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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

World News

‘Taunted’ Rolf Harris moved from hmp bullingdon to stafford jail (11-10-2014)
Can India's sex horror get any worse? Girl, 10, raped (11-7-2014)
New jewelry to include hidden crime-fighting tools
Man charged with murder of sex offender Raymond Brooks (10-6-2014)
Paedophile suspected of abducting Madeleine McCann - www.findmadeleine.com
Gary Glitter to be charged with 8 sex offences involving underage girls (6-6-2014)
A brutal stabbing attack by pre-teens obsessed with the Slenderman (4-6-2014)
800 babies, believed to be buried at Bon Secours Sisters site (2-6-2014)
Teenage girls gang-raped and hanged in India (29-5-2014)
Killer Elliot Rodger - Friend says he talked about raping women (27-5-2014)
Day Care Worker Rapes Infants & Shares Videos With Sex Offender (19-5-2014)
Pope Francis: has zero tolerance for paedophile priests (27-5-2014)
Christine and Jeremy Moody say the day they killed paedophile, was the happiest
Anonymous declare war on maryville - 14 year old rape victim run out of town
Gone in 90 seconds - how long it takes to abduct a child (4-9-2013)
Australian girls among millions forced to become child brides (22-7-2013)
Man dies moments after guilty verdict (1-7-2013)
Pakistani sisters shot dead after being filmed dancing outside (1-7-2013)
Don’t kill me,’ she screamed. Then they stoned her to death (9-6-2013)
Second Balinese man accused of raping WA woman 'shot in leg' (12-6-2013)
Egypt mob kills man over deadly attack on teenage girl (10-6-2013)
Oregon woman chocked/ raped after police refuse to send help (1-6-2013)
Alaska man - killed couple, raped tot released early from prison hours before
QLD boy's horror, raised by global pedophile ring (29-5-2013)
‘Disregard of Human Life:’ Murders of Children in China Growing (27-5-2013)
Police post signs outside homes of convicted rapists/ child molesters (18-4-2013)
Zahra Baker's evil stepmum may one day walk free (5-3-2013)

Learn more about the - Red Brigades in India - A voice to prevent sexual violence against women.

World News - Archives

Inmate admits disembowelling and murdering child rapist in prison cell attack (23-6-2012)
Bali village wrecked by evil pedophile (16-6-2012)
Father kills his daughter's molester in Texas (12-6-2012)
Call for child sex offenders to be banned from travel (9-6-2012)
Sex offender Harbinder Singh Rana invited onto Royal Barge with Queen (7-6-2012)
Alleged Child Pornographer on FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List (16-4-2012)
Teen dies after horror gang rape (30-3-2012)
Schoolgirl 15 killed paedophile suspect revenge attack jailed 6 years (18-10-2012)
Aliahna's horrific end: girl, 9, bludgeoned to death by babysitter (19-6-2012)
CBS correspondent lara logan raped and beaten in cairo's tahrir square
Gallery- sex case teachers
Justice Yemen-style - Paedophile who raped boy, 11, shot in the head
Mum sent nude photos of daughter to paedophile ring (14-12-2009)
Former miss world linor abargil makes film of her rape (22-12-2008)
Three men guilty of rape (9-12-2008)
Sex offender peter tobin guilty of schoolgirl vicky hamilton's murder (3-12-2008)
Girl 'gang raped, burned with caustic soda' (15-10-2008)
Mother Shows No Remorse For Microwaving Baby (9-9-2008)
Sex Offender, 30, Posed as Schoolboy (11-9-2008)
29,000 Sex fiends on myspace (25-7-2007)
Kidnapped son abused: parents(21-1-2007) Updated Articles
Serial child murderer executed (1-1-2007)
Serial killer dares police(14-12-2006)
Un warns of bali child sex trafficking (4-12-2006)
Name change gave sex offender freedom to kill
Child's throat cut on ordered custody (24-11-2006)
Website names/ shames missing paedophiles (17-11-2006)
US soldier jailed for rape (17-11-2006)
Children tortured (31-10-2006)
Gainseville ripper executed (27-10-2006)
Teen killed boy over sex snub (18-10-2006)
Amish killer planned to molest girls (4-10-2006)
Australian pedophile suspect dead (17-8-2006)
Who's a stupid boy?
Katie's Revenge on Pedophile who molested and killed a 10-yr-old girl(10-4-2006)
Mother guilty of killing babies (2-4-2006)
Pedophiles to launch political party (30-5-2006)
FBI uses tv in paedophile hunt (26-5-2004)
Regulator rejects .xxx net domain
TV star tells of childhood sexual abuse
Eire of shame over catholic sex abuse
Clergyman gets 20yrs for sex abuse
Australian accused of raping 2 year old step-daughter
Tots stolen and sold
Kiwi's deadly force
Pupil abuse
Marines on rape charge
Car boot child abuse
Rape and murder inside dome of despair
Australian to face sex charges in india
Fake psychiatrist heads overseas
"Rape in a small town: the florence holway story"
PNG judge wants rapists whipped
Child sex offenders banned on halloween
Fiji rapist admits he killed three sisters
Grooming laws catch cellphone pedophiles
Payne family living near paedophiles
Missing child found with sex offender
Echoes of bulger case as children try to kill boy, 5.
Pedophile's log of 36,000 names
Married at 12, suicidal girl wins right to divorce
Child-sex protest in cathedral
Child torture couple on run
Pedophile admits murdering girl, 9
Killer's barbaric death
35 arrested in childporn sting
Internet group okays 'xxx' domains
Website to identify sex offenders
Pornography charges
Priest sex claims soar
Priest raped boy in church
Jacko to stand trial on child sex charges (Michael Jackson Updated Articles)
Aussie paedophiles target bali
TV presenter sues arnold over groping claim denial
Woman alleges comedian assaulted her
School master abused 2000 girls
Teen's affair with teacher
Killer mum 'wanted to give baby to god'
Mum tracks son's killer
Soldiers rape claim
Nightmare island (Pitcairn Articles- Updated - Feb 2006)
Star helps to expose child refuge sex abuse
Paul ruebens- convicted
'abused' boy shot father
Basketball star sorry for sex act
Men held over rape
State sues youth camp operator
Alleged molester accused of killing family set to go on trial
Child- sex teacher gets out of prison
Grisly find of 9 bodies (Updated July 2005)
Rape charge
10,000 children abused
Child sex links to government
Ozzy reveals sex abuse
Driven to kill by hatred for women
'Abuse' of boys could have been avoided
Diocese bankrupted by sex abuse claims
Bishop 'no' to sex cache
Teacher accused of sex with teen turns herself in
(Updated Articles- Debra Lafave)
Sentence outrage
French sex- crime march (Fourniret- Updated Articles)
Sex attacks link to rapist killer
Suit claims widespread abuse by nuns at school for deaf
Holly wells and jessica chapman- (Updated Articles- May 2004)
Bond set for arrested in internet sting
Ring of paedophile parents cracked (Updated July 2004)
Suspense in dutroux case (Dutroux- updated Articles)
Bounty hunters catch rapist
New fears a serial killer is on a spree
Boys charged with rape
Please forgive me, pleads child killer
Porn suspect in top 10 fugitives
Nuns sex abuse claims
Priest terrorised orphans
Three iranian men hanged publicly for rape
Peep show checks on girl's sexy underwear
School sex abuse priest fled inquiry
Woman charged with sexual relationship with 11-year-old
Tracking sex offenders
Cardinals divided on abusive priests
"I was date raped", says movie star
Dad beats sexual predator for touching his son
Child "rent" couple on trial
Paedophile caught in sri lanka
Samoa: warning to paedophiles
Australian sex tourists
Singer lauryn hill blasts church at vatican concert
Ex-priest from nz loses extradition fight in britian
Abuse victim calls for social services director to resign
Bali hotel child abuse claim
Sex offenders' names posted on website
Rocker jailed for child porn
Fear that haunts every parent
Tactics anger judge in sports star case
The child bride
Jail for net predator
Britain cracks down on child porn online
Paedophiles slain in mafia revenge
24 more priests accused of child abuse
"Evil" handyman kept sex slaves
Police hunt serial killer
Paedophile priest a 'prize'
UK police launch web paedophile weapon
Kidnapper gets life sentence
Massive hunt for 'abducted' girl
Fugitive heir to cosmetics empire caught at resort
Boy, 10, accused of toddler's murder
Rape 'caught on mobile phone'
Remains link to missing girl
Rapist to die
Convicted teacher caught again with boy
Jail for raping daughter, 11
Thai sex industry king arrested
1491 on child porn charges
Pop star faces child sex charges
Tot's dead body abused
Abuse shock

Megan's Law (USA)
Sarah's Law (UK)

Australian News
The Samoa Observer- Online

Ian Watkins was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court in December and told he 
   would have to serve at least 35 years before being considered for release.
The court heard that after sexually touching a groupie's 11-month-old baby, 
Watkins tried to have penetrative sex with the child.
He also encouraged a second fan to abuse her child during a webcam chat and secretly 
stashed child porn videos, some of which he had made himself- Click to read more.

Geoffrey Portway of Worcester, Massachusetts was 
convicted of wanting to rape, eat kids - Click to read more.

Jerry Andrew Active, 24 - has been charged with double murder for allegedly 
killing two and raping a toddler. Click to read more.

Adriana and Johnathon Lytle - Child killers. Johnathon Lytle was given one of the longest homicide by abuse terms
imposed since the Washington Legislature created the statute in 1987. He was sentenced to 75yrs jail.
Adriana Lytle was sentenced to 62 1/2yrs jail - Click to read more. Adriana and Johnathon Lytle - Child killers. Johnathon Lytle was given one of the longest homicide by abuse terms
imposed since the Washington Legislature created the statute in 1987. He was sentenced to 75yrs jail.
Adriana Lytle was sentenced to 62 1/2yrs jail - Click to read more.

Jessica Lyn Howell. Jordan Lafayette Prince.

Royal Butler Paul Kidd (left) and David Hobday
 were jailed for sexually abusing young boys.

Jason James Murphy - served five years for kidnapping 
and molesting an 8-year-old boy - Click to read more.

Here is one way to deal with sex offenders ...
In Australia he would be out of jail in under 20 yrs to do it again...

Child Rapist to be Beheaded, Crucified

A Saudi court of cassation upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a 22-year-old man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert, newspapers reported today.
The convict was arrested earlier this year after a seven-year old boy helped police in their investigation.
The child left in the desert after the rape was three years old, Okaz newspaper said.
International rights groups have accused the kingdom, the birthplace of Islam, of applying draconian justice, beheading murderers, rapists and drug traffickers in public.
So far this year about 40 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia.
In Saudi Arabia, crucifixion means tying the body of the convict to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after beheading.

Reuters (3-11-2009)
Correspondents in Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia

Lithuania father kills pedophile judge and senior politician

Tot killer may be sent here - James Bulger killers

Father of Kidnapped Son gets Revenge

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