr Turner said yesterday.
"Shirree made some mistakes that may have contributed to her death. She got separated from her friends, she had a few champagnes and she obviously left Hindley St with someone she should not have.
"If we can get through to young people that they need to avoid these mistakes, then they will be a lot safer and avoid the same situation Shirree found herself in."
Shirree Turner was fatally stabbed at an Oaklands Park reserve in the early hours of Sunday, June 6, 1993. She was last seen by two girlfriends at a Hindley St tavern about 10:30 the night before.
In October 1995, police charged convicted sex offender Frank Mercuri with her murder, but he was subsequently acquitted.
Mr Turner then launched civil action against Mercuri for wrongful death, but this was abandoned. Mr Turner, who last month married long-time friend Jenny Pfitzner, said the testimonial did not preach "doom and gloom" or advise young people not to go to places such as Hindley St alone.
It involved the playing of a song and video clip about Shirree's life, a collage of photographs and newspaper clippings and commentary.
"I don't think there is one woman who cannot relate to what Shirree did that night .,. but at least they are aware of what can happen if they make the wrong choices."
Nor did it highlight the failings of the legal system, Mr Turner has done this in a book he and a cousin, Lesley Turner, have written about the case - Halfway to Justice - that will be released next month.
"I believe doing that in the testimonial would be a waste of energy. .." he said.

AAP (26-2-2005)
Nigel Hunt

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Murder Victim Rosemary Deagan Trusted Killer

A mother who refused to believe her de facto was a murderer was ambushed and shot dead by him when their relationship turned sour.
Rosemary Deagan, 36, knew her boyfriend Frank Mercuri, 36, had a criminal past, including a prison sentence for attempted rape.
But she accepted his declarations of innocence over the stabbing murder of an Adelaide woman.
When their five-year relationship ran into trouble last November, Ms Deagan took an intervention order against him.
Two weeks later she, too, was dead.
A coroner yesterday found Mercuri shot Ms Deagan dead in the kitchen when she returned to the Delahey house the couple once shared to collect clothes.
He then drove to Dandenong where he shot himself in the head.
Coroner Paresa Spanos said Mercuri shot Ms Deagan in the chest, then drove her car to Dingley Ave, Dandenong, where he killed himself.
Both shots where fired from the same gun.
The coroner said Mercuri had a history of psychiatric illness including schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, but was not receiving any treatment at the time of the killing.
The murder-suicide comes a decade after Mercuri was acquitted of the stabbing murder of Adelaide child care worker Shirree Anne Turner, 22.
The South Australian jury was not told of Mercuri's criminal past, including the fact he spent time in a Melbourne prison for the attempted rape and stabbing of a woman.
Ms Deagan spent years protesting her lover's innocence over Ms Turner's murder -- refusing to believe he killed her.

Before Mercuri committed suicide vital new evidence directly implicating him to Ms Turner's brutal murder came to light.
The case influenced the South Australian government to overturn the principle of double jeopardy, so that suspects could be charged and tried for the same offence a second time.

Herald Sun (17-10-2008)
Georgie Pilcher

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