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Lonely single mother Kylie Henry avoids jail for sex with 15yo boy

Kylie Henry avoided going to jail.

A former school canteen manager, described by a judge as a lonely single mother, has avoided going to jail for having sex with a boy of 15.
The Adelaide District Court heard Kylie Fiona Henry was 38 when she slept with the teenager, who had stayed at her northern suburbs house with his younger sisters in 2011.
Henry originally was charged with rape but a jury convicted her of unlawful sexual intercourse.
Judge Paul Cuthbertson said the verdict suggested the boy either agreed to have sex or Henry failed to realise he did not agree.
He said Henry was a lonely single mother of three and in some respects she was someone to be pitied.
"Life has not dealt you a good hand of cards," he said.
"I have no doubt that you performed the voluntary work you did at the primary school to pass the time and to meet people.
"You were a friendly and outgoing adult to the children at the primary school."
Woman invited boy and his sisters to visit
The court heard Henry first met the boy when he was in primary school and years later he returned to the school to watch his younger sister's sports day.
Henry struck up a conversation with the boy's mother and he was invited to her house to do gardening and his sisters were invited over to play with Henry's children.
The boy and his sisters ended up sleeping over at the house.
The teenager kept watching television with Henry after the younger children went to bed and the pair later had sex.
"You were in the position of a parent, he was staying at your house with the permission of his mother," the judge said.
"[The victim and his mother] both suffered deeply as a result of your offending.
"You became obsessed with the complainant, visiting his home virtually every day for the next three months. Your computer communications via Facebook revealed your obsession."
The court heard jailing the woman might force her children into state care.
A two-year jail sentence was suspended and Henry was given a three-year good behaviour bond.

www.abc.net.au (6-6-2014)
James Hancock

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Kylie Fiona Henry, 40, receives suspended jail sentence for having sex with 15-year-old boy

A woman who had sex with a teenage boy “got off lightly” when she was given a suspended jail sentence, say his supporters.
Kylie Fiona Henry, 40, of Ingle Farm, had been found guilty of having unlawful sexual intercourse with the boy, 15, when he performed gardening work and slept at her house in April 2011.
District Court Judge Paul Cuthbertson sentenced Henry, a former primary school canteen manager, to two years jail with a non-parole period of 12 months but suspended it upon her entering a three-year good behaviour bond and completing 230 hours of community service.
Outside court, supporters of the boy yelled: “You got off lightly b--tch” as Henry left the Sir Samuel Way Building.
In sentencing, Judge Cuthbertson said Henry, a mother-of three, had become obsessed with the boy and visited him at his home almost every day for three months after they met.
“Your computer communications via Facebook revealed your obsession with the complainant and your thoughts were plain to see from the conversations you had conducted with a female friend via that medium.”
He said earlier sentencing submissions made it clear both the boy and his mother were deeply affected by Henry’s crimes.
“You had been entrusted with the complainant’s safety that night by his mother and you used the opportunity to satisfy your own sexual desires.”
Judge Cuthbertson said Henry had now admitted that the claim she used in her defence during her trial that the boy had dreamt the sexual encounter was an “utter concoction”.
When she gave evidence, Henry told the court the only sex that had occurred on the night of the alleged incident happened in her mind.
“I dreamed that (the boy) and I were on the mattress together and that he was kissing me very passionately ... I dreamt that he got on top of me and that we had sex,” she said.
“My first reaction (upon waking) was ‘oh, that was a good dream’ and then I realised who it was and then I thought ‘that is disgusting, that’s just wrong’ ... I felt guilty and embarrassed.”
Judge Cuthbertson said Henry had led a “lonely” life exacerbated by feelings of low self worth.
“In some respects you are a person to be pitied, your life has not dealt you a good set of cards,” he said.
Judge Cuthbertson also imposed an intervention order on Henry, forbidding her from coming within 200m of the boy or contacting him in any way.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (6-6-2014)
Ken McGregor

Victim no longer trusts women after Kylie Fiona Henry robbed him of first sexual encounter, District Court hears
Kylie Henry ... victim says she robbed him of his first sexual encounter and destroyed his trust in women.

A woman who had sex with a 15-year-old boy “robbed him” of his first sexual encounter and has stolen his trust in women, a court has been told.
Kylie Fiona Henry 40, of Ingle Farm, today faced sentencing submissions after being found guilty of one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with the boy in April 2011.
In a victim impact statement read to the court, the boy, who cannot be identified, told the District Court the incident had left him scared and confused.
“I felt ill — I can’t trust women and I hate them,” he said.
“I buried it deep inside me what happened so I could cope, I would not go to school and I lost all of my friends.
“I trusted Kylie and she took advantage of that.”
In her victim impact statement, the boy’s mother tearfully told the court her family would live with the consequences of Henry’s crimes for the rest of their lives.
“I will never forgive her for what she has done to my son and our family,” she said.
“We will be punished for the rest of our lives.”
A District Court jury found Henry, who is a former primary school canteen manager, guilty of having unlawful sex with the boy but acquitted her of raping him.
During the trial, Henry said she had referred to the boy as “jailbait” during conversations with her friends but denied having sex with him .
She admitted she had a sexual dream about the boy after she allowed him to stay the night in her home after he had performed gardening work for her.
The court heard the boy was on a mattress on the floor while she sat on the lounge before Henry said she fell asleep which watching the show and had the dream.
But the jury rejected Henry’s account and found she did have sex with the boy, who is now 18.
Henry was remanded on continuing bail for further sentencing submissions to be heard next month.

www.news.com.au (23-4-2014)

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